Back at it!

My holiday break is over and I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, but admittedly, my rhythm is still a bit off.  After a very pleasant holiday spent with my family (missed seeing dear daughter and her hubby though), I am getting re-grounded in more ways than one. I’m still pretty much in holiday recovery mode… What about you?

Did I make New Year’s resolutions? No. Do I have goals for the New Year? Of course. Do I have new guide words for the New Year? Maybe. But more about all that later…

For now, I just want to say Happy New Year to you, my dear readers. I am so grateful to you all for reading my ramblings in 2014 and I hope you stick around for more of them in 2015. I have lots in mind to write about this year.

Even during my breaks, I can’t seem to shut my blogging/writing mind down for long as I am constantly thinking about what I want to share next with you. One might think that after a certain amount of time has passed after a cancer diagnosis, a person would have less to say about cancer stuff, but I find the opposite to be true. Go figure. I’ve always been sort of a cancer misfit.

As for this ‘back at it’ post, I’ll keep it short and sweet. After all, I need to keep fine-tuning my ‘short and sweet’ writing skills. Well, the short part anyway!

So, Happy New Year, dear readers!

May 2015 be good to you. May it be good to us all.

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Are you out of holiday recovery mode yet?

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?


16 thoughts to “Back at it!”

  1. “One might think that after a certain amount of time has passed after a cancer diagnosis, a person would have less to say about cancer stuff, but I find the opposite to be true.” Yes, exactly. I wonder why, tho’?

    1. CC, Good question. Maybe it’s that misfit thing… Or the fact that it’s never over. Or the fact that so many things about how bc is portrayed bug me. Or the fact that so many friends keep dying. I think it’s all of these things and more, plus it’s my form of therapy. Thank you for being one of my favorite therapists! Thanks for reading and commenting too.

    1. Helen, Thank you so much. I’m wondering if you’re home from the hospital yet. I hope you’re doing alright – I’ve been thinking about you. May the New Year be kind to you, Helen. Thanks again and Happy New Year to you too. xx

  2. I am out of the holidays and back at work. Busy busy. I don’t make resolutions, it has never been my thing. I just resolve to do something when I decide to do it, rather than wait for a date!

  3. Happy New Year and best wishes for 2015! I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions either. By now (I turn 50 in 2015) I have learned what works and what doesn’t. I try to develop good habits and then keep doing them-like running and practicing gratitude and drinking lots of water. I did just read an article about resolutions and liked the suggestion to “make a habit, not a goal.” “To lose 10 pounds” is a goal. “To drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables” are habits. But they’ll help you reach a goal you may have. I like that sugegstion.

    I may not write as much directly about my cancer experience as I did for a few years, but it is inextricably woven into who I am as a woman, writer, runner, worker, human. It’s part of my story. Let’s all keep sharing our stories in 2015. Thanks Nancy!

    1. Lisa, I like that developing habit suggestion too. Great tip. Thank you! I think we are all different in how we choose to write about our cancer experiences, or not write about them. But yes, once diagnosed, it’s definitely part of who we are. And you are amazing the way you write about gratitude day in and day out. Thanks for the good wishes and Happy New Year to you as well. Hoping 2015 is kind to us all.

  4. I’m not really big on resolutions, but we have been making a point to cut back on sugar and wheat now that the holidays are over. So far it’s going well.

    Looking forward to your posts this year!

    1. Lindsay, Cutting back on sugar and wheat; that’s impressive. Good for you. I’m glad it’s going well so far. Have you ever thought about doing the three guide words thing? Thanks for reading and commenting.

  5. Happy to see you back, Nancy!

    I don’t set New Year’s resolutions; in fact, I don’t participate in the hoopla surrounding New Year’s. Each year is special in its own way, but I really see the first day of the New Year as just another day to keep aiming for my goals, which I set throughout the year. I’m very goal-driven, but do not find New Year’s resolutions appealing. Go figure.

    Happy 2015, Nancy.

    1. Beth, It is interesting that you say you are very goal driven, but yet don’t set New Year’s resolutions. I prefer to think of each day as a fresh start. That seems to work best for me. I think. ha. Thanks for reading and sharing some thoughts. Happy 2015 to you and Ari too!

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