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An Exercise in Words and Brevity

If you’re like me and don’t particularly care for making New Year’s resolutions, you might like an alternative exercise of choosing three words to help “guide” you through the New Year. They’re supposed to be like little compasses I guess. I took part in this word exercise last year and it was sort of fun, so I figured why not try it again?

I have two goals for this post – to share my three words and to keep this post really brief. I’m trying to work on being a more concise writer, in other words, being less wordy!

If you’d like to read what my last year’s choices were, click here. Otherwise, it’s a secret!

The words I am selecting this year are:

FOCUS – I like this one because it’s like an “umbrella word.” I can lump a whole lot of things under this one word as I have much that I need to better focus on this year. Enough said.

JOY – I plan to find joy by spending ordinary day-to-day moments with my family/friends/pets, by hopefully inspiring others through my writing, by observing the world around me and by experiencing fully whatever happens to come my way.

BALANCE – If you clicked on the link above, you know this is a word I chose last year too. I’ve been caught red-handed or something like that. If you didn’t click, oh well, I should’ve kept quiet. Anyway, I really need to work on striving for more balance in my life and I can’t seem to come up with a better substitute word, so I’m keeping it!

Maybe this is against the rules, but hey, it’s my blog and these are my three words.

I like my three words.

I hope they help keep me on track this year!

What three words would (or did) you pick?

If you’ve written a post about your three words, go ahead and share the link. Sharing makes this exercise more fun!

18 thoughts to “An Exercise in Words and Brevity”

  1. I saw one of your previous words choices was ‘inspire’. Well Nancy, I think you’ve done just that by turning Nancy’s Point into a gathering place for conversation that brings so much inspiration and ideas to those who read. Congrats! ~Catherine

  2. Hi, Nancy.

    Thank you for this timely post. I shall post about my words on Thursday, but for now, these occur to me. Release, recover, and embrace.

    I need to ‘release’ my sense of blaming myself for becoming involved in my friend Kim’s life. I got involved because I cared, and I must learn to appreciate her in a different way.

    I must allow myself to ‘recover’ from the experience of Kim’s death. Although she was in Tennessee, and I am in the UK, it affected me deeply, and has left some things that I need to deal with.

    I must embrace the freedom that will come with releasing and allowing myself to begin to recover, and become what I want to be.

    I will write a more detailed post on this on Thursday.

    Take care,


    1. Casey, It sounds like you have lots of emotions tied up in your words. Please come back and share the link to your post if you can. Thanks so much for commenting. You chose very powerful words, Casey. You take care too.

  3. You chose three great words; I did this exercise last year, and I remember it was really difficult to be brief and sum up all my hopes and anticipation in three words.

    I haven’t done this exercise this year. I have to catch up on lots of things for now, things I fell behind in, like reading my good friend’s blog!

    1. Beth, I like my words too. I hope they help keep me on track. Don’t worry too much about catching up on everything. Sometimes it’s just not possible. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

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