Six Tips to Help Manage Holiday Stress After Loss or a Cancer Diagnosis

Are you feeling stressed about the holidays, or rather, about all the expectations? Who isn’t, right? I want to share a few tips with you that might help in managing holiday stress following loss or a cancer diagnosis and/or treatment. For tips specific to getting through the holidays after the death of a loved one, you might wish to read or share with someone, Twelve Tips for Getting Through the Holidays After Loss.  


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Please Stop Calling Cancer a Gift!

As you probably know by now, some topics in Cancerland are hot button topics for me. Hearing cancer referred to as a gift (or a blessing) is one of them. I have written about this before here and here. As time goes by, I find myself even more entrenched in my convictions on this one; in fact, I think this just might be my number one cancer language pet peeve. So if you don’t want to read yet another rant of mine on this subject; well, I understand.  (more…)

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Finding Novel Cancer Treatment Options Using Molecular Testing – A Guest Post by Kim Pelak

I am pleased to feature a guest post written by Kim Pelak, Ph.D. Dr. Pelak is an old friend of dear daughter’s. Dear daughter and I have known Kim since she was in fourth grade (yours truly was one of her Girl Scout leaders) and even back then she was interested in genetics. We all knew Kim would be doing important work some day and she is. Recently Kim offered to write a guest post explaining a bit about her work, which involves helping to find cancer treatment options using molecular testing. Targeted medicine based on each individual patient’s genomic information is where the future of personalized cancer treatment is likely heading. Thank you, Kim, for sharing about the exciting work you do.  (more…)

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Aromatase Inhibitors, the Drugs We Love to Hate, An Update

About a year ago I wrote two posts about the dark side of aromatase inhibitors, also known as, the drugs we love to hate. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here. Those two posts continue to be two of my most read posts and I frequently get emails about them, so I thought it might be time for an update. I won’t rehash what I covered in those posts, but as far as my personal experience goes, it’s been about one year since I stopped taking anastrozole (Arimidex®) and made the switch to exemestane (Aromasin®). (more…)

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Did Cancer Make You More Grateful?

One of my biggest cancer pet peeves is the one about cancer turning you into a new and improved version of your former self. Somehow cancer makes you a better person. I don’t agree with that premise and have written about it in more depth here. Another cancer expectation out there is that following your cancer diagnosis, you become more grateful. I’ve thought about this one from time to time and since it’s the month of thankfulness and gratitude, I’m wondering about it again. (more…)

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