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The Living Beyond Breast Cancer 2014 Fall Conference, My Wrap-up

As I wrote about in an earlier post, I was invited to be a panelist for a session about blogging during the 2014 Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fall Conference in Philadelphia during the last weekend of September. I was honored to be asked and without hesitation, I said yes. The two other panelists slated for the panel were Katherine O’Brien who blogs at I Hate Breast Cancer, especially the metastatic kind and Nicole McLean who blogs at My Fabulous Boobies. As things turned out, Katherine couldn’t make it due to various unexpected travel/job complications. It was a disappointment to not meet Katherine. Next time, Katherine! It was, however, a genuine pleasure to meet Nicole and our moderator Lu Ann Cahn, both cancer survivors and writers like me.  (more…)

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Where Did You Go First for Online Information About Breast Cancer?

Back in 2004 when my mother was first diagnosed with breast cancer, the very first online resource I turned to was Breastcancer.org. I don’t remember how I ended up there or exactly why; I only know that I did. I still have articles I printed off from the site during that tumultuous time.  (more…)

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What Were the Top Breast Cancer News Stories of 2013?

What do you think were the top breast cancer news stories in 2013?

I thought it might be fun to wear my pretend journalist hat and do a wrap-up so to speak about a few of the year’s biggest stories in breast cancer news. I can’t wait to hear what your top picks might be. (more…)

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