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Choosing Joy by Mary Gooze - A #MetsMonday Featured Post #breastcancer #metastaticbreastcancer #advocacy

“Choosing Joy” by Mary Gooze – A #MetsMonday Featured Post

I’m pleased to share the next #MetsMonday featured post. This one comes to you from Mary Gooze, the woman behind the blog titled, “7777+ Days”. Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. She learned it had metastasized to her bones in 2014. Mary does amazing things through her unique advocacy work. (I’m in awe. […]

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Cancer Associations & Saying Goodbye to a Blue Leather Sofa & Chair #cancerdiagnosis #mastectomy #breastcancer #chemo #memories #cancer

Cancer Associations: Saying Goodbye to a Blue Leather Sofa & Chair

Cancer or no cancer, do you associate certain things with certain events in your life? Is there something that always takes you back to “that time or place”? Maybe it’s a piece of clothing, an item of food, a scent or smell, a vehicle or even a piece of furniture. Some things automatically take us […]

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Left Boob Gone Rogue by Uzma Yunus, MD, A Review & Giveaway! #books #bookreview #breastcancer #metastaticbreastcancer #giveaways

“Left Boob Gone Rogue” by Uzma Yunus, MD – A Review & Giveaway!

Update:  Sadly, Uzma Yunus died from metastatic breast cancer on January 30, 2019. #wewillnotforget Originally, Uzma Yunus, fellow author and blogger, intended to contribute a #MetsMonday featured post in which she’d planned to talk about, among other things, her new book. We were both looking forward to this. Unfortunately, Uzma’s health makes this no longer […]

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Out on a Limb! A #MetsMonday Featured Post #metastaticbreastcancer #breastcancer #advocacy #blogging #guestpost

Out on a Limb! by Carol Miele – A #MetsMonday Featured Post

I’m pleased to share this new #MetsMonday featured post by online friend and fellow author Carol Miele. Carol shares how it feels to her living with metastatic breast cancer and what helps her cope. Regardless of cancer type or stage, I think you’ll relate to her feeling like she’s “out on a limb” analogy. Be sure […]

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