How many times can our hearts break?

How Many Times Can Our Hearts Break?

The losses from metastatic breast cancer continue, as does the heartache, the frustration, the anger, the disbelief and the agony. The numbers are staggering. Too many, just too many. When will the numbers start going down, we ask? When will the dying stop? How many times can our hearts break?

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Stop blaming yourself for getting cancer

Stop Blaming Yourself for Getting Cancer!

Do you sometimes blame yourself for getting cancer? If  you’ve been diagnosed with any serious illness, you probably have asked, why me? You might’ve wondered if something you did or did not do was partly to blame for your predicament. The blame game is pointless, unhelpful and potentially harmful. So, stop blaming yourself. 

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Your story is yours to tell

Your Story Is Yours to Tell

Recently I read the novel, Go Set A Watchman, by Harper Lee. When the book first came out a couple years ago, I was excited to read it, but then I started reading reviews in which people expressed their disappointment in it. I ended up not reading it partly because I didn’t want to be […]

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The American Health Care Act Doesn't Sound Very American to Me

The American Health Care Act Doesn’t Sound Very American to Me

The GOP’s recently proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) doesn’t sound very American to me. I don’t see how a plan that is reported to likely see 14 million Americans lose their health care coverage in one year and 26 million by decade’s end as being very American. I don’t see a plan that gives tax credits […]

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