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Getting Past the Fear: A Guide to Help You Mentally Prepare for Chemotherapy

Getting_Past_the_Fea_Cover_for_KindleGetting Past the Fear is now available in print, eBook and pdf formats and is now featured on!

You can buy the book in three formats:

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About Getting Past the Fear

Have you heard the words, you have cancer?

Have you also heard the words, you need chemotherapy?

Are you feeling stunned, overwhelmed and afraid?

If so, Getting Past the Fear: A Guide to Help You Mentally Prepare for Chemotherapy can help.

Why buy this book?

If you are facing chemotherapy for the first time, I want to help you get past your fear. If we can’t talk face-to-face, reading Getting Past the Fear is the next best thing.

Getting Past the Fear contains practical suggestions for getting your mind in a better place before you begin treatment. Loved ones of those beginning chemo will also find it helpful. It’s a quick and easy read with lots of useful advice.

Here are a few topics you’ll find covered:

  • The importance of acknowledging your true feelings
  • Tips for self-advocating
  • How to cope with hair loss
  • How to buy a wig
  • What will the first day of chemo be like?
  • What to expect during chemotherapy
  • Journaling
  • Looking forward

How to buy the PDF version of the book through PayPal

  • Click the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page. It will bring you to a secure payment page in PayPal.
  • Either log into your PayPal account or choose “Pay with a debit or credit card” if you do not have a PayPal account. The new cost is $5.
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“Nancy Stordahl continues with her excellent service to cancer patients and their loved ones in her book, Getting Past the Fear. Simply written and always accessible, it provides a much-needed service for both patients and caregivers who will be heading into the chemo experience for the first time. Nancy demystifies what can often seem so daunting and her direct approach is both honest and supportive.”
- David Tabatsky, author, Write for Life: Communicating Your Way Through Cancer and co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s The Cancer Book: 101 Stories of Courage, Support & Love

Getting Past the Fear helped me tremendously. Before chemo I was terrified in a way I had not ever experienced – like an animal. Getting Past the Fear helped me put a more rational fence around the chemo experience. I poured over the positive suggestions and followed many of them. Looking back, I realize how helpful this book was. Thanks, Nancy.”
- Donna, cancer survivor

Getting Past the Fear is a wealth of useful information for cancer patients and their families.”
- Niki Barr, PhD, author of Emotional Wellness: The Other Half of Treating Cancer

“This excellent must-read will be a tremendous help to those about to undergo or undergoing chemotherapy.”
- Beth Gainer, cancer survivor and author of the blog, Calling the Shots.

8 thoughts on “My Book

    1. Beth, Thank you for visiting my book page and leaving a comment. It’s nice to have the comment option available here too now. Thank you very much for writing a testimonial for my book. Your opinion matters a lot to me.

  1. Hi Nancy,
    I will be starting my first chemo treatment in two weeks, and some reality set in today after attending a chemo class. I haven’t read your book, but will tomorrow . I am starting to feel the unknown feeling. I’ve been trying to keep busy. Thank you for sharing your blogs. I will continue to be strong and buy your book.

    1. Debbie, I understand about that reality setting in… I remember exactly how I felt upon learning chemo was to be part of my treatment. Chemo is a major challenge, but we do what we must and you will get through it too. I hope you find my book helpful. Good luck with things and thank you for commenting.

  2. Hi Nancy came upon you from a post that popped up on my facebook page and I believe it was meant to be and just what I was searching for so much that I did not even know it till I went to your page and read and then as I liked you on facebook, I see the profile picture said Getting Past the Fear: A Guide to Help You Mentally Prepare for Chemotherapy- just what I needed as it has been on the back of my mind, as I try to stay focused and positive without jumping ahead thus too much unnecessary worry. I start on June 17th if all is good as I had a slight set back I was suppose to have started on May 27th but due to emergency surgery from a bad infection(MRSA) it was put on hold of course and I am sure you know how that stuff is, not always going like we expected on schedule. Anyways, I am so happy I found you and just ordered your book and hopefully I get it ASAP, thank you and I will keep in touch!!!!

  3. your book is very much educative, thanks for sharing this article .. you will reaaly help many people .. your book will be a testimony to them.

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