Look Who Won A Free Copy of “Letters to Doctors”!

Thank you very much to all who entered my giveaway for a chance to win a free copy of “Letters to Doctors” by Jonathan D. Herman, M.D. and Teri Smieja! A huge thank you to Teri for being so willing to share her story not only at Nancy’s Point, but day in and day out here, there and everywhere. Teri, you inspire us!

And thank you to Dr. Herman as well. Your hard work, dedication and determination to help families facing hereditary breast and ovarian cancers is much appreciated. Keep up your important and life-saving work!

And now on to the lucky winner….

Congratulations, Jessica!

You’re the winner!

Finally, let’s ALL keep on sharing our stories, advocating for this cause and doing what we can to save lives!

Didn’t win?

Then click on the image for info on how to purchase Letters to Doctors.

Thanks again, everyone!



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