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Why Thanksgiving is the Best Holiday

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s sort of a shame how it’s sandwiched in there between Halloween and Christmas. Maybe a different month would have been a better choice. But then there is that whole harvest theme….

Sometimes Thanksgiving doesn’t seem to get the “respect” it deserves.

Many Americans have this tendency to hurry from one thing to the next, including holidays. Retailers love this and take full advantage. Some shoppers can’t wait to start tackling their Christmas lists on Black Friday or even on Thanksgiving night itself. This year you can start (please don’t say you’re finishing) your holiday shopping before your leftovers have even cooled off.

Along with this rushing thing, there’s also the added “dilemma” about when a person should put up her Christmas decorations. Does one do it before Thanksgiving or wait until after?

Despite this tendency many have to rush through Thanksgiving, it will always remain a holiday like no other. I love Thanksgiving.

Of course, what’s not to love about a holiday that pretty much focuses on food? You can partake and partake heartily (not that I ever over-do!) on Thanksgiving and not even feel guilty about it.

Besides the fabulous food, family togetherness, parade, football, whimsical turkey art projects, shopping opportunities galore, holiday season excitement, new movie releases to check out, decorating frenzy and general hustle and bustle kicking into gear at this time of year, another thing I really love about Thanksgiving is thinking about my mother and the Thanksgivings of the past that she “put on.”

My mother’s Thanksgiving meal was one of her best meals if not her very best and she proudly prepared it every year for whoever wanted to show up. Her only statement of resistance at Thanksgiving was refusing to get up early as my dad used to say, “to put the bird in the oven.” My mother was not an early riser. Thanksgiving meals were served later in the day at her house. She always preferred to stay up late with a good book in her hands and sleep in until a sensible hour. Then watch out. She had things to tend to, and boy did she! Year in and year out she made the same things, the traditional stuff everyone else makes, and I try to replicate them now the best I can, but well, let’s just say I should have paid better attention…

When I was older and had left home, my mother whipped up her Thanksgiving feast for my birthday as well. She knew it was my favorite meal, and I guess that was her way of adding further enticement to lure me home to celebrate. Of course, birthday cake replaced the pumpkin pie.

Five years ago was my mother’s last Thanksgiving. That year there wasn’t much eating or celebrating going on around the table.

Thanksgivings have changed since that Thanksgiving five years ago, but of course a lot of things have changed since that time. This is the way with life.

Today I feel a deep sense of gratitude for all of my wonderful Thanksgiving memories. I feel a deep sense of gratitude for a lot of things and more importantly, for a lot of special people in my life.

I carry them all in my heart.

Who do you carry in yours?

Gratitude for those we care about and have cared about; perhaps this is why Thanksgiving is the best holiday of all.

And thank you for reading Nancy’s Point. I’m grateful for you too!

To all those who celebrate the day, Happy Thanksgiving!

What is your favorite holiday?

Who or what are  you grateful for today?

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Why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday







Elizabeth J.

Friday 29th of November 2013

I love Thanksgiving. I love that unlike other holidays, so far it has suffered less corruption. Our focus is still on thankfulness and enjoying time with family. We had Thanksgiving at my older daughter's this year. Everyone was there, except my youngest, who called from Europe (Skype wasn't working - I may not feel as grateful when I see the phone bill). Much of the food was from recipes handed down from my mother and grandmother. (like your mother, they were good cooks) I was impressed with how well my daughter handed out assignments of who brought what. She even assigned her bachelor brother to bring canned cranberry sauce (we really do not want to ask him to cook anything for our own selfish reasons). We are reminded of loved ones gone and we miss them. But we also rejoice in new family members. It was my grandson's first Thanksgiving and he loves to eat. He even just got two brand new teeth for the occasion. Of course, I think he ended up wearing as much of his dinner as he ate.


Sunday 1st of December 2013

Elizabeth, I'm so glad to hear you had a good Thanksgiving and it sounds like your family is just lovely. Don't you just love those handed down recipes? Remembering and rejoicing - I like the way you put that. And there's nothing like a new addition to the family to make the holiday extra special. Thanks for sharing and I hope that phone bill isn't too outrageous!

Beth Gainer

Thursday 13th of December 2012

Nancy, I can't believe it's been this long since I've checked your blogs, and I'm sorry. I've been unbelievably behind in my readings, and am so glad I'm somewhat back on track.

Turns out Thanksgiving is MY favorite holiday as well!! Once again, we have another thing in common. I also love the fact that there is no politics of gift-giving. It's about just being with the ones you love and gratitude.

I'm grateful for so many things: friends, family, pets (they count as family, though), and this unbelievable online community. I'm also very grateful for your blog and that we got a chance to become friends and actually meet in person.

I felt such pain hearing about your mom's last Thanksgiving. I am so sorry about your loss and that breast cancer exists.


Friday 14th of December 2012

Beth, I remember reading somewhere once before that Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday too. You're right, one more thing we have in common I guess! No worries about being behind. I am in the same boat. It's hard to keep up. Thank you for your heartfelt comment about my mom's last TG. And I feel the same way about your blog, friendship and our meeting. Thanks so much for taking time to comment.


Saturday 24th of November 2012

Holidays with my family are a thing of the past. My mother would prepare a feast. But that hasn't happened in many years. When she died so did family dinners. Everyone is off doing their own thing. I honestly don't look forward to these occasions..Yesterday my son and I watched the Macey's parade it was fun. But I'll be glad when all the festivities are over football games done and I can go back to my serious TV watching The Young and the Restless. lool

Love Alli.....xx


Monday 26th of November 2012

Alli, It's understandable why you don't look forward to the big holiday family dinners. I didn't watch the parade. You and your son watching it together is a tradition in and of itself perhaps. I never remember to put it on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Alli. Enjoy watching the Y & the R!


Friday 23rd of November 2012

Dear Nancy, on the one hand you got me positively whipped up with excitement about Thanksgiving and it isn't even something we celebrate here in Ireland. On the other hand, your post gave me a real pang of pain as I thought of my own beloved mother and her fabulous Christmas dinners. Last Christmas was barely celebrated for our family as it was only a few weeks after her death. This week we will make a better effort. Seems we had similar moms to remember xxx


Monday 26th of November 2012

Marie, I've been thinking about you lots. I hope the Christmas holiday won't be quite so painful for you this year. And yes, it does sound like our moms were a bit similar. That's a lovely thought. Thanks, Marie.


Thursday 22nd of November 2012

Nancy that was so sweet that your Mom made you T-Day dinner for your birthday too!! I was just talking to my hubby last night about the memories I have of Thanksgivings past... the block of time when I was growing up and the men would go hunting while the ladies cooked; then growing up and going back home (no more hunting by then, thank goodness!), then my move to another coast and my celebrating TDay for 20 years with my BFF and her family.

And then my Mom visited me after my father died and she deciding to move here a couple of years ago. Because TDay held so many memories for her of my dad, she opted to stay home alone on TDay (instead of coming with us to my BFF's house). This year, BFF and her family went out of town for the holiday. My mother turned 80 this year. I realized it was ridiculous to not have her with us on such a cozy holiday. So rather than go to my stepson's house, we chose instead to have my mother over. (Even though she has been very clear the past 2 TDays that "I vant to be alone!" It's my mother and my husband and me today — and an awful lot of food. And this will be our new tradition.

Happy T-Day to all!


Monday 26th of November 2012

Renn, Thanks for sharing about your Thanksgivings of past, present and future! Hope you've been enjoying all that food!

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