And the Winner Is…!

A big thank you to all readers who entered my giveaway! 

Having an opportunity to give away a copy of Pink Ribbon Blues seems like a great way to end Pinktober. If I could, I would give away a copy to each and every one of you that’s how strongly I feel about this book.

So with no more ado…

The lucky winner is….


Congratulations, Shelli! I hope you will enjoy reading Pink Ribbon Blues as much as I did and find it to be a wonderful resource as well.


Thanks again to all who entered and I hope you all get your hands on a copy of Pink Ribbon Blues one way or the other!

Are you relieved Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over?

Do you think the “tide” is changing?

Do you like book giveaways?


Happy Halloween everybody!!

10 thoughts to “And the Winner Is…!”

  1. Congratulations, Shelli! It is always exciting to enter contests and fun to see who wins. Thanks, Nancy, for doing the book giveaway and for the opportunity to enter for a chance to win.

    Love the photo of the kitty with the pumpkin . . . so cute! Happy Halloween!

    1. Brenda, Thanks for taking time to comment. I’m glad to hear you enjoy giveaways, it’s good to get feedback on that. Glad you enjoyed the photo!

  2. Congratulations, Shelli!! This is a marvelous book, indeed.

    Nancy, is that your cat? I have a tuxedo cat who looks a lot like this one.

    In terms of October, as you know from my last blog, I’ve changed my perspective a lot this month. Believe it or not, I am sad in a way to see it go. I no longer think of it as the “pink” month; instead, I embrace all that is good about the month.

    I am looking forward to November, though. Thanksgiving is my very favorite holiday.

    1. Beth, Yes, that’s our cat, Ninja. It’s tough to catch her sitting still long enough to get a photo, but did manage this one. I remember you have a cat with similar looks! It’s interesting you are sad to see October end. I guess I am too now when I think about it. And I love Thanksgiving too. I think it’s my favorite holiday as well. Thanks for commenting, Beth, and for agreeing with me about the book. I hope lots of people read it.

  3. Congratulations, Shelli! I know you will enjoy the book.

    I am definitely relieved Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over. The pink wash was even more prevalent than usual. Now where will the lung cancer awareness hoopla be? It won’t be there.

    I do like book giveaways. As a reader I always enjoy someone else’s perspective.


    1. Jan, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m sure many others are relieved Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over too. Glad to hear you enjoy book giveaways. Good luck on your trip to Washington, DC advocating about lymphedema!

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