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Komen Race for the Cure® – Can We Really Keep Calling This a Race for the Cure?

May has evolved into Breast Cancer Awareness Month part 2. May ushers in the season of races. Other bloggers have written about this, as have I. In fact, I first wrote about my discomfort with too much racing, not enough curing five years ago. Yikes. Five years later and we are still talking about the same things – the vast amounts of dollars being raked in from all these races and the dismal amount of money (considering the huge budgets) being earmarked for research to find that elusive cure. (more…)

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A Trip to the ER, aka, the Day the Shit Hit the Fan

Six years ago today (April 19, 2010), I decided to get my ass into the ER due to what I thought were heart attack symptoms. I was visiting my dad at the time trying to help him out with some spring cleaning. My dad lives about three hours from my house, so when I think back on it, it was a pretty dumb decision I made that day to hop in my car, drive home (alone) and head to the ER. What if it had been a heart attack, for crying out loud?  (more…)

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