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Nancy’s Point Turns Three!

Nancy’s Point is three years old!

Can you believe it? Sometimes I can’t believe it myself. Who would have ever thought I’d have so much to say? Actually, who would have ever thought I’d end up having breast cancer in the first place? I sure never did…

I hope you’ll bear with me for a post or two as I do a bit of reflecting and evaluating during my self-imposed “blog reflection week”.

Just for fun I thought I’d share a list of my five (out of 268!) most read posts. It’s interesting to me (and perhaps to you) that my personal favorites are not on this list. I’m always fascinated and often surprised by which posts take off and which ones um… don’t.

You readers do keep me guessing!

The Five Most Read Posts @Nancy’s Point

1.  Should a Chemo Patient Shave the Hair Off and If So, When? – This one wins the number one spot hands down. It’s an early post that was really difficult to publish. Actually, it was the photo that was difficult to publish. This one continues to get lots of views, which makes me glad because, obviously, readers are welcome; but it also makes me sad because it’s more proof (like we need any) that too many are facing chemo and worrying about losing their hair. Hair loss is always a topic of interest. Always.

2.  Post Chemo – How Long Do I Have to Look Like This? Again, it’s about the hair and one’s appearance. People want to read and share about this stuff. Sharing helps.

3.  My Bilateral Mastectomy – Was It Just A Bad Dream? I still wish it was just a bad dream, but…

4.  Does Living With Metastatic Breast Cancer Have to Feel So Lonely? I’m pleased this one is here because my mets advocacy means a great deal to me. And anyone living with mets should not have to feel alone, not completely anyway.

5.  Who Should Undergo Genetic Testing for BRCA 1 and 2? Again, I’m pleased to see this one up near the top. I hope this has been a helpful piece for some who have been considering genetic testing.

In the grief category my most read post is, Does Sending a Sympathy Card Really Matter? This one was actually in the top ten posts period which was a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t even sure if it was worth publishing when I wrote it. Again, you readers keep me guessing. So maybe sending that sympathy card does matter…

So there you have it. My list of the five most read posts at Nancy’s Point thus far.

What’s been your favorite post? I know, who can remember, right? But if you can, I’d sure love to know…

What’s a favorite post YOU’VE written or read elsewhere? Feel free to share it in the comments below. Sharing favorites is fun and helps us all discover posts we’ve missed along the way!



26 thoughts to “Nancy’s Point Turns Three!”

  1. Happy birthday Nancy’s Point! The very first blog I could relate to, unfortunately, I suppose for us. Wouldn’t it have been much nicer to share chocolate cake recipes instead of cancer? But since that wasn’t the case, it was truly a blessing to have found you, Nancy. To know I was not the only one to lose her mother to breast cancer and then be diagnosed myself. Though much has changed in the past three years, I’m so glad you’re still out there pounding away at the keyboard, speaking what so many of us think and shedding light on much we weren’t. To many more years of Nancy’s Point! xoxox

    1. Stacey, Gosh, I will never forget that day I found your blog (because you found mine!). I’m so glad we stumbled upon each other out there. It does really help to realize one is not alone doesn’t it? I’m so happy you are doing what you want to do, but boy I miss you, Stacey. Still, I know you’re always just a click away. Thanks so much for your kind words. Your comments always mean so much to me. xoxo

  2. Happy Blog-o-versary. I remember when you first started your Mets Monday and I was like, “Hmm, Mets Monday?” Since I didn’t know too much about that/was a bit afraid to learn more as if that would stop things from playing out however they might. It’s great you are raising awareness and giving voice to the reality of metastatic cancer. Keep up the blogging, Nancy. ~Catherine 🙂

  3. Congrats on your 3-year anniversary. When I look at those top five posts, I think of the thousands of people who read them over the years and learned something. Thanks for making a difference.

  4. Hope you had a wonderful vacation! I could use one and I’ve been home all summer. Could we just put cancer on hold for a few weeks?
    As I told you before, I love your blog and since it is your blog, you can write about whatever you want. That’s the beauty!
    I want to share about a wonderful call I had today. Since I was diagnosed in May I have received what seems to be hundreds of cards and notes from friends and family telling me what I mean to them and what an inspiration I am…who me? Well this made me decide to “Pay it Forward” and let people know how they inspire me. So I started earlier this week and sent a hand written note to an old friend who I email with now and then, but never see. I told him how much I appreciated his friendship bc he stood by me when I needed a friend. He called me when finished reading the note to thank me. These are the beautiful things cancer gives to us. I always try to look for the good in the bad.
    Just finished 4/4 AC today! YAY! Now I have 12 weeks of TH and hoping the SE are less.
    Thanks again for your blog.

    1. Jane, Good for you for sending that note! Our actions do have a ripple effect don’t they? I’m so glad you’re finished with AC. Good luck with the next phase and beyond. Thanks so much for reading and sharing.

  5. Nancy,

    Congratulations on 3 years of Nancy’s Point; I truly wish I had found you earlier, yet I maintain that late is better than never.

    ‘Things We Aren’t Supposed to Say about Mastectomies, Reconstruction, and Breasts’ is the post that has most resonated with me personally because it alludes to this belief in our culture that when we say things like I miss my breasts, I miss my heart, or even I miss myself that we are ingrates.

    There are days when I truly wonder what would happen if everyone was REAL about where they are at any given moment. What if we gave an honest answer to the question, “How are you?”

    Thank you for allowing me to share the thoughts of my heart this morning.


    1. Stephanie, I’m so glad you found me too. And yes, late is better than never! That post you mentioned is actually one of personal favorites too. It took me nearly three years to get up the nerve to say I miss my breasts – on my blog I mean. This alone says something doesn’t it? Yes, it would be really something if we could all just be ‘real’ wouldn’t it? Trouble is, many times people don’t really want to know all the details about how we’re feeling or doing. I think I even have a post on that! Thanks for reading and sharing, Steph.

  6. Congratulations on three years of blogging Nancy! You have reached many readers and that is a tribute to the quality of your posts. I don’t have a favorite post, but I so appreciate your personable and genuine approach. Keep up the good work!

  7. Well, this is my first time to stumble onto your blog, so happy 3rd birthday to you, but also I am now going to look at your top five blogs. The first one you listed reminded me of when my Mom shaved her head because her hair was falling out. It was so tragic, yet beautiful at the same time. We found she had a beautiful shaped head and looked stunning without hair. Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Jane, Well, thank you for stumbling onto my blog – welcome! I hope you do read more and please feel free to comment. I always read comments, even on old posts. Hope your mom is doing okay now.

  8. Hi Nancy,

    I’m catching up on my blog reading, and I want to say: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! Three years of wonderful, candid, authentic posts that have helped so so many people.

    Which one is my favorite Nancy’s Point post. That’s easy: ALL of them!! I find all your posts wonderful. I’m so glad to consider you my friend and that we actually got to meet in person. What an amazing day that was.

    Ironically, our paths probably never would’ve crossed if it weren’t for cancer. Like Stacey, I wish we had gotten to know each other without having cancer in our lives.

    Anyway, here’s to many more Nancy’s Point posts!!

  9. Like Beth, I’m trying to catch up a little… Happy Anniversary Nancy! Your blog is one I turn to for gentle truths. Strong, valid, candid, and always kind… I thank you for being there. You have been immeasurably kind to me, I’ll never forget how you helped me speak out… Big hugs!

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