“So Much to Be Done, The Writings of Breast Cancer Activist Barbara Brenner,” a Review & Giveaway!

Nearly six months ago (yikes!) I was asked to write a review for the new (at the time) book, So Much to Be Done:  The Writings of Breast Cancer Activist Barbara Brenner (edited by Barbara Sjoholm, introduction by Rachel Morello-Frosch, afterword by Anne Lamott, University of Minnesota Press)and I said yes because I am a fan of Brenner’s writing. Then life got busy, okay, I also forgot about it. A few weeks ago, I rediscovered my review copy. Since it’s now Breast Cancer Awareness Month, maybe I forgot for a reason. Because what better time than this could there be to review and give away a couple copies of this particular book? It’s a perfect way to close out another Pinktober. (more…)

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cancer sucks

Has Breast Cancer Become too “Normalized”?

Does it sometimes seem like lots of women who talk about their breast cancer experiences often mention how they’ve become more appreciative, enlightened, transformed for the better, or whatever? Does it seem like there is story after story about celebrities sharing, let’s be honest here, more than we want to know about their breast cancer experiences? And don’t you think too often such celebrity-type stories often make breast cancer seem not so bad? (more…)

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Pink Ribbon Fantasy Land

If you’re like me and have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you will never forget the day you heard those words, you have cancer. You will likely never forget how you were then propelled into the maze of cancer treatment and survivorship. And btw, I don’t like the survivor label, and I avoid it whenever possible, but for some reason I don’t mind the term survivorship. Go figure.  (more…)

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October Will Always Belong to My Dad

Another October is here and with it comes another month of breast cancer awareness shenanigans. Once again, there will be too-many-to-count posts and articles to read about pink ribbon this and pink ribbon that. (Not that any of it is actually about pink or pink ribbons at all; it goes way deeper than that). There will undoubtedly again be many chances to get frustrated with the nonsense that will surely come. I’ve got a few posts of my own planned. But guess what? (more…)

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