BRCA testing

Should Universal Testing for BRCA1 & 2 Mutations Be an Option for All Women?

Geneticist Mary-Claire King recently accepted the prestigious Laskar science award and during her acceptance speech, she surprised many by sharing her recommendation that genetic screening for brca1 and brca2 mutations should be made available to all women around age thirty as part of routine medical care. This would be an option, not mandatory.

Ever since I heard about Dr. King’s announcement, I’ve been trying to figure out where I stand on this issue. I have been reading with great interest many of the articles written after her stunning (to some) recommendation. At first I was torn, but after thinking more about it, I know where I stand.  (more…)

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Ally Durlester Picture

“Life Can Change In An Instant” – A Guest Post by Previvor, Ally Durlester

Here’s part 2 of my featured mother/daughter guest posts for HBOC Week. In this one, Nicki Boscia-Durlester’s daughter, Ally, shares what it was like for her to hear her mom had cancer, discover she herself was also BRCA2+ and make difficult decisions about what to do next. Thank you, Ally, for sharing your previvor story. You are an inspiration, just like your mother. (more…)

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“52 Octobers” – A Guest Post for HBOC Week by Nicki Boscia-Durlester

I am pleased to once again this year feature two guest posts during HBOC (hereditary breast & ovarian cancer) Week. This year I have the great privilege of sharing a mother’s and her daughter’s stories. The first post is by my good friend and fellow advocate and author, Nicki Boscia-Durlester, a cancer survivor whose family history includes a staggering number of cancer diagnoses and deaths. The second, soon-to-follow post will feature Nicki’s daughter, Ally, who shares her previvor story. Many thanks to Nicki and Ally for their willingness to share their stories at Nancy’s Point. (more…)

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