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4 thoughts on “AIs, the Drugs We Love to Hate

  1. 7/26/2017…Can you tell me what, if any side effects there are from stopping Anastrozole? I have taken it almost 5 yrs, which was instructed after my double mastomey. I was HR Positive. It was caught early, there was nothing in my nymph nodes. I took chemo afterwards for a precaution an started on my Anastrozole for 5 yrs. Now that I have stopped taking, about a month now, is there anything I should be looking for to change? Side effects…good or bad?

  2. 2 August 2017: Survivor of a lumpectomy for a 1cm tumor with positive margins, estrogen based. Lymph node clear. No chemo, questioning radiation but put on Arimidex. Was on for 4 days felt out of breath and BM’s were very blond in color. Didn’t like feeling so called doc and she stopped it for 3 days. See doc tomorrow and she only mentioned Aromasin as an alternative. What is Femera?

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