Should certain breast cancer patients extend endocrine therapy beyond five years- (1)

Should Certain Breast Cancer Patients Extend Endocrine Therapy Beyond Five Years?

Did you read the recent headlines about the newly released study concluding that even after women (in the study) completed five years of hormone therapy, their recurrence risk continued for twenty years and likely beyond? The implication is that women diagnosed with early stage, hormone-positive breast cancer and who are taking hormone-blocking drugs, should strongly […]

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When advocacy hurts, remembering Beth Caldwell

When Advocacy Hurts – Remembering Beth

When your advocacy efforts revolve around breast cancer, hurt happens. When your advocacy efforts often focus specifically on metastatic breast cancer, hurt is inevitable. Not only is it inevitable, hurt happens again and again and again. The reason is obvious, or should be by now. Too many keep dying from metastatic breast cancer. Too many. […]

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Reflecting on BCAM - Do you ever feel like you've been there, done that, said that?

Been There, Done that, Said that, Let’s Share & a Sale!

You know that saying, been there, done that? Every year when Breast Cancer Awareness Month rolls around now, that phrase pops into my head. As I reflected on BCAM and how to close it out this year here on the blog, I decided to write a post with that title, okay, an expanded version of […]

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