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Fresh Starts – A New Year & A New Calendar (or two or three!)

Hello 2013!

One of the fun things about starting off a brand new year is getting to put up or set out the new calendar(s).

The New Year always feels like a fresh start and another new beginning, hence all those resolutions so many of us make.

It’s fun to “start over” each year, or at least pretend that we are. Who doesn’t love a fresh start?

New calendars are always under the tree as Christmas gifts at my house. A new calendar always makes a nice practical gift and there’s a calendar to fit almost everyone’s interest these days it seems.

There are calendars featuring your favorite sports team, breed of dog, national park, entertainer, TV show, car or whatever. There are music calendars, garden calendars, weather calendars, cooking calendars, movie calendars, space calendars, learn a new language calendars and too many more to name kinds of calendars.

In addition to the calendar theme, there is also the type of calendar to choose as well.

There is the tear-off-a -page-daily desktop kind of calendar, or the more traditional hang-on-the-wall variety, which offers a look at the entire month in one glance.

And of course, let’s not forget the calendar planner, also available in countless shapes, sizes and varieties.

Where would we be without our planners? Now we can even plan on our phones!

Without a planner how does a person, (especially one with chemo brain), remember all those plans, meetings, deadlines, birthdays and yes, doctor appointments?

The type of calendar you like best or use most might say more about you than you might think.

This year I received a planner for keeping track of stuff, as well as a lovely porch calendar, a garden calendar and also this little wise-cracking gem.

My family laughed and laughed when I opened this one. I guess they found it pretty amusing. I did too I must admit, though maybe not as much as they did… hmm….I wonder if they were trying to tell me something…

I’ve never had this type of day-by-day calendar before; given them yes, had one myself, no. It’ll be fun to tear off a page each and every day.

It will feel like a fresh start every time I rip a day off, crumple it up and toss it aside. If it’s been an especially bad day, I can even rip it to shreds first (a nice bonus of this type calendar don’t you think?).

It’s like a fresh start each and every day.

And a fresh start each and every day sure beats getting one only once a year, right?

Happy New Year everyone!

How many calendars did you receive or buy for the New Year?

What’s your favorite type of calendar or planner?




17 thoughts on “Fresh Starts – A New Year & A New Calendar (or two or three!)

  1. My first year ever: I’m giving ALL of them up except my iPhone. I’ve been guilty in years past of having too many fun calendars (I love them, especially dogs) and never, ever having the right one at the right time.

    Reading this I have calendar withdrawal.

    Happy New Year,

    1. Jody, Impressive that you’re giving them up! I know what you mean about the dog calendars. Love those! Have you ever had an English springer one? I’m sure you’ll make it through “calendar withdrawal” just fine. If not, run out and get yourself one or two! Why not? Happy New Year, Jody!

    1. Catherine, I bet you and hubby have made some great ones! Personally made photo calendars are awesome. Good for you and Renn. Thanks for sharing your favorite day-to-day planning tool. And happy New Year!

  2. Nancy, HNY! I have been making my own calendars for the past 4 years and giving them out as gifts. I only use photos from the previous year for the upcoming year. So for 2013, I only selected pics I took on my travels and wanderings in 2012. This is the first year I ran out of them (I printed 50!) and had to order more!

    1. Renn, My, you are a creative and industrious woman! Good for you for making your own calendars. That’s awesome! You are a wonderful photographer, so it’s no big surprise. I guess your calendars are pretty popular if you’re running out. Maybe you should start selling some?? Thanks for reading and for taking time to comment, Renn. Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Nancy, I laughed so hard when I saw the calendar your family gave you, and I love the idea of the daily calendar that you can just rip off the page when it’s over. I have always loved a monthly calender where I can see each month in front of me and even though I have the electronic one in my iphone, for me it’s not the same because unless I write something down on the page I won’t remember it. You are so right about the fresh start. Here’s to a great 2013 and hoping that as you rip each day, they bring you as much joy as possible (although we know bad ones can’t be avoided!). Happy New Year with Hugs – Susan

    1. Susan, I’m glad you got a laugh! Like you, I like to write stuff down too, so I still like a paper calendar as well my phone planner. Thanks for the good wishes, Susan. My best to you too. Hugs back.

  4. Happy New Yeaar, Nancy. Nice post!

    As a matter of housekeeping, when I view your blog, on my left side there is a column like box that shows “like,” “tweet,” etc. Only problem is that it covers your blog (and the replies) and I can’t read behind it. Is this just me?

    1. Hi Lois, Thanks so much for reading despite the difficulties. I’ve been told you might need to update your browser (internet explorer or Chrome for ex) if that’s happening. I hope this isn’t too much of a hindrance. Sorry if it is. Happy New Year to you too, Lois!

  5. Great post, Nancy! I seem to alternate between paper and electronic calendars. On paper I’m a Franklin Planner user and in truth I haven’t found an electronic substitute that integrates appointments and tasks. Frustrating… But for the first time I realize that an electronic calendar denies that fresh start. NNo “out with the old,” no clean slate. One day just rolls into the next. Wonder if I’ll be heading back to paper…

    1. Lori, I hadn’t really thought about the fact that electronic calendars do sort of deny that fresh start. Good point. I do think it’s fun to start using a new paper calendar each year. I love the great photography alone. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Lori. And HNY!

  6. Lovely and thought provoking post Nancy. We take so much for granted, even the way we approach days and how we organise ourselves! I love calendars, and I love paper so I stick to a personal (small carryable) diary and calendars in the house. This year I have an Aung San Suu Kyi Calendar amongst others – who would have thought it!! And I just love the Myanmar little book I have with 113 years of calendar so you can reference any date (I bogged about it a couple of weeks ago) – it is wonderful!

    1. Feisty blue gecko, Thanks so much for stopping by and thanks for sharing about your calendar favorites. I’ll have to check out that post you mentioned as I missed that one. I’m more than a bit behind… Happy New Year, my friend from afar!

  7. Nancy, the calendar your family gave you was so very funny! I love this post because you are so right: with the new year comes resolutions for how we will plan out our next year.

    I haven’t used paper calendars for years. I use the Google calendar for every kind of event imaginable, and it syncs with my Android phone calendar. When I update one, the other automatically updates. It’s my lifeline and literally is an extension of my brain.

    1. Beth, Yes, the flip calendar I received does have some interesting tidbits! I’m glad you have a calendar system that works so well for you. The syncing must come in very handy. Thanks for reading and taking time to comment.

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