CureDiva – A Partnership, My Guest Post & A Discount for You!

I continue to be  amazed by the wonderful things accomplished by so many of the women whom I have come to know since I began blogging three years ago. So many of them dream big, but more than just dreaming, many have taken their dreams to the next level by turning dreams into reality. 

One of these incredible women is my friend, Efrat, who blogs here. Efrat is also founder of CureDiva, a site created to help women with the shopping side of managing a breast cancer diagnosis; well, some of the shopping side anyway.

CureDiva’s mission is to help women facing breast cancer better their lives with style. 

You might have noticed that CureDiva and I have partnered. I am pleased to carry a permanent link to the site on my side bar because CureDiva’s goal meshes well with mine – to help other women navigate this path that is breast cancer. No one needs to navigate any part of breast cancer alone, not even the “shopping for personal items you find yourself needing” post-diagnosis part!

I’m also pleased to be featured as a guest blogger at CureDiva. Click on the image below if you’d like to read my guest post and if you do, please consider taking a minute or two to scroll down and leave a comment. Guest posts without comments are so, well, lonely looking….

But seriously and more importantly, spend a few minutes browsing around CureDiva. Make a wish list. Share your interests. Offer feedback if you’d like. They will listen. And if you do happen to find something you’d like to purchase, be sure to mention Nancy’s Point and enter this coupon code:  Nancy’sPoint10%off and you’ll receive the discount on your purchase. And a discount is always lovely, right? This code will be active for the whole year (beginning on 1-22-14), so there’s no need to rush.

As always, thanks for reading my posts here, there or where ever. Your continued support means the world to me. 

Do/did you have trouble finding products you need/needed post diagnosis?

Do you shop mostly online or in stores post diagnosis?

Click on the image to browse CureDiva


Click on image to read my guest post


12 thoughts to “CureDiva – A Partnership, My Guest Post & A Discount for You!”

  1. Lots of cute stuff on CureDiva’s site. I like how the shopping section is broken into categories for chemotherapy, just diagnosed, radiotherapy, etc.

    1. Lindsay, I like the various categories for shopping needs too. And of course the other resources are helpful as well, such as the blog section and all the terrific info. Plus, I really like the idea of the guardian divas, which is something on the horizon. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. Thank you so much for your kindת moving and appreciative words. I always say, that I wouldn’t become the woman I am, and would definitely not understand cancer the way I do, without being exposed, reading and discussing with all you, fearless friends and bloggers. You have a significant part in the way the site was designed and the answers it brings to topics you have raised. I thank you Nancy, for taking this opportunity, and want to invite all to share your experience, tips and thoughts, at the Diva’s lounge. I invite you to visit us @ And please, share your feedback, we really want it to be easier…
    P.S. my blog, or where I was supposed to be blogging, well, yeah, I was kind’a busy with all the above, so now I will rearrange it and then, I’ll invite you there too…

    1. Efrat, Well by now you know how strongly I feel about the power of sharing our stories and you’ve certainly shared openly yourself. Your “Rapunzel” post still sticks in my mind. Very powerful. Thanks for your lovely comment. Keep up your great work!

  3. Thanks for bringing this resource to our attention. More products should definitely be emphasized, especially those without parabens and phthalates that possibly could fuel ER-positive breast cancers. My real lifesavers post-diagnosis were the American Cancer Society’s Look Good-Feel Better program and the Brighter Days program offered by our local dermatologist. They provided free products that really made a difference in how I feel about myself. XOX

    1. Jan, I took part in the Look Good Feel Better program too. I had a good experience. I know some complain about the products they use not being safe cosmetically speaking, but I don’t know much about all that. I have not heard of the Brighter Days program. What is that? Sometimes the right products can sure make a difference and that’s what’s so great about CureDiva’s offerings. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jan.

    1. Beth, It is a terrific site. Lots of stuff altogether in one place. If you do shop there, be sure to enter the Nancy’s Point code for the discount.

  4. aHi,
    I am interested in buying some Acquarella water-based nail polish from CureDiva, and I tried entering the coupon code, but it did not work…Just wondering if there is a minimum order to receive the discount?

    1. Amber, Hmmm… I don’t know. I didn’t think there was a minimum. I will find out – this might take a day or two, so check back. Thanks for asking the question. Hello again. There is no minimum required although you cannot use coupons/discounts on sale items. Hope you try ordering again. Thanks!

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