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The Met UP Washington, DC Die In Event

There’s an important event coming up in the nation’s capitol next week and I am hoping it garners some major media attention. I plan to keep an eye on news coverage that day. What day? On Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day, October 13th. And yes, it’s ridiculous one day is designated for metastatic breast cancer awareness, but that will be the topic for my next post.

On October 13th, a group of highly motivated advocates is gathering in Washington, DC to host the next Met Up Die In event. The first one was held this past spring in Philadelphia at Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s 9th Annual Conference for Women Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer. 

Met Up, which stands for Metastatic Breast Cancer Exchange to Unleash Power, is a new grassroots organization dedicated to raising awareness about metastatic breast cancer and to saving lives of people presently living with the disease. Met UP is hosting next week’s Die In event on the west lawn of the US Capitol building. Because why not think big, right? The invitation to take part was for anyone and everyone interested, no cancer diagnosis required, much less a stage IV one. Many who are attending will be stage IV patients. They will literally be juggling doctor appointments and treatment sessions, managing side effects and who knows what else in order to attend this event. What a remarkable undertaking. I am so proud of these amazing women and men, including the many behind the scenes.

This will be a permitted protest with no civil disobedience planned. It will be symbolic and very visual. More importantly, it will hopefully generate meaningful and beneficial attention and RESULTS.

At 11 a.m. on October 13th, organizers are hoping to have 1430 people show up, to represent the 1430 people who die every day around the world from metastatic breast cancer. 

In the US roughly 110 women and men die each day from metastatic breast cancer. EVERY day. Appalling numbers. Unacceptable numbers.

The individuals attending will gather at 11, and at noon will lie down, in honor of the 1430 who will die that one day, and read a eulogy to them.

In the afternoon they hope to meet with Congressional staffers to discuss these three things (among others of course):

1.  Increasing funding for all cancer research

2.  To ask that 30% of appropriated cancer research funds be directed specifically to metastatic research

3.  To require the National Cancer Institute’s SEER database (which tracks the incidence of cancers) to begin tracking when a patient has a metastatic recurrence. Currently this is not done. Unbelievable I know.

So that is the basic information about this important event. To learn more check out this post via The Cult of Perfect Motherhood or this one via Living Beyond Breast Cancer  or this one via Breast Cancer Consortium. 

What can YOU do to show your support?

  • If you live in the DC area, why not show up?

  • Or call a local news affiliate and suggest they get to this event and COVER IT.

  • Write to your Congressional leaders asking for the same three things listed above.

  • Tune into the news that day.

  • Share posts written about this event across all your social media venues using the hashtags #pinkisnotacure and #pinktoblack.

  • Share this post.

  • Send positive vibes any way you can think of.

Thank you in advance for supporting this event and/or its mission.

Will you be attending this event or following the news and/or social media coverage about it?

How else can someone not attending help out?

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Philadelphia-Die-In-1024x580Image from the first Die In which was held in Philadelphia, spring 2015



Beth L. Gainer

Monday 19th of October 2015


I think the Die-In is such an effective concept. I think that the general public who are not so aware of MBC need a visual reminder about people who are dying of breast cancer. The die-in takes a concept that seems abstract to many and makes it concrete.


Thursday 22nd of October 2015

Beth, I love the very visual angle the Die-In idea brings to advocacy. It's stunning to comprehend in this visual way how many lives are lost each and every day. I have great respect for the women and men who have really taken the mets advocacy up a notch. Thank you for reading and commenting.


Saturday 10th of October 2015

Nancy, now there's a way to participate even if you can't attend. We take a pic of ourselves lying down with a sign that says #‎pinktoblack‬ and If using twitter, we tag @metuporg and if we are using facebook, we can post it under the Met Up page. Everyone can participate, even the non-cancer people. So this could add a lot of attention, I hope.

I will def. be paying attention to this event, after all, it's been done to help all of us! (A big thanks to all the participants!)


Tuesday 13th of October 2015

Rebecca, Thank you for sharing those other ways to participate. I hope the Die In gets tons of coverage. Thank you for reading and commenting on my post about it.

Scott Johnson

Thursday 8th of October 2015

Thanks for this Nancy. Sad that it's only one day and one event. That said, it might focus attention and be more powerful than multiple events. It sometimes seems like becoming well known over popularizes something which unfortunately seems to trivializes it. Will send the link to this posting on to the Edmonton newspapers.


Friday 9th of October 2015

Scott, Actually there has been that other Die In event in Philadelphia and more are planned, but yes, you're right. One day is not enough. Not even close. Thank you for reading and saying you will share about this event. Your support is appreciated.

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