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Sheryl Crow’s New Cookbook, If It Makes You Healthy, Time For a Giveaway!

Time for a change of pace!

Time for a cookbook give away!

If you are like me, you have a cupboard full of cookbooks. I received my first “official” cookbook at my bridal shower more than a few years ago. My mother-in-law-to-be gave me the Better Homes and Gardens full-size cookbook. You know the three-ring binder one with the red and white checkerboard cover. And of course, what new bride could be without the advice of Betty Crocker? Someone gave me that one too. Over the years I have received countless cookbooks from various friends and relatives. I have no idea where some of them came from.

Considering how many cookbooks I have, you might think I am a pretty darn good cook. You might think I am always trying out new recipes. You might think I eat really healthy. Unfortunately, you would be wrong on all counts.

However, I am resolving to do better on all fronts!
Why is it most of us tend to go back to preparing/eating the same old foods?

Why don’t we open up those cookbooks in our cupboards and utilize all those recipes literally at our fingertips?

After a cancer diagnosis, you start to seriously give more thought to what foods you put into your body.

Just ask Sheryl Crow. She says the exact same thing.

Lately there has even been a lot of talk suggesting certain foods prevent cancer. While I think this kind of thinking can be a bit misleading, there is no doubt what we eat affects our health.

St. Martin’s Press recently contacted me to do a review for If It Makes You Healthy, More Than 100 Delicious Recipes Inspired by the Seasons, a new cookbook by Sheryl Crow and Chuck White. Yes, that Sheryl Crow!

At first I said no, because come on, Sheryl Crow cooking? Really? (Actually, it turns out she does  do some cooking herself). Another celebrity promoting a book? No thanks. Then I decided well, why not? Who doesn’t like the chance to get a free book?

Like many of the rest of us, after Sheryl’s breast cancer diagnosis five years ago, she became more interested in nutrition and eating healthier. Her wise oncologist suggested she meet with a nutritionist, which she did. That led her to her meeting and getting to know Chuck White, a professional chef. He set out to teach Sheryl a thing or two about cooking and eating healthier.

If It Makes You Healthy is a collection of more than 100 recipes. They are grouped seasonally following Sheryl’s On the Road, Spring/Summer schedule and In the Studio, Fall/Winter schedule. The recipe categories are:  appetizers and snacks, soups, salads, main courses, side dishes and desserts. There are also a few tips thrown in by Sheryl’s nutritionist Rachel S. Beller, MS RD. Sheryl also shares a little about her cancer experience, although she does not go into much detail there. I respect that. The book also has really lovely colorful photos by Victoria Pearson, which add to the book’s appeal.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty good cookbook full of healthy recipes for sure. Some of them seem to require a few too many steps for me I must admit. I’m more of a healthy, but also fast, easy and few ingredients kind of cook. But all of them sound relatively easy, delicious and most importantly very healthy. I can honestly recommend this cookbook if you are incorporating a healthier diet into your life.

A couple of recipes that stood out to me, sound really worthwhile  easy/tasty and are ones I will actually try are the Roma Tomato Soup (I happen to love tomato soup), the Roasted Vegetable and Quinoa Pasta Salad, Sheryl’s Tuna Salad (trying that one for sure), Hot Mulled Apple Cider, Slow-Cooked Salsa Chicken Tacos, Pecan-Crusted Trout, Mostly Vegetarian lasagna and of course, the Vegan Chocolate-Mint Brownies.

Finally, getting to the nitty gritty – if you would like to be included in a drawing to receive your FREE copy of If It Makes You Healthy, simply leave a comment below. Anybody who comments by day’s end Sunday, May 8th, will get their name thrown into a hat and I will draw out the name of the winner on Monday. The book will be shipped to them directly by St.Martin’s Press. I will contact the lucky winner to get their address. Unlike many other “contests” this one IS open to family and friends too!

Who doesn’t need a new recipe or two? Or 100? Who doesn’t need a little motivation to eat healthier? If you can’t have your own professional chef, isn’t a cupboard full of cookbooks the next best thing? And who doesn’t have room for one more cookbook? Especially a FREE one! (And this one is priced at $29.99!)

What a deal!

So go ahead, leave a comment and enter!

How many cookbooks do you have and which is your favorite?

Or, what is your favorite thing to cook? I’m just curious. (It doesn’t even have to be something healthy!)

Lastly,  here is a link for all to enjoy for one of the book’s featured recipes, Mom’s Reconstructed Chili.

Mom’s Reconstructed Chili


58 thoughts to “Sheryl Crow’s New Cookbook, If It Makes You Healthy, Time For a Giveaway!”

  1. I must have about two dozen cookbooks, and it’s obvious which ones are used the most. They are the ones with bent page corners and food stains on the favorite recipe pages too
    It’s difficult to list just one favorite food to cook, so I’ll say Shrimp Scampi, my mother-in-law’s sweet spaghetti sauce, and my holiday potato filling.

    1. Cheryl, Thanks for commenting. Don’t you just love those really used, grimy, food-stained cookbooks? They are the best kind! Hmm, potato filling, what’s that?

  2. Well of course, I want in! If I use a recipe book, I usually find something that looks good and then I make a simpler version of it. You know, because most of us don’t have every single spice imaginable in our cupboards and so on.

    1. Lindsay, Great, you’re in! And yes, I almost never have all the ingrediants, even if I was just shopping for that recipe it seems.

  3. First, let me say, I love cookbooks and probably have close to 100 and it’s difficult to limit myself. However, I don’t have the best diet and have been obsessed lately about cancer and nutrition. The American Institute for Cancer Research is a good website and I’ve just bought their cookbook. I’ll let you know how I like it. Thanks for this, Nancy. We can never have too many books.

    1. Stacey, Wow that’s a lot of cookbooks, Stacey! I just found that site via your Facebook page actually, so thanks. Yes, do let me know how their cookbook is. Thank you! And no, we can’t ever have too many can we?

  4. ah I don’t have any cookbooks! I am SO in need of Sheryl’s help! My favorite thing to cook is microwave popcorn 🙂

    1. Katherine, Thanks for commenting; it sounds like you do need a cookbook! Microwave popcorn is tasty, but I agree you need a few more options!

  5. I just tried Sheryl Crow’s slow cook salsa chicken tacos LAST NIGHT! they were a huge hit with my 22 y/o son who comes for dinner (and to do his laundry) once a week. He even asked for leftover to take back to his bachelor pad! I found the recipe in People Magazine last week…would LOVE to have her cookbook…thank you for being so generous…from Holly (triple negative breast cancer survivor…going on 4 years in September!!)

    1. Holly, Thanks for sharing about your success with the chicken tacos. I thought that recipe sounded particularly tasty and now I’ll try it for sure. Great to hear you are an almost four year survivor! Congrats!

  6. Hi Nancy, I am a food and cook book lover, but mostly they decorate my shelves! I love making my own, homemade pizza, for which I also make my own pizza dough. I have altered a favourite recipe from a food splattered cookbook, so that it’s mostly whole spelt flour and is therefore so much easier to digest! Other favourites include homemade granola without any processed sugar and a delicious slow roasted lamb shank dish with chickpeas and dates, oh yum!

    1. Ruth, I know what you mean, mine decorate the shelves too! I really need to open them up more often. Homemade pizza is always good, haven’t done that in a while. Your other recipes sound intriguing! Thanks for commenting and sharing, Ruth.

  7. I was searching for a recipe in that cookbook that someone from the office just told me she tried, then I came across your site. Love it…another one in my favorites that I can read all the time and I would love to win this cookbook!!!

    1. Susan, Well, I’m glad you came across my blog then! Perfect timing I guess. Thanks for finding it. Which recipe did the person from your office try? I love finding out which ones are actually tried and true. Thanks for commenting and I hope you will keep reading.

  8. Healthy cooking takes planning, lots of planning. Good luck! I am with you…the fewer the ingrediants, the better. Right now I am into roasting vegetables with olive oil and garlic!

    1. Lenise, Well, you got that right. Healthy cooking does take more planning, but most things worthwhile do I guess. I do like to keep the list of ingrediants short. In my mind a short list of ingrediants equals easy/quick recipe and that’s the best kind! Roasting veggies with olive oil and garlic, yum! Thanks for commenting!

  9. I LOVE cooking, and as a result, cookbooks. I try to eat healthy although I fall off the wagon every once in a while. Everything in moderation, says my sister, the dietician. Thanks for having this draw. I’m curious about Sheryl’s cookbook.

    1. Tina, Thanks for commenting. I think most of us fall off the wagon more than once in a while when it comes to healthy eating. It must be helpful to have a dietician in the family, or maybe not… Everything in moderation is probably pretty good advice.

    1. Ginny, Thanks for sharing that site. I haven’t been there, so I should check it out. Thanks for entering my little “contest.”

  10. Nancy, i would love to receive a cookbook that will teach me the right foods to eat. I really try to make things that will make me feel healthy and happy. I take care of my niece quite a lot, who is just two in June and I would love to get her started with the right foods. Who knows, maybe when she is grown, or as she grows, she will continue to eat nutritiously. Here,s hoping.

    1. Janette, Thank you for commenting and good for you for being such a good role model for your little niece! It’s great to get them started on healthy habits early on. Your name will be included in the drawing! Thanks and I hope you’ll keep reading my blog when you can.

  11. After my husband’s Brain Cancer diagnosis 14 months ago, been trying to find recipes for healthy dinners for him. Trying to keep up his strength.
    Have about 5 cookbooks and lots of magazines.

    1. Margee, Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m sorry about your husband’s diagnosis and hope things are going alright. At such times, eating healthy is even more important. Good luck with everything.

  12. I’d love to win this cookbook. Since my heart attack and I need a heart transplant, I try to watch what I eat although my family and I do like trying new meal ideas from time to time. I’m sure all families do to have a bit of variety and spice in life.

    1. Mary Sue, Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I hope you are feeling reasonably well with all you have going on. Eating healthier is challenging at times and good and easy recipes certainly help!

  13. I’m sure its some delicious recipes in here. I’d like to win and fix a few. Tell you what I’d even take it to the church and let them fix a few as well for the tornado victims in our area.

    1. Raina,
      Thanks for commenting and entering this give away. I hope your area is getting the support and resources it needs to recover. Good luck.

  14. Sheryl Crow is awesome! Love this woman. I wish I could win this cookbook. Then when I host parties and have NO idea what to cook. Bam I’d have an answer thanks to Sheryl.

  15. Well I have 2 cook books, that I have never read, since Im a cancer survivor I feel quilty at times on what I eat, but with this book I believe it will help me feel better about my diet.

    1. Martha,
      Thanks for your comments. It is funny how we sometimes don’t read the cookbooks we have isn’t it? Try to stop feeling guilty and do the best you can at eating healthier. Every day is a fresh start!

  16. Hi Nancy, Haven’t been reading too many blogs lately as I have been so busy but wanted to catch up with you.
    I too have many cookbooks that I NEVER use. But one that I do use all the time is Everyday Pasta by Giada DiLaurentis. I know pasta gets a bad rap sometimes but it is a family winner and there are so many meals in this cookbook that my daughter and husband both love and that are quick and easy for me to prepare so that’s a win-win for me:)
    I also love many of the recipes in the back of Real Simple Magazine.
    I am working on becoming a Vegetarian. I have given up red meat and am limiting chicken but haven’t given it up completely. Not sure I can go vegan I just love cheese too much! One last thing. I joined Weight Watchers on-line about 9 months ago and have lost 30 pounds. I do NOT eat any weight watchers food, but they do have some great recipes online and I especially love many of their vegetarian offerings.
    Sorry to be so long winded, guess I am making up for lost time:)
    Thanks for posting!

    1. Debbie, Thanks for taking time to read and leave a comment. I think we all have a few unused cookbooks! Congrats on achieving that weight loss goal and for making such healthy life style changes. Thanks, too, for the the recipe source ideas. I especially like the sound of Real Simple Magazine. I love simple! Thanks for the suggestions and you weren’t long winded!

  17. I just saw Sheryl on Rachael Ray and her cookbook sounds wonderful. Six years ago I was diagnosed with cancer, and thankfully, after six months of chemo and radiation I am still healthy. The idea of a diet full of healthy food is important to me and I would be thrilled to add Sheryl’s book to my kitchen shelf to help me do that!

    1. Janice, Thanks for commenting. I’m so happy you are six years out from your cancer diagnosis and treatment and doing so well. Congrats! How has your healthy eating plan been going so far? Have you made many changes? I’ll include your name in the drawing. Thanks for participating!

  18. I used to have several shelves of cookbooks, but now just have a core group of about six. One of my favorites currently is a French cookbook recommended by a former teacher.

    1. Cee, Thank you for participating and sharing your favorite cookbook. That one sounds pretty interesting. Was it recommended by a former French teacher then?

  19. I got that same Better Homes And Gardens Cookbook for a shower gift almost 34 yrs ago. The sister who gave it to me had one given to her at her shower 10 yrs before that. I think my favorite cookbooks are the ones we’ve picked up at churches that we’ve attended in the several places that we’ve lived. I feel that those are ones that are well tried and can be trusted because they come from families we know. A favorite meal that we have quite frequently is No Name Salmon (original flavor). We grill it and serve it with low fat homemade mac and cheese (I use Barilla Plus pasta). The salmon is pricy so I wait until it is on sale and then stock up (frozen, 4 individually wrapped). The Barilla Plus pasta has 325 mg of Omega 3 and the salmon has 1,750 mg of Omega 3! Very heart healthy.

    1. Colleen, Thank you for sharing about your favorite cookbooks and recipes. I have more than a few of those tried and true church cookbooks, too, and they are full of good recipes for sure. I like your No Name Salmon/mac and cheese dinner idea. I have only tried grilling salmon once and it wasn’t very successful. Do you have any tips?

  20. I was at the hairdresser’s yesterday thumbing through the People magazine and Cheryl Crow’s Slow cook salsa chicken tacos recipe caught my eye. I went on line to find the recipe and found your site. This is awesome. I enjoyed reading all of the comments. I have over 2 dozen cookbooks. Some passed down from my mother and grandmother. My favorite today is The Barefoot Contessa. My favorite foods to make are: homemade mac&cheese, homemade spaghetti sauce and meatballs and a friend’s recipe for homemade calzones. Yum! I have a grandson who is almost four. And my husband and I really want to start cooking and eating healthier foods. Cheryl’s cookbook looks great. Please submit my name for your drawing. Thank you.

    1. Wendy, Thank you for finding Nancy’s Point and for participating in the drawing. You probably noticed someone mentioned they have tried those chicken tacos and thought they were great. I am anxious to try those myself! Sounds like you have quite a few cookbooks too. I love the sound of your homemade recipes! Yes, cooking healthier for your grandson, as well as for yourself and your husband, is a worthy goal. Good luck in the drawing! I hope you’ll keep reading my blog when you can!

  21. I need all the help I can get in the kitchen! I used to live in the city (Boston area) and didn’t cook. Since coming to Savannah, cooking is becomming part of my life, and I like it. I love slow cooker recipes that I can freeze and bring out later. Stay healthy and thanks for blogging…………..

    1. Betty, Thank you for participating. Slow cooker recipes happen to be some of favorites too. Hopefully we can all get/stay healthier! Hope you’ll keep reading!

    1. Lindsay, Wendy from Massachusetts won the cookbook. Thanks for asking! I announced it on my Nancy’s Point facebook page. Thanks for participating.

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