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Let’s Celebrate World Book Day!

Did you know April 23rd is World Book Day? I first learned about this annually designated day last year. This year, I decided to “do” something with the day. I am offering you, my dear readers, a special sale. You can purchase any of my three books (pdf format via the blog only) for two bucks each! Yep, two bucks! And not just for one day, but all week long!

Okay, I admit it, I am self-promoting on World Book Day, but well, why not?

I also would love it if you shared what your favorite cancer book is via a comment below. So keep reading  and then let’s share!


In my next post, I’ll be reviewing a wonderful book of poems written by a lovely woman who chronicled her breast cancer experience through poetry. You will not want to miss it. Yes, there will be a giveaway, so stay tuned for more about that.

So, this week is all about books! 

Of course, I’d like to say my books have made the best seller list (or any list, for that matter), but that’s not gonna happen, and that is okay with me.

I am deeply gratified whenever someone messages me to let me know my book(s) resonated and helped in some way.

Reaching one reader at a time who is looking for something other than the warrior, determination, courage, look-at-what-I learned from cancer, I’m a better person because of cancer sort of book. I am not putting those sorts of books down, but I am saying, some of us are looking for something else. Not necessarily something better, just something else.

So, if you’ve been wanting to read any of my three books, this is a good time to get the e-book version.

Get the one you want, or get all three, for two bucks each. When ordering, type in the code: TwoBucks!

Learn more here.

Click on the covers to order below. And remember, 10% of book profits goes to support metastatic breast cancer research. Again, the code is:  TwoBucks!


Let's Celebrate World Book Day with a Sale!


Let's Celebrate World Book Day with a Sale!


Let's Celebrate World Book Day with a Sale!


If you prefer a paperback version to hold in your hands, visit Amazon. (Sorry, no sale there).




Finally, I am asking two little favors of you:

1. If you’re willing and able, please write a review on Amazon for either book sold there. If you have already done that, thank you!

2. Share this post.

Thank you!

Now, what is YOUR favorite book about cancer, and why did you find it helpful and/or interesting? 

Happy World Book Day!

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