Eye Witnesses & Secret Keepers

From time to time I write about our three pets; the golden, the English springer spaniel and a certain little black cat. Elsie, Sophie and Ninja are very special members of our family and they don’t mind at all when I share about them here on the blog or on Instagram, which by the way, is a really fun place for pet lovers to hang out. My human kids on the other hand prefer that I keep quiet about them. So I do. Mostly. Five years ago, when I got the call, the cancer call, the only ones with me were Elsie and Sophie. We didn’t have Ninja yet. Having a cat was never in my plans. Neither was cancer.  (more…)

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cancer sucks - Copy

Do We Always Have to Put a Positive Spin on Everything, Even Cancer?

Sometimes I wonder if we try way  too hard to turn everything that happens to us into something positive. Maybe it’s human nature to look for the silver linings in everything that happens, including the really crappy stuff. Maybe it’s how we explain why bad things happen. There has to be a reason for the chaos or the pain doesn’t there? It’s the same with cancer. There has to be a reason that cancer picked you and not the rotten-no-good person who lives down the street. That’s sarcasm. I wouldn’t really wish cancer on anyone, not even my worst enemy. If I had one. (more…)

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Eleven Things I Miss About My Mother On Mother’s Day & Every Day

Another Mother’s Day is nearly here. This will be my eighth one without a mother. I totally know I am lucky to have had a mother in my life well into my own mature adulthood. I fully realize many are not as lucky as me. Far too many have grown up without a mom or without remembering a mom in their lives. This is a difficult thing for me to imagine, but unfortunately, far too many understand this reality too well.


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five year cancerversary - Copy

Five Years Post-Diagnosis, What Does It Mean?

As I mentioned in my previous post, my five-year cancer diagnosis date has come and now gone. I have passed the long-awaited for and highly anticipated five-year mark. It feels a little bit like when I completed primary cancer treatment. It sort of feels like, now what? I’ve been struggling a little bit as to what I should write about this particular juncture. I guess I’ve been putting a little pressure on myself to come up with something profound to share with you, my dear readers. I mean this is supposed to be a big deal. And it is. But then again, it isn’t. It’s just another passage of time. But yet it’s more. (more…)

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