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The Highly Anticipated LympheDIVAs Compression Glove – A Review & Giveaway!

If you have lymphedema and if it’s been recommended to you to wear a compression garment at certain times or for certain activities, you will not want to miss this exciting opportunity to win a FREE sleeve and glove set. Yes, I said a FREE SET! I have partnered with LympheDIVAs to bring you this review and giveaway, so keep reading to enter my giveaway. 

Lymphedema is a common, often misunderstood condition which can result following any sort of surgery or condition that damages the lymphatic system. When this happens, it’s referred to as secondary lymphedema. Primary lymphedema is an inherited condition. You can read about sorting out the confusion surrounding lymphedema here.

Lymphedema can be a frightening condition and learning how to manage it can be difficult for many reasons. One of these reasons should not be finding compression garments that are both functional and stylish.

LypmpheDIVAs makes managing lymphedema a little easier.

LympheDIVAs is a fabulous company that truly cares not only about providing high-quality products, but also about providing top-notch, personalized customer service. This company has not lost sight of why it was founded.

Their mission as stated on their website is the following:

LympheDIVAs™ LLC is dedicated to creating medically correct and fashionable compression apparel for the savvy and stylish breast cancer survivor with lymphedema which will inspire her to feel beautiful, strong, and confident.

You can read more about LympheDIVAs and how it all started in my earlier review right here.

If you have lymphedema, it can be challenging to figure out what sort of compression garment to wear. It can also be challenging to find options.

LympheDIVAs offers choices other than boring beige.

The drab beige-colored look
The boring, drab, beige look.

Their garments are functional, stylish and most importantly, approved by an advisory team of medical professionals.

And now…

I am excited to tell you about LympheDIVAs’ new, highly anticipated product line, the compression glove!

The new LympheDIVAs compression glove is one more option that will enable the lymphedema patient to personalize and therefore better manage her/his condition.

Therapists frequently recommend that their lymphedema patients wear a fingered glove to prevent, alleviate or control swelling in the fingers. A glove is different from a gauntlet, which only covers the palm and thumb. Listening to and responding to this unmet need, LympheDIVAs began working on filling this need three years ago.

The highly anticipated compression glove is finally here!


The new compression glove - Enter my giveaway!


Important features of the newly designed glove include:


Lightweight Fabric

Smooth and breathable glove fabric keeps the hand cool and comfortable.


Correct Finger Compression

Delivers the correct graduated compression throughout the hand and fingers.


Moisture Wicking

Revolutionary knit pulls sweat away from the hand and is fast drying.



Completely latex and silicone free construction


Completely Seamless Design

Reduces binding and finger webbing irritation


No Double Compression

State-of-the-art design eliminates double compression at the wrist when worn with an arm sleeve.


Important features


In addition to a beautiful and functional design, wearing a proper-fitting garment is critical.

LympheDIVAs offers complete guidance, tools and advice about how to go about determining your proper size. You can do it all online or speak with a knowledgeable adviser who will help guide you. And yes, you can order a different size sleeve and glove.

If you are more comfortable being measured by a professional fitter, you can opt to do that as well and then pass along your measurements to the folks at LympheDIVAs.

The style I chose to try out and review is called, Darling – Tan. I love it! I found the new glove to be very comfortable. It feels completely non-restrictive. And I am very sensitive these days to things feeling too tight or making me too warm, so I was delighted and yes, pleasantly surprised to find the glove easy and pleasant to wear.

LympheDIVAs glove and sleeve set, Darling Tan

Managing a condition like lymphedema is challenging for sure. But having garment choices for those times when you want to wear something prettier and more stylish is pretty darn nice.

Be sure to visit LympheDivas today and browse through all the great selections. It’s also worth mentioning, there are styles for men too!

And finally, about that giveaway…

Lymphedivas has generously agreed to provide a FREE sleeve and glove SET to one lucky newsletter subscriber (details about this available via my next newsletter) AND one lucky blog reader!


So if you are managing lymphedema, or if you know someone who is, enter my giveaway by 5 pm CT on Tuesday, December 8th, for a chance to win a FREE sleeve and glove SET! All you need to do is leave a comment below stating your interest. If you also comment on my Facebook under the post about this giveaway, I’ll enter your name twice in the blog drawing. The winners of both giveaways will be announced right here on this post shortly after my drawings. Thank you in advance for participating!

Why not enter today?

Do you have lymphedema?

Would you like to enter this giveaway?

Do you have a question about the new compression glove? If so, LympheDIVAs will try to answer it, so ask away.


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Holly Jolly Style
Had to share this fun design. It is December after all!


NOTE:  This post (as well as any other) is not intended to be a replacement for professional medical evaluation and/or guidance. As with any medical condition, please seek evaluation and advice from a trained professional when dealing with lymphedema.

WINNERS:  The winner of my newsletter giveaway is Coletta. The winner of my blog giveaway is Linda S. Congratulations, ladies! Thank you to everyone who participated and thank you to LympheDIVAs for their generosity as well.



65 thoughts to “The Highly Anticipated LympheDIVAs Compression Glove – A Review & Giveaway!”

  1. These are truly awesome! I have the dull beige glove and compression sleeve and I am remiss in wearing them when I should. I’ve actually forgotten them during airplane travel. Luckily nothing happened, but I’ve had lymphedema and it is filled with many worlds of suffering.

    While I’d love to enter your giveaway, I’d rather someone who doesn’t have a glove and sleeve get it. Down the line, I might be purchasing one of these beauties though.

  2. A great opportunity for those with LE of arm… I await them creating stockings in their great designs …. Thanks Nancy

  3. Ooh, I LOVE this! Do LympheDIVAS ship to the Netherlands? I have been wearing boring beige or black gloves and sleeves for a couple of years now and I would really like something more stylish and fun!

  4. I love my LympheDiva sleeves and gaunlets but can’t wait to try the glove. I was thrilled that they come in lengths since my first sets were too long. The prints make great conversation starters where I can educate others about lymphedema and how yes, I am NED but still have a daily reminder. Great review!

  5. My sleeves and gloves are nearly 10 years old. I am on disability and don’t have a lot of extra money. I could really use a new set. Thank you.

  6. Yes yes yes! A thousand times yes! I have a horrible glove and am traveling by plane in three weeks! Would love to update my drab beige with these beautiful items. Take care,

  7. I have had lymphoedema since 2003 and have so had enough of it.
    It is so disfiguring though I usually just ignore that fact.
    One just has to keep paddling!
    Those garments are amazing. I would so LOVE to win a free set!!
    This needs to be emailed to the Princess Alexandra Hospital Lymphoede clinic.
    What a wonderful and uplifting idea.
    Lymphoedema and the pain it causes is so under-rated.
    Thank you.

  8. I also had an axillary removal of lymph nodes and hurt my arm about a year ago after being free of lymphedema for 30 years. Has anyone had a late onset such as this? I’m sceduled to start treatment at a lymphedema clinic after the holidays. The pain is minimal, but the swelling is getting a little worse despite my exercising and message. I love your gloves the designs really made me smile.

  9. My lymphedema is bad I have not been able to be approved for a compression pump so wear double sleeves. My only complaint is that the sleeves are very pricey

  10. These are beautiful! And I am sure you know they are slightly expensive and insurance does not cover them. Winning a new set would be a blessing, as I have been wearing mine for at least 2 years and I actually have small holes in them. I work fulltime and I wear them every work day, and if I am doing anything at home on the weekends, even grocery shopping, I wear them. Thank you for this opportunity!

  11. I have lymphedema in both arms following a bilateral mastectomy, chemo and radiation. I am still financially in a desperate situation following my cancer surgeries, chemo and radiation. Zero insurance. I fall through the cracks. Would greatly appreciate the gift of two arm sleeves and the gloves! Both my sleeves have holes and runs, and both are well over a year old. I cannot afford replacements!

  12. Wow! These are beautiful — and useful! I am thankful that I don’t need any compression garments (so far) but I’ll be glad to share this post, Nancy. Love the henna design.

  13. I have been admiring LympheDIVAs products ever since I started wearing a sleeve a year ago. Unfortunately I cannot afford them as I am on Medi-Cal and unable to work. Am now faced with more medical issues and just moved out of county and having to start up with all new medical staff, once my new plan kicks in. So I cannot even get a replacement for the one that has worn out now. Would love to be entered into this drawing. Anything to brighten up my days at this point 🙂

  14. Yes, I’m guilty of wearing the drab brown sleeve and gaunlet. Would love to try the new glove and a fancy sleeve to jazz it up a little.

  15. I would love to be entered to win this! I have goneover a year without a sleeve bc I cannot afford it and my insurance will not help me. Thank you for the opportunity (:

  16. These are gorgeous!!! My current set is old and ugly with snags and picks so bad I’m ashamed to have to wear them. Simply can’t afford to buy new. Living with the after effects of nearly two yrs of chemo is worse than I ever imagined. While I am grateful to be alive, being a survivor has it’s own challenges. It would be most helpful to win a new set….and the fact that they are beautiful makes it doubly so!!

  17. I love my sleeve and gauntlet. I would love a second set, to change out and not washing all the time. I can tell the difference by wearing my set, just after a month. I picked out the Black Paisley Print, since I wear a lot of black. I notice people staring and they must think that I had my whole arm tattoo.

  18. I am falling more and more in love with LympheDIVA compression garments and now that the gloves are available, I think that I will be hooked. I have a sleeve and I find it the most comfortable sleeve to wear out of the 10+ that I have purchased and don’t wear. Well done LympheDIVAs on a fantastic product for a terrible condition that we have to endure on a daily basis.

  19. I, too, love the henna design. It would certainly make wearing a sleeve much less of a pain!

    Thanks, Nancy, for bringing it to my attention and to Lymphedivas for 1) Great designs and 2) a generous donation.

  20. I actually have swelling in my left foot and calf, so wear a sleeve to avoid it in my arm, knock on wood. I’m in live with these sleeves so this would be awesome!

  21. Nancy, Thank you so much for this opportunity to win a LymphaDIVAS sleeve and glove set. I would love to win as I love their sleeves and with lymphedema issues in my hand as well as my arm, I would love to try the new glove! All of the Lymphadiva patterns are so amazing! Thanks Again! – Coletta

  22. I would love to win a sleeve & glove. I am on disability and Medicare and have a secondary insurance. Neither one will pay for anything. This is such a huge expense and I need night garments too. My credit card can only purchase medical necessities for so long. Everyone please join and help spread the word that medical coverage is a medical need for anyone suffering from LE.

  23. I had to stop wearing Lymphedivas two years ago when I got bad swelling in my hand and fingers. I would love a chance to try out their new glove!

  24. Love the patterns. Got to try a sample from my OT and loved them. Found out insurance does not cover this brand was totally bummed. Since I wear both arms and hands they were too expensive. Hoping legs will be available someday.

    1. Hi Paige, insurance usually files by code not by brand – our sleeves, gauntlets and gloves have the same insurance codes as the ones that aren’t as pretty. Insurance codes: Sleeve S-8424, Gauntlet S-8428, Glove S-8427

  25. I have LE post breast cancer surgery.
    I have worn the sleeves and gauntlets.
    I love all the LympheDiva designs.
    Please enter me in the drawing.
    Thank You

  26. Ugh. Can I say I hate LE? It makes me so sad. I have the beige sleeve and would love a stylish one to make my days more interesting.

  27. HATE lymphedema (right arm here), but LOVE lymphedivas! I am not even a year out – and glad to have found them right away. I would love a new set!!! THANKS for spreading the word.

  28. I’ve looked at LympheDIVAs several times, but decided not to order because I wear a glove, rather than a gauntlet. I would love to finally try them!

  29. I would love another set, considering I wear a sleeve and glove all day every day and lymphediva is the best. Please enter me in the drawing.

  30. I would love to win for my mother! It’s hard for her to get sleeves through Medicaid sometimes and she has had trouble getting the right fit in the past especially in the fingers. She is a lady who really deserves this so I hope I can win it for her! 🙂

  31. This is awesome. I am coming up on being a 5 year survivor and lately have needed to use my compression more. I have a guantlet and would love to have the glove for the compression around each finger!!

  32. I have the plain tan sleeve and guantlet. would love to have this set. The design is awesome and would love to have the glove instead of the guantlet that I have.

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