LympheDIVAs – Medically Correct Fashion for Lymphedema, A Product Review & Giveaway!

Are you a man or woman living with lymphedema or do you care about someone who is?

Are you concerned about developing lymphedema following your breast cancer surgery or radiation treatment?

Do you dread donning your drab beige-colored lymphedema sleeve or gauntlet when you garden, exercise or get on an airplane?

If you answered yes, keep reading and enter my giveaway for a chance to win an amazing product I know you will love!

Lymphedema occurs when there is an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in body tissue causing swelling, most commonly in the arms and legs. Primary lymphedema develops when there are missing or impaired lymphatic vessels. It can be present at birth or develop later on well into adulthood. Secondary lymphedema sometimes develops as a result of radiation, injury, infection or as a side effect of cancer surgery, especially surgeries in which lymph nodes are removed. It can develop days, weeks or even years after surgery. All the causes of lymphedema are not fully understood.

There are precautionary measures one can take to hopefully prevent lymphedema. You can read about such measures here.

If a medically approved compression sleeve and/or gauntlet has been recommended or prescribed for you as part of your plan to prevent or manage lymphedema, I would love to introduce you to LympheDIVAs, a fabulous company with a fabulous product.

I was first made aware of LympheDIVAs via friend and fellow blogger, Jan Hasak, who wrote an amazing guest post called, Musings From a Lymphedema Lady, for Nancy’s Point last summer. Jan’s post is packed full of information, so be sure to check it out. Jan has the condition herself and has devoted vast amounts of her personal time and energy advocating on behalf of lymphedema patients. To learn more about lymphedema and Jan’s advocacy, please visit her blog.

The inspiration behind LympheDIVAs arose after two young breast cancer survivors, Rachel Levin Troxell and Robin Miller, both developed lymphedema following their breast cancer treatment, which for both women involved removal of lymph nodes and radiation.

Unsatisfied with the prescribed drab bandage-like beige sleeves available to them, Rachel and Robin decided to do something about it.

drab beige-colored look

After considerable research, collaboration and effort the company, LympheDIVAs, was founded. It has been dedicated ever since to offering women and men as well, compression sleeves that are more comfortable as well as more stylish.

It’s heartbreaking to add that Rachel’s cancer recurred and she passed away from breast cancer in 2008 at the age of 37, but her dream and her company live on.

LympheDIVAs carries on Rachel’s vision and dedication to helping others who are attempting to prevent or who are actively managing lymphedema. This is truly a company with a heart and soul that genuinely cares not only about the products it sells, but also about the women (and men) who wear it.

I quickly discovered it is also a company that offers fantastic and friendly customer service and who doesn’t love that?

After being asked to write a review, I was generously provided with a sleeve and gauntlet set to personally try out. My palm, wrist, forearm and upper arm measurements were all carefully collected and analyzed to ensure my personalized proper fit.

I was impressed by their genuine commitment to “get it right.”

Next came the hard part, choosing the style I wanted to try out. Here are just a couple of examples from their varied and stunning collection.

I am a casual jeans kind of gal, so ultimately I decided on the Blue Bandit set because of its “denimy” appeal for me.

When my box arrived mere days after I made my selection, I was  thrilled when I opened it.

While most mail order companies send you their product wrapped up in a plastic bag and shipped in a plain cardboard box or wrapped up in yet more plastic, this is not the way LympheDIVAs ships!

After opening my box, I couldn’t help but smile. Take a look…

Pretty great presentation wouldn’t you say?

Inside the box I found my goodies carefully wrapped in colorful tissue paper. It felt as if I was opening a gift instead of something I had ordered for myself.

To my surprise, the box contained not only my boxed sleeve and gauntlet set, but also a tape measure, a folder containing extensive measurement information including charts and also important information from the National Lymphedema Network, several colorfully illustrated catalogs, information about LympheDIVAs, free pens, some nail files and last but not least, a customer satisfaction guarantee statement.

I specifically asked Josh Levin, President of LympheDIVAs who also happens to be Rachel’s brother, (yes, I received personalized attention from the company’s president himself; not bad, right?) if everyone who orders receives these extras and the same lovely presentation and he said, “Yes!”

Later that evening when I tried on my sleeve for hubby, he did a double-take and said, “Wow, what’s that on your arm? It looks like designer tattoos or something!

Clearly, I wasn’t the only one impressed.

“Yes, exactly,” I said. “That’s the whole point.”

This product looks “designerish.”

But more importantly, all LympheDIVAs’ products have been carefully designed with the collaboration of physicians, physical therapists, nurses, and nurse practitioners to ensure that customers are wearing products that are medically correct.

I must also mention that the first sleeve I received did not quite fit properly due to, shall we say, my “out of whack” upper arm measurements, if you get my drift…

No problem!

LympheDIVAs cheerfully and promptly exchanged the sleeve, sending me a new better-fitting one, which I also received just a few days later. Obviously, this kind of friendly customer service is another huge plus when shopping by mail order.

While I still cannot honestly say wearing a lymphedema sleeve and gauntlet is something I ever look forward to doing, LympheDIVAs sure makes it a whole lot more stylish, a whole lot more comfortable and whole lot more fun.

I’m sort of looking forward to the next time I travel by air and am required to go through TSA. This time when someone looks at me strangely and starts gawking at my sleeve while making some uninformed remark, he/she won’t be calling my new sleeve a bandage behind my back!

That will feel nice for a change.

Finally, on to the important giveaway information!

LympheDIVAs has generously agreed to provide one lucky reader with a free sleeve and gauntlet set of her/his choosing. We all know how expensive medical apparel can be, so this is an amazing value. I hope many of you take advantage of this opportunity. Sign up for yourself, or sign up to win a set for someone else.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today. Leave a comment through Tuesday, July 24, stating you’d like to enter this giveaway. Like always, a comment on my Nancy’s Point facebook page will double your chances to win, but you must first comment here. The winner will be announced shortly thereafter. Be sure to leave your email address so you can be contacted by me, as well as by LympheDIVAs for your personalized fit consultation.

And remember, if you’re going to try to prevent or manage lymphedema, you might as well make a fashion statement and be a

LympheDIVA, right?

Please be sure to visit the LympheDIVAs website for more information and to view the amazing collection of “medically correct fashion for lymphedema.”

I love my new sleeve and gauntlet set and I know you’ll love this product too!

Thank you, Rachel, for your vision. Thank you, LympheDIVAs, for your commitment to “getting it right.”

And thank you for reading and good luck in the giveaway!

Note:  Please consult with your doctor or LE therapist before using this or any lymphedema management product.

Do you have lymphedema or do you know someone who does?

Did your medical team inform you about your risk for developing lymphedema post surgery? 

Do you have any advice for managing or preventing lymphedema?


114 thoughts to “LympheDIVAs – Medically Correct Fashion for Lymphedema, A Product Review & Giveaway!”

    1. Dawn, Oooh, good choice. I was going to go with that one at first too…It’s really pretty isn’t it? Thanks for commenting, Dawn.

  1. I’d love to enter the giveaway, particularly since I couldn’t get one through insurance since Lymphedivas doesn’t file and my local durable medical equipment provider can’t meet their minimum order. It makes all the difference in the world to make a fashion statement instead of a “I’m broken” statement!

    1. @Chandra – What is your local store? I’d be happy to try and talk to them! Our minimum order for a store’s first order is just 5 items and we have other opportunities to work together if they aren’t able to do that (although it’s not much of a request!)

  2. I am a Lymphediva Lover, and have been for several years. What is worse than having Lymphedema is having to wear a sleeve that screams medical issue alert! I have gotten so many questions and comments on my sleeves, all wonderful! Even had a tattoo artist comment on my “full sleeve tat”, until he saw that it was removeable. Lymphedivas has made a life long affliction more bearable for me!

    1. Sheila, I know exactly what you mean. I had a terrible experience going through TSA with my beige sleeve. Did you happen to read that post of mine? Glad to hear you’ve been wearing this product for a while now. So glad it’s working for you.

  3. LympheDIVAS sleeves are a godsend. They are not only fashionable, but they control swelling better than the medical sleeves. I am accumulating a wardrobe of sleeves!

  4. I ordered to pair last year and loved them, I got a lot of compliments and lots of people thought I had gotten a full sleeve tattoo 🙂 This year though my lymphedema therapist recommended that I get a one piece sleeve/gauntlet because of the way I swell – sadly Lymphediva’s doesn’t sell one piece-er’s. I was, however, able to order custom, one-piece garments from Juzo in several “non-industrial” colors (black, red, mahogany) so the, at least, don’t look so industrial/medical (and it did help my swelling to go to the one piece). BUT I really miss wearing my beautiful Lymphediva’s 🙁

    1. Linda,

      I’d love to talk to your therapist if she is interested in LympheDIVAs. We make our garments with zero to little compression overlap at the wrist so that you have a clean transition from your hand compression to your arm. If her concern was over that, I think she – and you – would be happy with our garments. When we first started, my sister Rachel had tried the single piece but didn’t like it because of having to take the entire sleeve off to wash her hands so she chose to only develop the two piece solution.

    2. Linda, Thanks for your insights. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a one piece. It seems that would be really hard to take on and off. Perhaps you can switch back and forth, but check with your therapist of course.

    3. Linda…I am SO HAPPY to read that there are onepiece sleeves available. I have the two piece and I was professionally measured. The problem with the two piece for me is that the overlap at the wrist does cut into me and leaves a terrible mark and forces the fluid to the top of my hand and above the wrist to the arm. I just said to Hubby the other day..WHY DOESN’T SOMEONE INVENT A ONE PIECE??? As far as a solution to not taking the whole thing off to wash your hands, my recommendation would be to wear the hospital gloves which I wear now and order from a medical supply company especially when you know washing your hands will be required when you are doing certain things. Thanks for letting us know about the onepiece. NOW the invention of beautiful patterns needs to be considered…How bout it lymphedivas?? Maybe in your company’s very near future??? That would be awesome!!

  5. And I would love to enter the giveaway, since my swelling is pretty much under control wearing the one-piece, I think that I could occasionally start wearing the Lymphediva sleeve and gauntlets again.

  6. Sadly, I am getting lymphedema in one leg due to a lymph node involvement with my ovca. Would love having one of these! Great post and a great product.

    1. WhiteStone, It’s so good to hear from you. It’s been a while and I’ve missed getting your thoughts. I’m sorry to hear you have developed lymphedema, but hope you’re managing alright. I will enter you in the giveaway for sure. Thank you for entering.

  7. I have been wearing yukky beige sleeves and gauntlets for over 2 years for lymphedema & a reid sleeve at night. I’m so glad to see someone making more fashion-conscious daytime compression garments. My reid sleeve is all “decked out” in vibrant patterns but I would love to get a lymphedivas garment for everyday – maybe I wouldn’t mind having lymphedema so much.

    1. Susan, I’m not familiar with what a reid sleeve is, so perhaps you could explain if you happen to check back. It is nice to see more fashionable garments being offered isn’t it? Yay, for LymphdeDIVAs! Thanks for entering and good luck, Susan.

  8. I love the patterns that Lymphadiva provides. It does make it better, just wish lymphodema didn”t exist. Yes, I would love to win one.

    1. Cathy, I wish lymphedema did not exist as well. It’s one more thing cancer patients and others, too, must worry about. I love the patterns and color choices available at LympheDIVAs, having options helps doesn’t it? Thanks for participating, Cathy, and good luck!

  9. Yes I would love to win a sleeve as we dont have anything like them in Ireland I think there so trendy

  10. It’s so much easier to deal with having lymphedema if you can wear something that looks as good as these sleeves. I’ve had strangers compliment me on my ‘tats’ and several have asked me where they can get a sleeve like mine for someone they know with breast cancer.

    I just wish LympheDIVAs made gloves as well as gauntlets. Sometimes, especially with the heat we’ve had this summer, I need the extra control I get with a glove.

    1. Lisa, It is nice to get those compliments isn’t it? Perhaps someone will take your suggestion under consideration. It’s been a really hot summer here, too, so I’m trying to be extra careful…thanks for the comment.

  11. Nancy, I think this is wonderful and I agree the package presentation is beautiful. I ordered “seconds” from their website and they were perfect at half price. By the way the ReidSleeve that Susan mentioned is a sleeping sleeve with Velcro strip closures that provide adjustable compression. Dr Reid provides extensive info on this website:

    1. Denise, Yes, I simply loved the presentation. It really felt like someone who cared packed up my box, nice touch. Thank you for the additional information about the Reid Sleeve and thanks for adding your opinions about LympheDIVAs.

  12. I’m not entering anything, I just want to commend LympheDIVA’s for such great looking sleeves!! I know my sister (who only had sentinel nodes removed) developed a “touch” of lymphedema and had to have her rings resized. Mom had many nodes removed in 87 and she has issues, too. I think each of them only wears sleeves if they are flying but I will find out and I will be ordering them “bon voyage” gifts the next time either of them is planning a trip!!!

    Nice post, great company……


  13. I have several LympheDivas, my favorite being the Dragon Lotus Tattoo. They are so effective keeping my arm comfortable, and wicking moisture away when I’m Square Dancing or at Zumba Gold.

    It would be fun to have something new and dressy to wear to the symphony.

    Thank you for making these wonderfully stylish garments that make me feel pretty!

  14. I would love to enter the giveaway. I ordered my first two sleeves in April and another in May. I have received so many complements on them, They are also a great way to start a conversation about lymphedema because most people have no idea what it is. Thank you for creating this enjoyable way to cope with the latest kink in life.

    1. Sandi, You make an excellent point. Along with these great sleeves comes an amazing opportunity to educate others. Wonderful. Thanks for stating that. Good luck in the drawing!

  15. I just wanted to say that it’s wonderful to see you featuring LymphDiva – their product is so cool! And I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews. It’s so incredible how creative people can make a hard situation so much better. I’ve seen it with hospital gowns, makeovers, and here with lymphodema sleeves.

    1. Catherine, Thanks for stopping by and saying that, Catherine. You’re right, creative people can and do come up with some amazing ideas. I love how Rachel’s family has carried on with her dream. That makes shopping at this company even better.

  16. I can not tell you how happy I was to discover your website ——-when I was going through radiation I wore full make up and jewellery and the other ladies asked me..Can you wear jewellery?…when I wanted my hair tinted in the middle of radiation treatment I asked the oncologist…..he had never been asked that question……….so to discover that I did not have to look like a mummy…amazeballs!!!!(to use Guillanas phrase) I cant afford my set just yet ( breast cancer lost me my job) but trust me I have chosen mine….and if I could win one……amazeballs again….thankyou thankyou for keeping us preety…..Anne x x x x x

    1. Annie, I’m sorry you lost your job due to your cancer. Good for you for wearing full make up and jewelry while going through treatment if that made you feel better. I bet your radiation oncologist was surprised to be asked about hair color. Funny. Good luck in the drawing. You just might be the lucky winner!

  17. I would love to enter your contest. I have always wanted one but since they do not file insurance I have been stuck with the drab, boring, one color style.

    1. Belinda, I know what you mean about the drab boring one. That’s why I’m so happy to be offering this giveaway for one lucky winner. Good luck.

    2. I”m sorry we aren’t able to file for our patients, but we can provide you with the codes to submit a claim (S8424 for sleeves and S8428 for gauntlets.) If you’re insurance is able to cover your garments then ours should be covered as well – but definitely call and see what your reimbursement is with those codes 🙂

    1. Carole, You’re welcome. Counting you in for sure! Thanks for the comment on Facebook too. That means your name goes into the hat twice!

  18. After fighting 2 separate cancers for the last 2 years, today is my 2 year anniversary date of the 1st one (breast cancer)I could use any help I can get. A fun sleeve would be so wonderful! Hope I win!!! 🙂

    1. Annette, Sorry to hear about your two cancers. Two is beyond unfair. I will enter you in the drawing, thanks so much for participating. Good luck!

  19. I am a one year survivor of bi-lateral breast cancer and mastectomy. I was already a Big Fan of Lymphediva as my sister, Sheila, had been wearing Lymphediva for several years. I own two sets and wear them whenever I am doing repeditive jobs at work as well as at home. Whoever said a sleeve needs to look medical to be medical has never heard of Lymphediva. Thank you for creating the beautiful sleeves!

    1. Christine, These sleeves are really nice aren’t they? They don’t look “medical” at all and that’s really a wonderful bonus. Thanks for sharing about your sister’s experience wearing this product.

  20. As a “lympher”, I blogged about these fabulous sleeves a while back; I can’t say enough good things about the product and the company. Josh Levin is such a compassionate soul. I would love to win a sleeve. xoxo

    1. Jan, I remember that post and you are, in fact, the one who introduced me to this great company. I agree Josh Levin seems very compassionate and genuine. Even more importantly, the product is great. Thanks for participating in the drawing, Jan. Good luck!

  21. I would love to win one of your sleeves! I just developed Lymphedema in my arm and hand about 2 weeks before I lost my insurance because my job ended. By the time I found out about your sleeves and gauntlets, it was too late and I couldn’t get it before my insurance ran out. I was bummed! Yours are so pretty!

  22. I would love to own a beautiful fashion statement. I have loved these since the first time I saw them. I am a 2x breast cancer survivor and recently came down with lymphedema. I am currently in therapy at a new place, because as many of you know, not everyone can help you or fit you right. My current therapist has seen the gauntlets and sleeves and is impressed by their quality. I am positive quality will be number one, but more than that, I know how I will feel in something that shows my attitude and style.

  23. I LOVE my LymphaDiva sleeves. I spent several years wear the non-descript tan sleeves and felt like a new woman when I found LymphaDiva. The lab techs at the oncology clinic are always excited about the sleeve I have on. But, I must say, I didn’t get a box full of goodies like you did. I got my sleeves beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and a pen, but that’s it. You must be special. Good for you. When you have this dreadful disease being special to someone is really important.

  24. I’m a Kaiser patient in Southern California, and they were great to inform me of the risks of lymphedema while I was still recovering from my bilateral mastectomy. They got me in to see a physical therapist to learn exercises and talk about risk factors before I even developed it. I even had a couple of the compression sleeves and gauntlets at the ready. When I did notice the swelling, I knew right away what was going on, was able to get into see a therapist right away and learn the massage and bandaging techniques that now help me deal with this chronic condition.
    I’ve seen lymphedivas and have been intrigued….would love to be the lucky winner!

  25. I LOVE these!!! Please enter me in the contest. I am struggling with lymphadema presently. It is a bummer after making it through all the cancer treatment, but one of these could put some fun into it!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!

  26. Please enter me in the contest. I too am struggling with lymphedema. I had lymph nodes removed as part of my breast cancer treatment (Oct 2010). My arm started to swell 3 weeks after the surgery. The lymphedema is under control now but my arm aches most of the time. When I am active and notice my wrist and hand puffing up, I know it’s time to take it easy. Cancer sure changed my life—in good ways and unfortunately some bad ways. Thank you Nancy for your uplifting and motivating website and facebook page. You’ve help make my life better!

  27. Oh I would love one of these! I just finished my physical therapy but am still wearing my drab sleeve all my waking hours, would love to have something I can show off instead of hide 🙂 Please count me in! Nancy, thanks for taking your time to help all of us struggling ♥ Your page has helped me and others go through the difficult times….

  28. I have been wearing Juzo sleeves for about 16 years and like how they keep my lymphedema in check but these sleeves will definitely bring me closer to the “When I am old, I shall wear purple” (and every other rainbow color) me that I am becoming :-).

  29. I have seen their website and thought how great they are.but how to choose bewtween all those great designs.

  30. Great idea to do a review of Lymphedivas as part of the giveaway. It’s nice to see a “real life” photo of what they look like with a glimpse of an outfit (rather than the disembodied arms on Lymphediva’s site). Perhaps Lymphedivas could put together a gallery.

    And of course I would love to get my hands on one of these through your giveaway!


  31. My having Lymphedema was the one way I learned I had Breast Cancer. I hd it fr approximately a year before I saw the doctor. My arm ached quite a bit, I noticed it felt quite heavy some days. I actually made a sling to keep my arm relaxed. I spent a week in hospital in cardiac care because I felt breathless. I was even sent to have an angiogram, still no one noticed how swollen my arm was. Several months later I had cut my foot, somehow developed cellulitis. I had gone to the triage at our other hospital. I am waiting for the doctor, The Dr came into my room, he looked at my foot and the next thing he said shocked the daylights out of me. He asked if I had Breast Cancer? Breast Cancer? Why would he ask this. NO I don’t have Breast Cancer he continued because my arm was so swollen it looked like lymphodema, he wanted to do an Ultra Sound then to rule out a blood clot. While you are at I said, I have this thing on my side can you check it out too, my Family Dr told me it was “Just a fatty tissue” Some women have. It wasn’t a lump on under my arm or breast it was down my side kinda wabbely.Moveable… I was given antibiotics for the cellulitis home I went. The following more I was at work, at my desk when my supervisor informed me a doctor was on the phone. I thought it was a gag. It was the Dr I saw the previous night telling me he needed to see me right away. At this moment it felt like my entire body sank to the ground, he went on to say it can’t wait this is important. I left my job saw the Dr. he sat me down and I heard those words. Alicia I believe you most probably have Breast Cancer, the swelling in your arm made me suspicious. The lump confirmed you had a large mass growing. The Dr told me I likely had Breast Cancer for over a year…..There began my journey that is still ongoing.I was told had I left it I probably would not be here right now, this ER Dr. saved my life.I am forever thankful he was observant, and did something even though I was not there for my arm…. I sometimes wonder why he picked up on it immediately, I spent a week in cardiac care no one noticed a thing? Except they couldn’t take a B/P Reading. Here I am still with Lymphedema.
    Thanks Nancy, every time I go back down this memory I never forget my Dr telling me it was just a “fatty tissue” This tissue was quite large over 2 inches in length..upon biopsy it was a lymph node one of a couple that was malignant…

    Love Alli..

  32. I would love to win one of the sleeve’s I had breast cancer in my right breast in 2001. I have Lymphedema in my left arm, left ribs and stomach area and my left leg. My mother had it in both her legs most of my life. She was all polish and the doctor told me that I could have it in my legs just like my mother.
    Thank you so much.

  33. I hope its not too late to enter the contest. I love these sleeves wish you had the gloves I have to wear one since my fingers also swell. Thanks so much

  34. I would love to enter the contest for a lymphediva sleeve set. I am seven months into treatment for breast cancer for the second time. I wear a beige sleeve every day and often go to the “diva” website to window shop and dream. Thank you for this chance.


  35. I have been wearing Lymphediva sleeves for 3 years now!!! I love them. My favorite is Sweet Pea at the moment. I also like Tattoo Blossom. I have over 15 of them!! I might be their biggest fan!!! 🙂 Patti

  36. Hope I’m not too late for this – it’s time for a new sleeve and I’d love one of these! Can’t believe I’m saying it of a lymphedema sleeve, but these are cute!

  37. I’d also like to enter the Lymphediva’s give-away,,,I have the tie dyed one and a purple one called Lovely lace and I love them both,,,,but I have had my eyes on Blooming Betty for a bit!

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