Do we expect too much from celebrities diagnosed with cancer?

Do We Expect Too Much From Celebrities Diagnosed With Cancer?

After Olivia Newton-John shared about her metastatic breast cancer diagnosis, there was hope expressed by some in Cancer Land she might possibly become a voice for others with metastatic disease. There was hope she’d morph into an advocate extraordinaire and tell the truth about the insidious, deadly nature of metastatic breast cancer. This could potentially […]

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What should you take to chemo?

What Should You Take to Chemo?

Seven years ago this week I started chemotherapy. To say, I was scared to death, is an understatement, that’s for sure. I haven’t written about this topic in quite a while, although I wrote about it extensively in my memoir. If you’re interested in reading more about my experience, check that out. Let’s just say, brave […]

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What the Fourth of July and Fireworks Mean to Me Now

Fireworks & Another Fourth of July

For those who live in the USA, July fourth is kind of a big deal. Many have the day off from work and/or school (thank you to those who provide essential services, holiday or not). Some take vacations. Some plan backyard barbecues. Some go to movies. Some start counting the days til school starts up […]

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Breast Cancer Recurrence, Let's Talk About It

Breast Cancer Recurrence, Let’s Talk About It

When Olivia Newton-John recently announced to the world her cancer had metastasized, the spotlight, temporarily anyway, turned to metastatic disease. This is a good thing and at the same time, maybe a not-so-good thing. It’s always good to bring attention to reality, the reality that even when diagnosed at an early stage, breast cancer can […]

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