Our Other Cancer Companions

In a recent newsletter, I invited subscribers to send me some photos of their special non-human cancer companions. My dogs Elsie and Sophie have been such special eye witnesses and secret keepers for me and I thought what a great chance for us all to share more about these wonderful creatures who come into our lives when we are at our most vulnerable. So thank you to those of you who sent me photos. I loved looking at every one of them. I whittled things down a bit and picked a few to share based on who sent them in first. I would be more than willing to do this again sometime down the road if there’s interest. So let me know. I love involving you, my dear readers, whenever I can.  (more…)

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After a Cancer Diagnosis, Ten Strategies for Summer Self-Care

For many of us summer is in full swing; in fact, we’re into the home stretch of summer already. (How did this happen so fast?) This means there are tons of things going on and plenty to keep us busy. It seems there is a tendency for some of us to try to pack a whole lot, often too much, into summer months. And during the second half of summer, things can get more hectic once the back-to-school frenzy and August urgency sets in. Hence, the temptation to over-do stuff, especially outdoor stuff, is always there. I don’t know about you, but I am finding that since cancer, how I “do summer” has changed too.   (more…)

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15 Random Facts & A Blogging Challenge Too!

Recently Melissa Johnson Voight, a lovely friend of mine who I met online in the Facebook group, Beyond the Pink Moon, posted 15 random facts about herself on Instagram and I thoroughly enjoyed learning a bit more about her and then I thought; gosh, what a great idea for a blog post. Yeah, my mind is always recording and storing ideas for things to write about. Thank you for the fun idea, Melissa. So, in this post I am sharing 15 random things about yours truly, some of which you might know, and some of which you might not. I am hoping that some of my blogging buddies will take up this “challenge” and join in. We want to learn more about you too. We are all about so much more than cancer. And of course, I never forget about my dear readers, so please share a few things about yourselves as well via a comment. I love getting to know you better too. Really, I do! (more…)

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When a Dear Old Dog Has Cancer

As some of you know, my family received the sad news last week that Elsie, our dear old dog, has cancer. And by the way, I sincerely appreciate all the kind comments left on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere. It’s comforting to know so many of my dear readers, pet owners or not, understand how hard this is. Yes, Elsie is ‘just’ a dog. And yes, an old dog at that, but she is a family member no less. (more…)

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