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It’s Time for My Blogging Break…

August is fleeting. Do you feel that familiar sense of August urgency again? As another summer winds down, you might suddenly realize you didn’t get as much done this summer as you planned, right? Or maybe that’s just me, ‘cuz I sure didn’t. It’s back to school time, days are getting shorter, the Halloween stuff is back in the stores and so on. For me, August also means it’s time to take my annual blogging break. In August I take a couple weeks off from the blogging end of things anyway to do some reflecting, some goal setting, some writing, some reading, and hopefully some relaxing too. (more…)

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Hierarchies & Walls in Breast Cancer Land

A series my friend the Cancer Curmudgeon has written titled, “The Disease Olympics,” has given me the nudge I needed to finish writing this post. Check out Part 1 of her series and then follow the links to Parts 2 and 3. All are well worth a read. I’ve been sitting on my thoughts for this post for a while and finally, this seems like a good time to finish it and put it out there. My mind is still clouded by grief, so hopefully I won’t regret this decision later. As always, my intent is to open further dialogue, not to step on toes. (more…)

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A Death, a Wedding & a Funeral

As you may or may not know, my dad died early in the morning of July 23rd. My heart was, and still is, broken. I felt lost. I still do. Three days later dear hubby and I loaded up the car and headed to Texas for son #one’s wedding. About a week later, we drove back home to Wisconsin. The very next day we drove to Minnesota to attend my dad’s memorial service and to bury his ashes next to my mother’s.  (more…)

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dad and me

I Feel Lost…

Just three months ago my dad was living independently in his own home. In May he transitioned remarkably well into an assisted living facility. Two weeks ago, he began receiving hospice care. And now he’s gone. My dad died peacefully in his sleep early in the morning of July 23rd. My heart is broken. I feel lost… (more…)

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Do you prefer receiving medical news via a phone call or in person

How Did You First Hear the Words, You Have Cancer?

Upon reading a recent @BCSM post about results obtained in a research survey in which breast cancer patients were asked how they preferred to hear news of their cancer diagnosis and other ongoing medical information and/or test results (thank you, @BCSM, for wanting our input), I started thinking more about this and wondering how YOU received the news about YOUR cancer diagnosis. Did you hear it in person? Did you hear it over the phone? How did you “want” to hear it and were your wishes honored? (more…)

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