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Mets Monday

I’m always racking my brain trying to come up with something to do to promote more awareness of metastatic breast cancer. I also want to offer support to those living with mets in any way I can and as often as I’m able.

One simple thing I’ve come up with besides writing a post now and then is the addition of my mets page as listed in the menu at the top of my pages. I hope you will visit this page and let me know your thoughts about what’s missing or whatever.

I’ve been attempting to get a comments box on the mets page; however, this doesn’t seem to be working. Comments can only be posted on posts, not on pages. Oh well. So, please feel free to comment about anything mets related here on this post, or on any post for that matter.

As always, another place to join the conversation is on my Nancy’s Point Facebook page.

The other idea I’m trying out is designating Mondays on my Nancy’s Point Facebook page as Mets Monday. I know this is a completely lame title, but I can’t seem to come up with anything better. Ideas welcome.

If you have any comments, questions, or articles to share regarding mets, please feel free to do so anytime, but especially on Mets Monday. Also, if there are concerns you have, rants to get out of your system, frustrations to express or loved ones to remember, please feel free to do so on Mets Monday.

So feel free to share at either place.

That’s it! I’m done. I think this is my shortest post ever. I can be less wordy after all!

What are your thoughts, comments or ideas on how to increase awareness about metastatic breast cancer?






10 thoughts to “Mets Monday”

  1. Thank you, Nancy.

    We mets gals are the dirty little secret of the “breast cancer awareness” movement (if I can call it that). Some people don’t get better. I won’t get better. Takes some getting used to, I’ll say that.

    There are several posts on my blog that talk about living with metastatic breast cancer. If anything there is of use to you, please feel free.

    1. Knot Telling, Well, you shouldn’t be “the dirty little secret.” You are part of the reality of breast cancer and people need to be aware of breast cancer reality, all of it, not just the bits and pieces that “present well.” Thanks for commenting and thanks for your great blog.

  2. Nancy, I and so many people appreciate your devotion to educating others about metastatic cancer. I don’t know how to increase awareness of mets. It boggles the mind. I think the first step would be to convince the world this isn’t the prettied up cancer.

    Unfortunately, because its origin is in the breasts, breast cancer is often seen as sexualized or not serious. Nothing could be further from the truth.

    Keep up your activism.

    1. Beth, I intend to keep trying. Your point about breast cancer being sexualized and not taken seriously enough is right on. Thanks for the support and for your comments.

  3. Hi Nancy – the support is greatly appreciated. I so hope that as you go forward in your own breast cancer journey that you continue to choose to have only a “Mets Monday.” Your contribution to discussion is always so welcomed.

    @Knot Telling…I sadly embrace the appellation of being the breast cancer industries’ “dirty little secret.”

    1. TC, Thanks for your comments. I hope you’ll feel free to share on Mets Monday. The whole point is to hear from those living with mets. Your voices need to be heard.

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