why me

Do You Ever Wonder Why You Got Cancer?

After you heard those terrible words, you have cancer, did you ever stop and ask yourself, or ask anyone else for that matter, why me? I’ve heard, rather I’ve read, some say they never thought or asked why me? In fact, some even take it the other direction and ask, why not me?

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“Decoding Annie Parker” – 5 Reasons Why You Should See This Movie

I love movies and going to them is a great escape from things like cancer, well, except when the movie is about cancer! Perhaps it seems odd to some, but I can’t seem to read enough books or see too many movies about this topic. Go figure, right? (more…)

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brca +

So You’re BRCA+, Now What?

Knowledge is power. How many times have you heard that one? Do you believe it? I certainly do. This might lead you to believe that deciding to undergo genetic testing was an easy decision for me to make, but you’d be wrong. I know it is an easy choice for some, but for me it was not. (more…)

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“Letters to Doctors” – A Guest Post by Teri Smieja – & A Giveaway too!

I’m pleased and excited to feature a guest post today by Teri Smieja, my friend, BRCA+ sister and co-author of the new book, Letters to Doctors:  Patients Educating Medical Professionals through Practical True-Life Experiences. Anyone who knows Teri realizes what a dedicated and committed advocate for many she truly is. BRCA+ or not, I know you’ll appreciate reading her story. And again, BRCA+ or not, after you’re finished reading be sure to sign up for my giveaway and a chance to win a FREE copy of Letters to Doctors for yourself or to donate. (more…)

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