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Integrity Always Matters…

Looks like more pink shenanigans was going on while I was away recently…

I’m chiming in because first of all I live in Wisconsin and Kohl’s is a Wisconsin based company, so maybe this is partly why the recent #talkpink Kohl’s/Komen partnership made me feel more offended or extra opinionated. But that’s not the real reason I (along with many others) was riled up.

What was/is the problem with this particular #talkpink ad campaign?


Well, first and foremost they got the wrong elephant.

Breast cancer is not the elephant in the room.

Metastatic breast cancer is the “elephant” in the pink room. Big difference. Kohl’s and Komen totally missed the mark. And I (and many others) will not and did not sit by and stay quiet about it. 

On top of missing the mark and getting the wrong elephant, Kohl’s and Komen stole METAvivor’s elephant concept in the first place. Here’s METAvivor’s original elephant image/message concept:


Next, you will notice in the first image above (the Kohl’s one) that the message in the ad campaign says this:

“Let’s not ignore it” (breast cancer).

This is yet another theft.

Why is it?

Because as you see in the image directly above, METAvivor’s campaign/message clearly states:  “Don’t ignore stage IV.”

The Kohl’s/Komen ad “borrowed” the “let’s not ignore” part, but ironically, actually did ignore stage IV.

In addition to the two above mentioned blunders, the Kohl’s/Komen ad campaign goes on to say:

“Together we can start the conversation about breast cancer.”

Seriously? Kohl’s and Komen are starting the conversation about breast cancer…

People have certainly been talking about and shopping in the name of breast cancer for ages. (And this leads me to ask once again, why is breast cancer the shopping disease anyway?)

So, there you have my two cents on this one.

Why does any of this matter?

Integrity. That’s why.

Kohl’s, where is yours?

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I’ve just learned that Kohl’s has called METAvivor and wishes to start a conversation. Hurray! People are listening! I hope. Once again, social media makes a difference! I am hopeful, yet skeptical. Perhaps Kohl’s is a company of integrity after all. Time will tell. Stay tuned…

How do you feel about this recent Kohl’s/Komen #talkpink campaign partnership? 

Do you feel confident Kohl’s genuinely wishes to open a meaningful conversation with METAvivor?

Do you shop, or will you keep on shopping, at Kohl’s?





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Beth L. Gainer

Friday 7th of March 2014

Well-done, Nancy! This disgusting stealing and misinterpretation of Metavivor's elephant-in-the-pink room is unforgivable in my opinion. I was a loyal Kohl's customer, the operative word being "was." I'm also writing a post on this subject (a bit late, but better late than never, eh?)


Friday 7th of March 2014

Beth, I've never been much of a Kohl's shopper and I guess this won't be changing. Good for you for saying you aren't going to shop there any more. That's the kind of action it's going to take to get the attention of corporate America I guess. I look forward to your post. Unfortunately, this topic isn't going away any time soon. Thank you for reading and chiming in.

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