Cancer Was Not a Gift & It Didn't Make Me a Better Person

Exposing Metastatic Breast Cancer & Advocating for Change

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a bunch of goals for my memoir. One of my primary goals is to further expose metastatic breast cancer for what it is – horrible, deadly, under-discussed and massively under-funded. I chose to candidly share about my family’s experience with metastatic breast cancer in my memoir, Cancer Was Not a Gift & It Didn’t Make Me a Better Person:  A memoir about cancer as I know it, because too often metastatic disease is not talked about at all, and there is not nearly enough money dedicated to research specific to metastatic disease.  (more…)

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Saying Goodbye to a Dear Old Dog

When the life of a dear pet nears its end, you often hear it said that you will know when it’s time. You will know when it’s time to do the right thing. You will know when it’s time to let them go. You will know when it’s time to euthanize. I’m not so sure this is always true. Sometimes it’s a tough call. Sometimes you have to make the tough decision even when you don’t know for sure if, in fact, it’s time. Sometimes you just have to do the best you can. Sometimes there aren’t clear-cut answers. Death doesn’t work that way. (more…)

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When a Dear Old Dog Has Cancer

As some of you know, my family received the sad news last week that Elsie, our dear old dog, has cancer. And by the way, I sincerely appreciate all the kind comments left on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere. It’s comforting to know so many of my dear readers, pet owners or not, understand how hard this is. Yes, Elsie is ‘just’ a dog. And yes, an old dog at that, but she is a family member no less. (more…)

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Four Things Not to Say to Someone Who’s Grieving or Recently Diagnosed with Cancer

Lots of posts float around fairly frequently about things to say or not say to someone who’s recently been diagnosed with cancer, so I was thinking I wasn’t going to bother and write one of my own. Instead I decided I’d write one about what not to say to someone who is grieving because it seems there aren’t as many of those. After all, death and grief aren’t terribly popular topics. As I was tinkering around with what I wanted to write, lo and behold, I noticed the overlap. Things you might not want to say to someone who’s grieving might be some of the same things you might want to avoid saying to someone who’s been recently diagnosed with cancer. I find this overlap in cancer and grief/loss happening quite frequently. (more…)

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