Wrapping Up Another Pinktober with a Giveaway!

Another Pinktober is almost behind us. Many, maybe even most, in the blogosphere are breathing a collective sigh of relief as November appears on the horizon. I guess I’m sort of a misfit because I have never minded Pinktober. As I’ve said before, I look at it as another opportunity to be a little louder. But I must say, it’s not like I’m sad to see the month of breast awareness, I mean breast cancer awareness, come to a close either. I’m not sure if it’s my imagination, but I don’t think I saw as much pink crap in the stores this year. Did you? Or maybe I just haven’t been shopping much lately. Yeah, that’s probably it.  (more…)

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We Cannot Shop Our Way Out of Breast Cancer

Do you ever wonder what new pink gizmo or pink gadget is coming down the pink pipeline next? Do you sometimes think you’ve seen it all or worse yet, know full well that you haven’t? Do you cringe at the bizarreness of it all, or have you grown so accustomed to the pink shopping frenzy that is now part of October that you hardly notice anymore, but instead just roll your eyes and wait for November? (more…)

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Metastatic Breast Cancer – Did You Know?

During October, and actually all year long now, there is a lot of hoopla that goes on surrounding breast cancer awareness. We see pictures of people walking or running in races. We see pink stuff for sale everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. We see restaurants, bars, and bakeries serving up pink drinks and pink foods. We see buildings (even The White House) and bridges lit up in pink. We see people dressing up or decorating bras (or removing them, yeah, like that’ll help) in the name of awareness. We see ads suggesting women should check themselves or better yet have their partners feel their boobies, tatas, melons, honkers, racks, or fill in the blank with whatever seems trendy or might garner the most attention as to what to call breasts… (more…)

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Trees Are Beautiful, But Messy Too – Just like Life

What comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin? Okay, besides a certain football team, which by the way, is not ‘my’ team. I root for another. Yes, the Vikings, though why I stick with them I do not know… What comes to mind next? Probably cheese or dairy something or other, right? The third thing that comes to your mind might be trees, woods, or some other naturey kind of thing. After all, Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t choose,  Little House in the Big Woods, as the title of her first book for nothing.  (more…)

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