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Top 10 Breast Cancer Blog List On – A Thank You

As Thanksgiving weekend ends, it’s a perfect time for me to express my gratitude to Brenda Ray Coffee, founder of Breast Cancer Sisterhood, for including my blog on her recently compiled list of the Top Ten Breast Cancer Blogs for I am pleased and honored to be included on such a list compiled by someone as renowned and respected as Brenda.

My breast cancer journey began with my mother’s. Following her death in 2008, I was surprised by the intensity of my reaction to this loss. I was also surprised and unsatisfied by the available resources for grieving daughters. Oh sure, various handbooks were available, most written by medical experts offering advice on how to move on. But where were the stories about what it’s like to walk along with a parent through their cancer journey? Where were the stories about sitting by their bedside? Where were the stories about the unspeakable heartache? Where were the stories about transitioning to being motherless?

That’s what I wanted to read about. I wanted to read about the raw experience of loss itself. I found few such stories. (The ones I did find I will include in a grief/loss resource list I am working on.)

I absolutely love the quote by author Toni Morrison that says, “If there is a  book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must be the one to write it.” I hope it doesn’t sound presumptuous on my part, or give the wrong impression, but that’s what I decided to attempt. I believe in that quote and always tried to instill the idea behind it in my students as well. To me it means we are all capable writers. We all have worthwhile stories to tell. One night I literally sat up in bed and decided I would start writing about my experience. And that’s what I did. I wrote primarily for my own healing and hoped, perhaps, to some day help others in theirs as well.

Then my own breast cancer diagnosis came unexpectedly and everything was put on hold, everything except my writing. Just like after my loss, writing also helped me cope with my own breast cancer. After considerable deliberation, I decided to take the additional plunge and began Nancy’s Point. Putting myself “out there” was a huge step for me to take, but I somehow knew it was one worth taking.  

Before beginning Nancy’s Point I looked at numerous other breast cancer blogs and they inspired me to go ahead a give blogging a try. The very first one I went to was Brenda’s Blog. I was impressed with Brenda’s candor, honesty and wit. I was also impressed with the comprehensiveness of her website. I discovered many other inspirational blogs as well. There are so many others on similar journeys openly sharing their personal stories about coping and survival. I hoped to do the same.  

After one of my first posts, I decided to leave a comment on Brenda’s Blog. I even boldly invited her to visit mine. And she did! I was surprised, motivated, grateful and also a little worried because I didn’t know what she would think of it. I didn’t know what anyone would think of it. I didn’t know if anyone would be interested in my story or opinions.

Almost immediately I realized I had been welcomed into this sisterhood of breast cancer bloggers, a sisterhood that none of us ever intended to belong to. Brenda welcomed this newcomer. Other bloggers did as well and not just breast cancer ones. I am grateful to all of them. We are all part of something bigger. We are all trying to make a difference. We are all trying to continue healing. We are all bound together by this thing called cancer.

So, I want to thank fellow bloggers. Your writing inspires others, even if you don’t know that it does. Thank you, Brenda, for welcoming me, encouraging me and for placing Nancy’s Point on your list!

I encourage others who are interested in blogging, or any kind of writing, to give it a try. It doesn’t have to be about cancer. Do it for others or do it for yourself. Writing is a powerful tool. Writing heals. Writing has potential to help the reader and the writer grow. An added plus is that connections and friendships are out there waiting to be made.

So I say, “Go for it!”

How has your writing, or someone else’s, influenced you? 



15 thoughts to “Top 10 Breast Cancer Blog List On – A Thank You”

  1. “If there is a book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must be the one to write it.”

    I love this quote! That’s exactly what I decided to do back in August when I started my blog. I someday hope to compile some of my posts into a book for other grieving daughters. It’s something I wish I would have had 3 years ago. Hospice provided us with some reading materials, but what they lacked was the downright blunt truth that grieving is tragic and sucks the life right out of a person. I repeatedly heard that it will get better, but that didn’t matter because it wasn’t better in that moment. Sometimes there is no positive way to look at things; sometimes life just plain stinks and you need to sulk and cry it out. No one told me that was okay. I was only told my mom ‘wouldn’t want me to be sad’. So I felt guilty for crying! There’s no shame in grief and no roadmap to happiness. I hope my blog helps others in my shoes to realize that too 🙂

    1. Sami, I totally agree there isn’t much to read about the messy, blunt reality of it all. I’m sorry you felt guilty for all those tears you shed. People mean well when they say things like that, but it doesn’t really help. You should definitely put together that book!! There is a real need. I know your blog will help others. Keep on writing! It helps you keep healing too.

  2. Nancy, congrats on the making that blog list. I think that’s great. Your words are definitely making an impact on me. You’ve certainly taught me that I’m not alone on this journey even though it often feels that way. I continue to look forward to your insights and writing.

  3. Nancy,
    Your writing drew me in immediately. I still want to come to that beautiful lake someday and walk there with you. Like you, writing is my solace, my compass, the constant during every phase of my life. I’ve saved one of my “diaries” in my safe deposit box, but sometimes think I should take it out and burn it. The contents are too painful to share with anyone.

    Thank you for your sweet words, but more importantly, thank you for your blog.


    1. Brenda, It seems writing is indeed a passion we both share. I believe it is a powerful tool that not enough people tap into. You must have quite a story in that diary you have locked away. I definitely think you should not burn it! Thanks again for putting me on your list.

  4. Writing on my blog has really helped me with my thoughts on being a breast cancer survivor, and also in dealing with my grief as I watched my mom fight breast cancer. Writing has also been a blessing, as I write about my two little blessings, Lily and Emmy. They bring so much joy to my life, and writing about them helps me remember there IS life after breast cancer.

    Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! I’m glad you did. 🙂

    1. Ginny Marie, Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting as well. I’m glad you have found writing to be a help during tough times like I have. I’m sorry about the loss of your mother. It’s so great you now also have those two special blessings to write about! I’ll look forward to reading more of your blog.

  5. I would love to share with you our sit and Blog. Dr. Peter Neumann a board certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon with extensive experience and training in Oncologic (cancer) surgery myself, a fitness trainer for over 22 years and Jill Forrest a breast cancer patient. Created 1st of it’s kind exercise DVD for recovering breast cancer patients from 3 to 6 months after surgery. Please let me know what you think about our Blog and site.

    Warmest Wishes, Lauren

    1. Lauren, Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. It’s good to know there are helpful exercise DVDs for recovering breast cancer patients out there. I’ll try to check out your site and blog soon. Thanks for sharing the info.

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