Sophie and Elsie


My name is Nancy Stordahl. In 2008 I lost my mother to breast cancer and in April 2010 I was diagnosed with it myself. My life has been forever altered by this disease. For me there is no going back.

Through blogging I share my personal breast cancer story. I attempt to reach out to others who also find themselves on this path. My intent has always been to share candidly about all of it. Through sharing comes healing.

If you browse around a bit, you will find posts on my diagnosis, chemotherapy, side effects of treatment, reconstruction process, the emotional upheaval a cancer diagnosis brings, BRCA issues, moving forward and yes, my opinions on various cancer related topics.

Becoming a fearless friend and a staunch advocate for my sisters and brothers living with metastatic disease has become a primary focus for me as well. Check out my mets page.

And of course, I continue to share about the life-long impact of loss.

I chose the name Nancy’s Point (thanks for the great idea David) because obviously this blog will express my point of view and also because I live on a “point” of a little lake in Wisconsin with my husband David, a golden retriever named Elsie, an English springer spaniel named Sophie and a little black and white kitty named Ninja. I also have three amazing grown children – a daughter and two sons, plus a new son-in-law!

Besides breast cancer and loss, my blog will also touch upon other passions in my life such as family, pets, teaching and writing.

I hope you find Nancy’s Point to be an informative, helpful, entertaining and interactive resource. I encourage comments, opinions and questions.

Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think or want to read more about!

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Can’t forget Ninja!