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A Thanksgiving Greeting

There is a lot wrong with the world today. Sometimes I don’t even want to hear the latest news. What about you? There is so much to worry about and so much work to be done on so many fronts that at times it is too over-whelming to even think about. Perhaps this is all the more reason to pause from time to time (or perhaps daily) to reflect upon the people and the things we do have in our lives that bring us joy and a sense of calm. One of these times here in the US is Thanksgiving. (more…)

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Complexities of Gratitude

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, there are probably lots of articles and stories about gratitude coming your way. Gratitude is pretty much the word of the month every November, right? People love to talk about what they’re grateful for and how they practice gratitude. And of course, we often hear people who’ve been diagnosed with cancer say they are more grateful in general following their cancer diagnosis. Cancer was a wake-up call. They are more grateful now for everything. (more…)

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National Family Caregivers Month – Eight Tips for Caregivers

November is National Family Caregivers Month. Have you ever been a caregiver? Have you ever been on the receiving end of care giving? I have experienced both sides of this particular “coin” and in some ways, being a caregiver is a lot harder. Along with my dad and my siblings, I was a caregiver for my mother during her illness. And of course, when diagnosed with cancer myself, I was the one in need of a caregiver from time to time. Most of us have been or will be a caregiver at some point in our lives.  (more…)

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