Another breast cancer awareness month

Another Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Why Silence Is Not An Option

Here we go again. Another October. Another Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Another 31 days to muddle through all the pink and pink ribbon shenanigans. Are you up for it? If not, it’s completely understandable. I get it. Believe me, I get it. I understand the weariness, the frustration and even the anger. I mean, how […]

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Nancy's Point Turns Seven!

Nancy’s Point Turns Seven!

Seven years since my cancer diagnosis. Seven years since the day the shit hit the fan. Seven years since I started this blog. Seven years since the family and I sat around brainstorming what the heck to call it. Seven years. It’s even hard for me to believe seven years have passed. But there it […]

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Stopping to smell the roses, but I did that before cancer, too

Stopping to Smell the Roses, But I Did that Before Cancer Too

It’s time for my end-of-summer (or beginning-of-fall) blogging break. During my break, I plan to think about how to mark seven years of blogging. (I know, can you believe it?) I plan to work on several writing projects, visit some special people (and animals), think about how to best handle Pinktober this year, make progress […]

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