Eye Witnesses & Secret Keepers

From time to time I write about our three pets; the golden, the English springer spaniel and a certain little black cat. Elsie, Sophie and Ninja are very special members of our family and they don’t mind at all when I share about them here on the blog or on Instagram, which by the way, is a really fun place for pet lovers to hang out. My human kids on the other hand prefer that I keep quiet about them. So I do. Mostly. Five years ago, when I got the call, the cancer call, the only ones with me were Elsie and Sophie. We didn’t have Ninja yet. Having a cat was never in my plans. Neither was cancer.  (more…)

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Eleven Things I Miss About My Mother On Mother’s Day & Every Day

Another Mother’s Day is nearly here. This will be my eighth one without a mother. I totally know I am lucky to have had a mother in my life well into my own mature adulthood. I fully realize many are not as lucky as me. Far too many have grown up without a mom or without remembering a mom in their lives. This is a difficult thing for me to imagine, but unfortunately, far too many understand this reality too well.


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Remembering Lisa Bonchek Adams – & a Certain Purple Bloom

Like so many others, I was deeply saddened to learn about the recent death of Lisa Bonchek Adams. I was also caught a bit off guard. I had read her recent Facebook page post in which she stated, “Things are quite, quite serious…”, but yet I thought she had more time; after all, things had been quite serious for Lisa for months, no, for years. Maybe it’s just that I hoped she had more time. But it was not meant to be. (more…)

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One of my all-time favorites

Marking Time Again – Seven Years

Seven years have now passed since my mother died from metastatic breast cancer. I choose to mark time here on the blog each March not because I am looking for sympathy, but because I want to continue talking about the lives taken by  breast cancer, not just my mother’s life, but all of them. I mark time to honor not only my mother, but all women and men who have died from this wretched disease. And sadly, there are many. Too many. (more…)

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Just As They Were…

When I go home to visit my dad, it still feels different without my mom there. It’s been almost seven years now since my mother died from metastatic breast cancer, so you’d think her presence, or rather her lack of physical presence, wouldn’t still be such a palpable thing. But it is. I am, of course, more used to how the house looks, feels and smells with her no longer there. I call it my dad’s house now, not my parents’ house, not mom and dad’s house, not grandpa and grandma’s house. Most of the time these days, I feel I’m doing a decent job of carrying on as a daughter without a mother. I never forget of course, but I have learned how to handle my life without a mother in it. Or I think I have. (more…)

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