“The Fault in Our Stars” – Why It’s Not Just Another Cancer Movie

Recently I went to see the new (well, not so new anymore) movie, “The Fault in Our Stars.” Generally, I drag dear hubby along to movies I really want to see and I really wanted to see this one. Luckily, he likes just about any kind of movie and doesn’t seem to mind even when I want to see a cancer movie. Due to busy summer schedules, it didn’t work for both of us to go this time, so I decided to just go by myself. (more…)

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“Decoding Annie Parker” – 5 Reasons Why You Should See This Movie

I love movies and going to them is a great escape from things like cancer, well, except when the movie is about cancer! Perhaps it seems odd to some, but I can’t seem to read enough books or see too many movies about this topic. Go figure, right? (more…)

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82nd Annual Academy Awards - "Meet The Oscars" New York

And the Oscar Goes to…

I’m sticking with the award theme this week it seems…

Do you watch any of the various award shows on TV? There are quite a few these days aren’t there? Do you plan to watch the upcoming Oscars? I’ll be watching.

I love movies. Hubby loves movies. My whole family loves movies.


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Pink Ribbons, Inc. – My Review

I’ve wanted to see the movie Pink Ribbons, Inc. since its release in theaters earlier this year. I was even contemplating driving the 100 miles or so back to the Twin Cities to see it as it didn’t make it into theaters close to me. But of course, I waited too long.

About a month or so ago I decided to just order my own copy, which would allow me to pass it around to friends and family too. It was my plan to write a blog post about it in October. Well, the other day I realized I better get crackin’ before this crazy month has come and gone. (more…)

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Bits & Pieces of Normal

One thing that can definitely be said about people living in the Midwest is that we love our four distinct seasons here. Oh sure, weather often spills over into a season where it doesn’t belong. We get snowstorms in spring and heat waves in fall. But overall, seasons in the Midwest know their place.

And if there’s one thing Midwesterners love to talk about, it’s the weather!

Since summer is now upon us, every conversation seems to begin with, “Well, how hot is it supposed to get today? Or boy, we sure could use (or not use) some rain.” (more…)

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