I Need Your Help!

Writing a book is hard work. I’m finding out that marketing a book is even harder in some ways, especially for an introvert like me. I pretty much suck at it. I am not comfortable asking relatives, friends, readers, my medical team and whomever I meet on the street to buy my memoir. I am not comfortable self-promoting. I do not like public speaking. I do not like asking others even you, my dear readers, to help me with this marketing side of stuff. I also know I need help. So I’m asking for yours now. I don’t know about you, but I always hate it when I don’t know what someone really wants me to do when she asks for help, so I’m going to get specific. 

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to all who have bought a copy of my book in any of the three available formats. I appreciate the positive feedback.    How can you help?

So how can YOU help me get the word out?

Here are a few ways you can help, if you are so inclined.

1.  If you do buy my book, read it and like it, please tell others about it when appropriate. Word of mouth is what it’s all about.

2.  Share about my memoir on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or wherever you hang out. If you belong to a closed Facebook group, such as a metster group, a share would be appreciated there as well.

3.  Write a review on Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble. And this does NOT need to feel like a book report. A few sentences are all that’s needed. If there’s something specific you liked about the book, please mention it. Thank you to those who have written reviews.

4.  If you blog, consider writing a review on your blog sometime down the road. Again, this does not need to feel like a book report. A few paragraphs sharing anything about your personal reactions, takeaways, favorite parts, what I should’ve written more about (or less), or whatever you wish is all that’s needed and would be greatly appreciated. All reviews will be linked in on my book’s info page.

5.  Donate a copy to a cancer center library. Or better yet perhaps, to a local support group’s lending library. You know, to counter-balance all the “pinktified” stuff so often displayed and handed out.

6. If you’re more of a private person, send me an email with your feedback. I will eventually put together a blog post including feedback I receive. And yes, I will include all kinds. I love constructive criticism.

7.  Suggest my book as a book club selection. Heavy topics yes, but good discussions might happen because of this. I hope.

8.  Share this post, or any other post about my book. Again, thank you to those who have.

9. If you’ve read my memoir, comment below sharing your honest opinion or a thought about it. Again, I welcome all kinds of feedback, really I do.

So those are some ideas I have come up with at this point.

What ideas do you have?

I can use all the help I can get!

Thank you for all your support. As always, it’s greatly appreciated.

Do you have any specific suggestions on how to market a book?

Have you read my memoir or do you plan to?

If yes, please share a thought about it below, if you’re so inclined.


Cancer Was Not a Gift








16 thoughts to “I Need Your Help!”

  1. Bring it with you to a support group if you attend one. Tell the group about it and what it meant to you. Tomorrow night I am taking it with me when I speak to a local group here in my community.

    1. Alene, I haven’t actually been to my support group for a while, so if I showed up now trying to sell my book, that probably wouldn’t look good. But I will definitely do this at some point when I start going again. It hasn’t worked out for me to attend of late schedule-wise and I do miss the meetings. Thanks for the suggestion and for your terrific review, which I linked in on my memoir’s info page. And thank you for taking my book with you to your community meeting.

  2. Hi Nancy, I did buy and read your “Cancer was not a gift & it didn’t make me a better person”,
    I actually really enjoyed reading your book, I found it really easy to read and whilst everyone’s cancer journey (for want of a better word) is different, there was a lot I could relate to! To be honest with breast cancer there are so many topics that you could cover in great detail, from chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, aromatase inhibitors, hair loss, etc., however I am a real book worm and read constantly and I think you did a great job and is a great read for anyone who has breast cancer, is a family member or is interested in autobiographical reads. I certainly will pass my copy on to other family members and as I work in palliative care I will tell our wonderful caseworkers/counsellors about it!
    Susan from Australia

    1. Susan, I’m glad you enjoyed my memoir. I appreciate your feedback and thank you for passing your copy on and for saying you will tell your coworkers about it too. Much appreciated.

  3. That’s a pretty thorough list. The only thing I’d add is Goodreads is a good place to leave a review also. In fact, I think I’ll copy and paste on Goodreads the review I left on Amazon. So if someone reviews it in one place, it can easily be copied to other sites without extra work.

  4. Nancy, I can relate to a lot of things you wrote — about both your experience as a patient and as a caregiver to your mother (and about the family dynamics too!). I am planning to write a review once I am done reading it. Some of my family members want to read your book too so I will ask them to write a review once they are done. I am also planning to donate your book to my hospital.

    I notice that people pay attention to books while others are reading them in public places here in NYC, like in trains for example. I encourage people to hold your book in a way where others can see the title — I proudly expose my copy. Also, cancer hospitals have survivorship programs where counseling is often offered. I will share your book with the program coordinators at my hospital as well. Wondering if Google can offer some promotional tools for you, such as adding your book (with keywords) to ‘google search’. There are many online cancer communities — you shouldn’t limit yourself to breast cancer as many patients with different types of cancers may be able to relate to your story — maybe you can promote your book within those online communities as well. There are also online banner ads you can take advantage of (under medical, research, biological engineering, psychology organizations, hospitals, etc). Many websites offer banner spaces and some can be affordable.

    There is another option, some places offer events for survivors — such as spa day — and they often invite authors to speak. There is this community center in NYC where I attended one of their spa days and they had a speaker who recently published a book (this is the girl who almost made choke on my arugula for saying her cancer was a gift and we should view it the same way. UGH). In fact, they just contacted me for another event. Wondering if they have such events near you, where you can offer a discount for your book.

    Have you tried sending a note to the big publishers? I don’t have experience but I can see your book selling at B&N.

    I will continue to think of more options for you and will get back to you with any new ideas. I believe your book would contribute to helping many people, organizations and causes. Good luck!

    1. Rebecca, I very much appreciate your thoughts and suggestions and no, I haven’t sent any notes to the big publishers and probably won’t. I tried that a few years ago and got nowhere fast. You’re very sweet to say you’ll keep thinking about more options. Thank you.

  5. Have you considered sending copies to people that blog? I am used to getting books sent to me and not as great about reading and reviewing them- but I “know” you, so that makes a difference. 🙂 Giveaways on blogs are also a good way to get the word out less expensively (since it is your target audience and the people who apply for the giveaway are showing interest).

    1. Mandi, Well, that’s a thought. Thank you for the suggestion. I am planning a giveaway at some point, btw. Hope you’re doing alright. xx

      1. I think it may be a great way to expand your audience a bit, and not super expensive!

        One day at a time! I am finally on an upswing after a long month. 🙂

        1. Mandi, So glad to hear you finally are on an upswing. Lord knows you deserve a break and yes, one day at a time. Thanks again for the tips. xx

  6. Nancy,

    I totally understand that writing a book can be less difficult in some ways than marketing a book. One thing that you can do is hold some kind of reading discussion group, followed by a book signing, at your local library or libraries. I’ve seen authors at these venues, and it really is impressive. And it’s a baby step into the world of public appearances, should you want to do that in the future.

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