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Celebrating the Ordinary – Twilight

Today is day six of the celebrating the ordinary challenge posed by Marie of Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable this exercise has been for me. I’ve enjoyed both aspects, the writing part and the reading what others write part.

While I’m still way behind most contributors, I’ve managed to tweak out a post here and there. This is day six, but my day three. I’m a part-timer at best.

I’m cheating a bit on the first photo below as I actually took it about two weeks ago. It’s already featured above on my blog’s banner. Old photos are fine too, though, because as Marie mentioned, there are no rules in this challenge. Love that!

All summer long I’ve been meaning to get out and snap a few shots of the sun setting over our little lake here in Wisconsin. Of course I had all summer long to do this, but in my usual procrastinating form, I waited.

One evening about two weeks ago, I suddenly felt a pang of that old August urgency. So I grabbed my camera and headed out to our boathouse. I stood there by myself marveling at the ordinary sight I had been taking for granted most evenings all summer long and snapped off a few shots.

Inadvertently I had actually missed sunset. The sun had already disappeared somewhere beyond the horizon, but what I managed to capture instead was twilight.

Technically speaking, twilight is that period of semi-darkness; the time just after the sun goes down, but before total darkness sets in.

Twilight gently nudges in the darkness.

I love the mysteriously beautiful and tranquil moments twilight brings. I love the feeling of serenity as darkness quietly takes over the landscape and daylight just as silently disappears from the skies. I love the “in-between-ness” feel of twilight. I love the stillness and solitude as one day comes to an end, while at the same time there is promise another will soon unfold.

Twilight offers closure and promise at the same time.

And for some reason twilight doesn’t allow for thoughts or worries about cancer to seep in. Such thoughts and worries are somehow “stuck in-between” as well. The darkness and solitude of night often bring worries. New days often do as well, but during twilight such things must “wait.”

Twilight is the perfect time to just be.

It turns out there’s nothing ordinary about twilight at all.

What is your favorite time of day or night?

When did you last experience the splendor of twilight? (and I don’t mean the book or movie!)





Wednesday 12th of September 2012

Hi Nancy, I think you are right. Twilight is such a full scenery experience it demands your attention and forces you to step outside yourself. For me the dead of night is when I fret and worry.


Wednesday 12th of September 2012

Jennifer, I don't think you're alone in that "dead of night" observation. That's another thing that makes twilight so special. Those night time worries have to wait a bit. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Beth L. Gainer

Tuesday 11th of September 2012

Hi Nancy, I'm late reading this. The truth is, there really are no rules to this challenge -- except to celebrate the ordinary. Your photos are exquisite. I love twilight, too; it is so beautiful and makes me reflect on the wonders of life.


Wednesday 12th of September 2012

Beth, Thanks so much for reading and commenting. There's no such thing as late either! And yes, twilight is special.

Julia Barnickle

Wednesday 5th of September 2012

I love these photographs, Nancy - I think my favourite is the one with all the trees reflecting in the water, but they're both lovely.

I've not really thought about twilight much in the past - living in a built-up area just outside London, we don't get to see much once the sun's gone down! It's true, though, that the pinkish hues linger in the sky for quite a while after sunset.

I shall pay closer attention in future!


Friday 7th of September 2012

Julia, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I hadn't thought much about twilight either and I do live where it's quite easy to notice it each and every evening. I'll be paying closer attention as well. Thanks for commenting.

Monday 3rd of September 2012

Twilight's my favorite time as well. I love to sit outside and watch the deer come up to feed and listen to the elk bugle. It seems as though all of God's creatures are relaxed and savoring the upcoming end of their day.

XOXOXO, Brenda


Tuesday 4th of September 2012

Brenda, It is a special time of day isn't it? I love how twilight gently nudges in the darkness and seems to "quiet" everything down. It's almost as if nature is being "tucked in." Thanks for sharing.

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