15 Random Facts, Round Two, & Another Blogging Challenge!

Last July I got the idea, no, I borrowed the idea from my Instagram friend Melissa who came up with the totally fun challenge to share fifteen random facts about herself/yourself on social media. (A little risky, I mean it’s the internet after all, but what the hell, right?) I loved Melissa’s challenge and that post I wrote was so much fun to write and share. It was even more fun to read the posts others wrote and to read comments from readers as well because it’s lovely to learn more about people you meet in the blogosphere, don’t you think? Thank you to all who joined in last time, and of course, thank you, Melissa. 🙂

So are you ready to share some more trivia about yourself? I hope so! We are all about so much more than cancer, right?

Okay, who’s in this time?

And yes, you can participate again.

So here’s my list of 15 random facts about yours truly in completely random order (I do love random-ness):

1.  I am one of the most unorganized people in the world. Dear hubby would attest to this fact and yes, it drives him nuts. As hard as I try, I can’t seem to undo this quality in myself.

2.  Procrastinator could just as well be my middle name. I wonder if this is related to #1. I fear it might be.

3.  Finishing my memoir was one of the hardest and yet one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

4.  I often feel like a cancer survivorship failure for lots of reasons. Undoubtedly, there’ll be another post about this at some point.

5.  I am fat and yes, I blame it (partially anyway) on cancer treatment and the drugs we love to hate and yes, this is related to #4.

6.  I support Hillary Clinton for president for many reasons one of which is after 240 years as a country led by men, it’s about time we had a woman at the helm, don’t you think? Is this playing the woman card? I say, who cares? She’s one of the most qualified candidates ever and she is a woman for crying out loud, so play the damn card.

7.  I love movies – going to them at the theater, watching them on Netflix or tuning in on one of the cable movie channels.

8.  Three of my favorite movies are:  Little Women, the one with Winona Ryder and Christian Bale. Every single time I watch it, I want her to pick Laurie and say yes when he proposes, but she never does! Yeah, I know the other guy turns out to be her one true love, but still… Doctor Zhivago. Love the epic-ness of the story, the history angle, the scenery, the music (I had the sheet music for “Lara’s Song” at one time) and the sappy love story. To Kill a Mockingbird because, well come on, it has Gregory Peck in it and the story is impeccably told.

9.  My favorite memoir is, The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls. It’s a fabulous memoir (yes, better than mine) and reading it will make your family seem pretty darn normal. Trust me, it will.

10.  I am one of the most athletically challenged people on the planet. I despised gym class, was humiliated countless times and to this day thank God for my dear friends who kindly picked me to be on their teams out of the goodness of their hearts. I hate exercise, but this does not mean I don’t do it.

11.  I believe quality healthcare is everyone’s right because who doesn’t deserve top-notch healthcare? There should be no disparity here. Period.

12.  I love animals, except for bugs, but they’re not technically animals are they? I’m not sure. Maybe they are…

13.  I have no idea how many blogs I read probably due to #1, but it’s quite a few. Still, I wish I had time to read more. And I would love to read through everyone’s archived posts. That is my idea of a great pass-time for a rainy afternoon. But then I’d never get anything else done.

14.  I want to write a book about grief. And one about growing up in the 60’s. And I’d love to do a children’s picture book about dogs and cats. And a workbook for my memoir and maybe one for journaling through breast cancer chaos. And I’d like to offer an online writing or blogging “course”. So many ideas, again, there’s the #1 problem. And the #2 problem.

15.  Trying new things and meeting new people is challenging for me. I’m an introvert after all.  I no longer apologize for being one, but it took me decades to get to this point.

I could go on and on…

Maybe next year, right? This could be an annual thing…

And now it’s YOUR turn to share! (Bloggers and blog readers too!)

If you’re a blogger, feel free to come back to this post and link yours in with a comment, if you want to.

Now start sharing, everybody!

What’s something totally random you’re willing to share about yourself? Don’t be shy!

If you’re a blogger, will you take up this challenge?

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17 thoughts to “15 Random Facts, Round Two, & Another Blogging Challenge!”

  1. I had these before aand added the last 3

    So many people are making lists of things others might not know about them. I don’t know the game but it sounded like fun. So…

    1. I’m 6 foot tall and the shortest one in the family. My husband and daughter are 6’4 and my son is 6’8?
    2. I started to go to nursing school at 18 but I hated school, I was a CNA dropout at the hospital because I was too shy to be around naked people. I went back again when my kids were in college.
    3. I think I may have “dyslexic anorexia” because I see myself in my head as skinny. I am shocked when I see photos!
    4. I hate that I still watch a soap opera, but it started when I was 7 and has some of the same people… I would miss them. I still miss Grandma Horton.
    5. I love old things, antiques and people. The only new things I like are Apple products.
    6. Except for Debbie Gibson in the 6th grade( not the star) I did not have any friends outside of family until I was in my late 20’s.
    7. I was a reclusive child and usually wore long sleves and pants and stayed inside a lot. But now I’m glad because I think the lack of sunlight has prevented a lot of wrinkles. 🙂
    8. Going to the Smoky Mountains in the fall gives me an adrenaline type rush. I feel like I’m home there.
    9. When I was 4 my mom had a washboard and washtub set up behind the house and I “washed” our kittens. My dad stayed up half the night trying to save them. 🙁 Not connected to my sick kitten euthanasia, I have a collection of 20 or so washboards.
    10. My preferred speed limit would be 40 mph or slower. Cade’s Cove in the Smokies has a speed limit of 10, even better.
    11. My bio father and 2 step fathers all have the same last name.
    12. My husband and I have been married 35 years and never had a big fight. I’ll admit that he is the one that is perfect. 🙂
    13. In 2015 my husband had a stroke and I had breast cancer twice within 6 months.
    14. I’m afraid to leave my husband alone in the house because I’ve had to call 911 twice- once for the stroke and once due to severe reaction to bee stings.
    15. I wish I would have lost weight before I had cancer. When you lose it after I wonder if people will think I’m dying…

    1. Susan, Thank you for sharing some random things about yourself. Sorry about your husband’s stroke and your two bc diagnoses. That’a a lot to handle. I like your “dry” sense of humor. Thanks again for sharing. Great list.

      1. Hey Nancy. I really enjoy reading your posts. I am glad I found your site. I have had two rounds with breast cancer. The first 2007 and the second 2016. This was in the same breast, so that meant mastectomy. I chose only one, and left the other one alone. I am one who was definitely not defined by my breasts, so after researching the pain for reconstruction, i chose no. I guess that is a positive about being flat chested. Lol
        Anyway, I love to reflect and write. I am not angry about any of this, just very thankful. f

        1. Cathyking, Thank you for saying you enjoy reading my posts. Always good to hear that! Remember it’s okay to be angry now and then and be thankful at the same time. Just sayin’. 🙂 My best to you.

  2. Nancy, this was so much fun to do the first time that I am considering doing it again. Trying to come up with a list now. By the way, I took theater in high school and played Beth from Little Women. I agree quality healthcare is everyone’s right. I love animals too. And I hope you get to write those books! So far I’ve loved your two books. And thanks for the fun idea. xx

    1. Rebecca, It was fun last year and this year too. I might make it an annual summertime thing. Why not, right? I love that you played Beth from Little Women in theater. That must have been both fun and challenging. Thank you for reading and for always being so encouraging. xx

  3. I love this list, Nancy. It says so much about the kind of person you are and the depth of your character. I am going to work on my own post today (after getting my fatigue rant off my chest…), and plan to make it fun. Heaven knows we need something to smile or laugh at these days.

    xoxo, Kathi

  4. And the random facts will be part of my post today too. Another flower for the bouquet. Many of my blogger readers are “too busy” to even respond to an award I received then gave to 12 of them last year but many of them do read. At least I hope they’ do not just like a post by clicking a star without reading. I honestly thought more would respond and it looks like the award is dying off a bit…

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