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Celebrating the Ordinary – Day Two for Me

I enjoyed writing my earlier post about the towering white pine trees in my own backyard so much I decided to give this challenge thing another go around. Quite a few other bloggers have been participating by writing daily, but for me this is day two even though it’s really day five. Oh well…

Today I’m sharing about who else, the furry four-legged members of my family. It would almost seem like a severe oversight on my part if I didn’t include my pets in this celebration of the ordinary challenge posed by Marie of Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer.

How could I not?

Dogs to me are definitely something to celebrate and appreciate every single day. They are ordinary creatures, but then again, they are anything but.

In a sense, the way dogs live their lives embodies perfectly the concept of celebrating the ordinary.

Dogs take great pleasure in doing ordinary dog things like rolling in the grass, digging in the dirt, devouring all their food really fast and saving none, barking at the neighbors or enjoying an afternoon nap having no knowledge of what guilt even is.

Dogs truly know how to just be.

And of course, dogs don’t worry about tomorrow or any of the things we humans worry about. Dogs are very good reminders to enjoy the present, live in the moment and fret less about the past or the future.

Dogs also represent a special connection to my mother for me. She loved dogs too. While I was growing up, we always had a dog. Despite the fact she kept a pristinely clean house, or tried to, she didn’t mind one bit having dogs in the house as many of my friends’ moms did. I always loved that about my mom. I still do.

Dogs will always remind me of my mom.

As many of you know, the pet menagerie at our house recently expanded to include a member of the feline species. Thanks to daughter we adopted one tiny, but spunky homeless black and white kitty named Ninja.

I’ve since discovered Ninja, too, is a wonderful reminder to appreciate the ordinary yet unique companionship only a cat knows how to give. I never really understood cats before, or why people were so drawn to them, but now I do.

When I opened my heart to Ninja, a whole new world opened up to me. I’m still figuring out the mysteries of living with a cat and all her idiosyncrasies. Notice I didn’t say I’m still figuring out cat ownership; no one “owns” a cat.

You gotta love that about cats, right?

I could go on and on about the various pets in my family and extended family, but the intent of this challenge is to share photos.

So here are a couple photos of my ordinary furry friends who are actually quite extraordinary, or at least they are to me.

Do you have, or have you ever had, a special pet?

What’s something a pet has taught you?

If someone poses a challenge, do you like to take part?






Friday 21st of September 2012

What a pretty half mustache you have, Ninja!


Sunday 23rd of September 2012

Lindsay, Ha! She is a pretty kitty. Thanks for finding her for us.

Jan Baird Hasak

Friday 31st of August 2012

Your pets are adorable, Nancy. Thanks for posting on such magnificent creatures. I had a special dog named Skeeter as I grew up. We were exceptionally close, so I was exceptionally sad when he died. We never got another dog after that.

I do like taking part in challenges. Marie's writing prompt for us this week has opened my eyes to a whole world in the blogosphere. It's fascinating to see how the posts weave together from all over the planet. I'm glad you took part, even if only for a few days. We do what we can. xox


Saturday 1st of September 2012

Jan, I'm not sure my pets are magnificent, but they are truly special members of our family. Thanks for sharing about Skeeter. I have fond memories of my first pet too. I know you had some other dogs you cared about too recently...but we won't go there. I suspected you like challenges and yes, I too find it fascinating to see how posts from around the world weave together. Thank you for taking part and good luck next week with your lymphedema advocacy work.

Medical Lessons | Breakfast Will Never Be the Same Again

Friday 31st of August 2012

[...] of the breast cancer bloggers have been posting lately on the ordinary things that con­tribute to our well-​​being. The idea [...]


Friday 31st of August 2012

Beautiful animals Nancy. I remember way back when...when you guest blogged for me on JBBC and I asked you if I could include a picture to accompany the post, and you sent me the one of you standing beside the trees with the dogs ;-) Thanks for taking I said earlier to you...there are no rules my dear - jump in when you can x


Friday 31st of August 2012

Marie, Thank you. I remember that too! It will soon be two years ago! Thanks again for posing this challenge and for being such an important part of this amazing community!

Lisa Valentine

Thursday 30th of August 2012

Thanks for this post Nancy! We got our cockapoo Oliver just weeks after my cancer diagnosis and before my three surgeries and four rounds of chemo. I was a dog skeptic for years, but the time was right, and he was a good distraction from all things cancer. (I thank my husband for the wisdom in the timing.) I quickly fell in love of course, and we grew up together...Oliver and my post-cancer-diagnosis self. Thanks!


Friday 31st of August 2012

Lisa, It's great to "see" you here! Thanks so much for visiting and sharing about your special pet Oliver. Pets are amazing distractions during life's difficulties aren't they?

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