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Miles for Mets - A featured #MetsMonday post by Dr. Kelly Shanahan

Miles for Mets – A #MetsMonday Featured Post by Dr. Kelly Shanahan

It’s a pleasure to share with you, my Dear Readers, the third #MetsMonday featured post. This one is from Dr. Kelly Shanahan. Kelly was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2013. In her post, she shares about her recent advocacy work. She’s been very busy! Be sure to share a comment or ask Kelly a […]

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The Unspoken Half of those Platitudes

The Unspoken Half of Those Platitudes

Do you ever wonder why platitudes are so darn annoying, hurtful even, to so many? People who offer them no doubt have good intentions. They are trying to make someone they care about feel better. Most of the time, we give platitude people a pass for that very reason. 

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