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Did #Cancer Make You More Grateful? #Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Greeting

There is a lot wrong with the world today. Sometimes I don’t even want to hear the latest news. What about you? There is so much to worry about and so much work to be done on so many fronts that at times it is too over-whelming to even think about. Perhaps this is all the more reason to pause from time to time (or perhaps daily) to reflect upon the people and the things we do have in our lives that bring us joy and a sense of calm. One of these times here in the US is Thanksgiving.

I love Thanksgiving. What about you?

Just as you probably are, today and every day I am grateful for many people and many things.

And one thing I am grateful for is your loyal readership.

So thank you, dear readers. You’re the best!

And to all who celebrate this holiday,  Happy Thanksgiving!

What’s one thing you are grateful for today?

How do you celebrate Thanksgiving, or do you?


Basket of Fruits and Vegetables

9 thoughts to “A Thanksgiving Greeting”

  1. Nancy, I agree there is a lot of bad things going on around the world and it seems like it’s getting worse, no? I remember growing up in the Dominican Republic, we had different issues then, but we still came out and interacted with our neighbors. We weren’t so afraid. But now it seems like people are scared to get out of their homes on special Holidays. That’s just sad.

    The holidays can be difficult for me but I try very hard to enjoy them. Most of my family lives outside of the U.S. and I don’t have a close relationship with those living here. One thing I love about Thanksgiving is how people who aren’t related to me offer their love and support.

    It is also a time to reflect and just appreciate the little things. Today I am grateful for everyone who offers their support to me, and this includes you too. It means a lot and I consider them family.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. xx

  2. I am grateful for an online community where there is mutual respect and open sharing.
    I am grateful for my body, scars and all, and how well it continues to allow me to do the things that matter. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it! Each day is a day to give thanks.

    1. Lisa, I am grateful for our online community too. And like you, I try to be grateful for my body, scars and all… Some days are definitely harder than others, that’s for sure. Thank you very much for sharing and for your continued support.

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I hope your Thanksgiving was great. I’m very grateful that our paths crossed! I agree that the world is a scary place in some ways. Unfortunately, my daughter is growing up in a world much different from the one I grew up in. Anyway, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I LOVE making the meal and having friends over for a good time. Thank you for this post!

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