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Breast Cancer’s Impact On Sexuality, a Research Opportunity

As many of us know all too well, a cancer diagnosis affects a person’s life in just about every conceivable area, including your sex life. Any kind of cancer does this, of course, but breast cancer adds another whole dimension to this conversation for obvious reasons. After all, sex and breasts, is it even possible to have a conversation about one without the other? Maybe. Maybe not. There are so many side effects from treatment to contend with, many directly impacting your sex life. Are you nodding your head yet? (more…)

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The Reminder

Do you ever feel like you’re the reminder, the reminder of cancer? Do you sometimes wonder if your family and friends see you and then immediately think cancer thoughts? Sometimes I feel this way. One of those people I do not like reminding at all about cancer is my dad. He needs no reminders; he remembers far too much. But whenever I visit him, there I am, the reminder daughter. I don’t like being the reminder, the reminder of cancer. I wonder if he thinks about my mom and cancer whenever he sees me now. (more…)

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Stomp Out BC, Mets Monday & Hashtags

I know I mentioned in my last post that in my next one, I would be sharing some tips on how to build up one’s body image and self-image post cancer diagnosis, but that will have to wait. I just returned from a wonderful visit with dear daughter and dear son-in-law in sunny California (gosh, that was a nice beak for so many reasons) and learned there was an event called Stomp Out BC Monday planned for today. Read more about it here and watch a video here. I am super excited about this event and decided I just had to write a post about it today. How could I not? The self-image post will be up tomorrow, so stay tuned.  (more…)

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The Living Beyond Breast Cancer 2014 Fall Conference, My Wrap-up

As I wrote about in an earlier post, I was invited to be a panelist for a session about blogging during the 2014 Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fall Conference in Philadelphia during the last weekend of September. I was honored to be asked and without hesitation, I said yes. The two other panelists slated for the panel were Katherine O’Brien who blogs at I Hate Breast Cancer, especially the metastatic kind and Nicole McLean who blogs at My Fabulous Boobies. As things turned out, Katherine couldn’t make it due to various unexpected travel/job complications. It was a disappointment to not meet Katherine. Next time, Katherine! It was, however, a genuine pleasure to meet Nicole and our moderator Lu Ann Cahn, both cancer survivors and writers like me.  (more…)

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