10 Years of Hormone Therapy Reduces Breast Cancer Recurrence Without Compromising Quality of Life – A “Rebuttal”

When I read that headline (title of this post) recently, I thought, really? What planet was that clinical trial done on? As I thought more about the content of the article (because you cannot go by headlines, as we all know), I decided I needed to write a “rebuttal” of sorts. Of course, my response here isn’t scientifically based. I don’t have data to prove my points, but I do have a fair number of readers out there who I’m pretty sure would disagree with that headline, and adamantly so. Don’t believe me? Check out this post. The comments keep coming.


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My dad

Father’s Day & Transitions

Recently my siblings and I moved my dad into an assisted living facility. It was time and we all knew it. He now has several serious health issues that require a lot of monitoring, but it was still hard to move him out the home he’s lived in for over 50 years, the home I spent my teenage years and beyond in. It’s another one of those major life transitions. When my oldest sister left to go back to her home in Tennessee following a recent visit to Minnesota, she sent me a text message that said: (more…)

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Cancer Harbors

Cancer Harbors™ – A Guest Post by Alene Nitzky

I am excited to share a guest post by my friend, Alene Nitzky. Alene shares about her wonderful (and very much needed) new online service now available for people who are trying to reclaim and restore their lives following a cancer (any sort and any stage) diagnosis. Read what drives Alene’s passion and then let her know your thoughts and questions. At the end of this post there’s a special discount offer for you, dear readers, which is being honored through December. Yes, I said December! Thank you, Alene, for your passion, drive and determination to help others navigate the maze of coping with cancer and its aftermath. (more…)

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Still NED

Still NED, Still Grateful & Still Pissed Off

Last week I had my checkup with my oncologist. Sometimes I’m not even sure why I keep having these appointments because as I’ve mentioned before, we pretty much have the same discussions now at each one. This is a good thing. A really good thing. I am not complaining. I don’t want to have a lot to talk about with him anymore.  (more…)

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My friend, Jody, writing & advocating, as usual.

Remembering My Friend, Jody Schoger

Jody Schoger died on May 18, 2016 from metastatic breast cancer. She was 61. Though I never met her in person, she was my friend nonetheless. Jody’s breast cancer metastasized after a 15-year remission following her initial diagnosis. Yes, 15 years. Jody became one of the approximately 110 who die from metastatic breast cancer every single day in the US alone. But Jody was more than a number. Every person who dies from this wretched disease is more than a number, so much more. (more…)

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