Trees Are Beautiful, But Messy Too – Just like Life

What comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin? Okay, besides a certain football team, which by the way, is not ‘my’ team. I root for another. Yes, the Vikings, though why I stick with them I do not know… What comes to mind next? Probably cheese or dairy something or other, right? The third thing that comes to your mind might be trees, woods, or some other naturey kind of thing. After all, Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t choose,  Little House in the Big Woods, as the title of her first book for nothing.  (more…)

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It’s Time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to “Grow Up”!

There are a lot of things wrong with the pinking of October, more commonly of course, known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM). You can read about thirteen things wrong with all the shenanigans here. But the biggest failure of the whole darn month of pink madness (of course, none of this is really about pink at all) has been the near exclusion of metastatic breast cancer in almost every realm of the awareness hype for years and years now. It’s time for BCAM to “grow up” and more fully embrace the metastatic breast cancer community; in fact, it’s way past time. (more…)

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The Living Beyond Breast Cancer 2014 Fall Conference, My Wrap-up

As I wrote about in an earlier post, I was invited to be a panelist for a session about blogging during the 2014 Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fall Conference in Philadelphia during the last weekend of September. I was honored to be asked and without hesitation, I said yes. The two other panelists slated for the panel were Katherine O’Brien who blogs at I Hate Breast Cancer, especially the metastatic kind and Nicole McLean who blogs at My Fabulous Boobies. As things turned out, Katherine couldn’t make it due to various unexpected travel/job complications. It was a disappointment to not meet Katherine. Next time, Katherine! It was, however, a genuine pleasure to meet Nicole and our moderator Lu Ann Cahn, both cancer survivors and writers like me.  (more…)

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The Joan Lunden Be Bald, Be Bold (or Whatever It Was) Campaign

How many celebrities can you name who’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer? Of course, the latest one who might come to mind is Joan Lunden. There has been lots of buzz of late about her bald magazine cover on People magazine. And then there was the recent hoopla about The Today Show inviting women with breast cancer to take part in a pink rally day type of event to kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but lo and behold, some women who were invited and wanted to attend were not bald! And so they were told thanks but no thanks. Next came an apology after a social media outcry (shout out to my friends who orchestrated and carried that out!) and so a re-invite followed suit. Some blundering and mis-steps for sure, but ultimately, a nice inclusive piece ended up airing on The Today Show.


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Why I Keep Trying to Embrace Pinktober

Here we are just a few days into October and I bet many of you are already sick of reading all the posts about pink this and pink that. (And by the way, I still love pink. A lot). Understandably, many bloggers are sick of it too. Many of us dread the month of pink and much of what comes with it. So far, I don’t, though I imagine this could and very possibly might change in a few more days… (more…)

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