What? Is Summer Winding Down Already?

It’s hard to believe we’re into the last laps of summer! Of course, summer doesn’t really end until next month, but my teacher brain says when school starts, summer’s over.

Didn’t I just post about the summer that wasn’t?

At the urging of my family and my own inner-voice, I’m taking a little time to unplug.

Well, I’m going to try anyway; I’m not very good at unplugging.

I’ll be squeezing what I can into the remaining days of August. Things like yard work, gardening (yes, in my opinion, gardening is a whole separate category), getting two sons ready for and back to college, taking a much needed road trip, visiting my dad, visiting with daughter (wedding talk??), working on my book, reading some blogs, thinking about new blog posts (I can’t help myself)  and oh yes, relaxing!

I’ll be back soon…

Happy end of summer days!

At the risk of sounding like a teacher giving a homework assignment, I’ll ask anyway…

What do you like the most (or least) about summer?

 How do you unplug? Or can you? (be honest!)




21 thoughts to “What? Is Summer Winding Down Already?”

  1. Have a good rest of the summer, Nancy!! The photos are stunning.

    Just curious: Are you beginning your book? I can’t wait to eventually be reading it. 🙂

    Summer hasn’t gone by too quickly for me because since cancer I’ve been able to slow down time — in my brain anyway. Nonetheless, I’m sorry to see it end.

    Your daughter is getting married? So exciting.

    1. Beth, Thanks for the good wishes and I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! I have started the book, but there’s a long way to go… I appreciate your encouraging words!

  2. Nancy, you will be missed. Enjoy every moment of each day.
    I do find it quite fascinating that, to those of us on the East Coast of Australia, life seems to slow down for your summer holidays. We are just coming out of winter and I have worn nothing but a singlet inside the home for the duration.
    Have just cut my echinacea plants back. This was their first season on flowering.
    Look forward to your return. Enjoy writing.
    Love Chez xo

  3. I am envious that you had a summer! We had a dreadful one here in ireland and as I write this, I am looking out at yet more rain and gray skies…still I am hoping that the fall will be good..it is my favorite season of the year, so here’s hoping.

    1. Marie, Thanks so much for your comment. I guess your summer hasn’t been all that great, sounds pretty gloomy. Fall happens to be my favorite season too, so I’m looking forward to the coming months just like you, Marie.

  4. I keep saying I need to take a break and enjoy myself. Today I’d planned to lay in bed with a stack of magazines and begin a book. I wound up like I do every Saturday, spending the day moving the hoses around to keep the trees alive in this fierce heat. I did enjoy watching the deer through my office window. The fawn has put on some weight and the bucks have their antlers. I now know why James kept an eye on them and felt so protective. He was literally keeping them nourished when there’s nothing for them to eat. I’ve taken over his job and each day eagerly wait to see how many come to eat the alfalfa, protein pellets and mineral block I put out for them. They’ve become my babies to care for now.

    Have a great time relaxing on your break.


    1. Brenda, Thanks for taking time to comment. It sounds like keeping everything going on your ranch is quite a job and it can’t be easy. It must be rewarding to keep on eye on your “babies” and see that they are flourishing even in the oppresive heat. Hope you find some time to catch up on that reading soon!

  5. sometimes, i just load the kiddos in the car and off we go, often guided by brochures to americana like caverns and such. Even a tiny bit away refreshes. I hope you squeeze in the last bits of summer.

  6. My favorite part of summer is probably grilling outside or sitting out on the deck/patio. I try to do these things late into fall and early in the spring, and it just doesn’t work so well.

    I love fall, though. Fall is probably my favorite season and I think you said it’s yours, too. Fall seems like a time to refresh and re-start. So enjoy your time off from blogging so you will come back refreshed.

    I “unplug” by keeping my phone on silent at all times. I check messages on my terms, not as they come in. I also try to schedule specific times for email and specific times for Facebook and such. It does not always work.

    I have difficulty unplugging completely. Sometimes I am able to do this for a few hours or for a whole day and it is nice.

    1. Lindsay, I like sitting outside on my deck too and fall is definitely my favorite season. I’m with you there! I am impressed that you keep your phone on silent at all times and check messages on your own terms. I am not disciplined about blocking off specific times for email, facebook and such. I think that might be a good thing for me to work on. Maybe then I’d get more done! Thanks for the comments.

    1. Evette, So glad you and your family got that vacation in, getting away is so important isn’t it? Summer is coming to an end and that always makes me a little sad even though fall is my favorite season and I’m not a fan of hot weather. Thanks for commenting, Evette. Hope you’ll be back again soon! Glad you enjoyed the photos!

  7. Hi, I was just leaving a comment and the entire comment disappeard on me. I must have touched something accidentally. The best part of summer was my biopsy report coming back benign. Also I enjoyed my vacation in Maui with my daughter and grandson. It was too hot in Denver to be fun or healthy to work in the garden. Denver is having the second hottest summer on record. And as you say Nancy, it’s not over yet. A few years ago we did not rely on electronics, so for me it’s not a big deal to unplug. Lindsay, I shut off my cell phone when I’m not using it. When I leave the house I am spending time with friends, usually, so I don’t want interruptions. So I’m with you. The phone and the computer are conveniences for me! Everyone, enjoy the last days of summer!

    1. Betty, Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. I am so glad your biopsy was benign! Hallelujah! You enjoy the end of summer too! I’ll be back next week with a new post.

    1. Debby, Thanks for sharing about a couple of your favorites. I don’t like crickets much, interesting how you do! I do love home grown tomatoes and tried growing some this summer, but my “crop” is quite dismal I’m afraid. I like eating outside too! Thanks for stopping by, Debby!

  8. What I like most about summer is that my son in college gets to work at a sales job he really loves. Next summer will be his third summer as an intern selling books. This will look great on his resume when he graduates.

    Recently I unplugged because I had no choice. I was displaced from my house and all I knew. But in my former life I unplugged by taking warm bubble baths despite my lymphedema and despite the summer heat. I just don’t put my arm in the hot water. Can’t wait to get my own place so I can do that again!


    1. Jan, Thanks for sharing something you like about summer. It sounds like your son is gaining valuable experience that will definitely look good on his resume. I’m sorry you were forced to unplug recently, but now you are back doing things on your terms. It’s hard to beat warm bubble baths as a way to relax and unwind. Hope you get that place of your own soon so you can do that again and whatever else you please! Good luck with everything, Jan.

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