“May Your Days Be Merry & Bright”…

Can you believe it’s almost time to say good-bye to 2014 and hello to 2015? It’s been a busy year on the blog and yes, I’ll be taking a little break for a bit. Thank you for taking time to stop by Nancy’s Point from time to time to read my ramblings. Your loyal readership means so much, as do your contributions via heart-felt comments, tweets and shares. Thank you for your ongoing support during this past year.

I hope your holidays are filled with special moments spent with those you care most about. May it also be filled with fond memories, peace, contentment, joy and of course love. But as always, please remember itโ€™s okay to feel joy mixed with sorrow and likewise sorrow mixed with joy, too, even during the holidays.

Finally, as that certain old song says,”May your days be merry and bright”…

And if you’ve experienced the loss of a dear loved one, are newly diagnosed, enduring treatment, recovering, waiting for test results or facing any kind of daunting challenge; may you at least have moments of ‘merry and bright’.

Until next year…

Happy holidays to you and yours!

What are your holiday plans?

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16 thoughts to ““May Your Days Be Merry & Bright”…”

  1. dear Nancy,

    have a lovely holiday time with however you chose to celebrate it. you spend so much time and effort helping, encouraging, and advocating for others – I hope you hiatus from the blog finds you on the receiving end of all that you are intending – perhaps a sense of renewal, some fun activities you finally have time for, and good things to fill your senses – new or traditional tastes, sights, sounds, aromas and maybe touch, too, as you hold dear ones close in a lingering and loving embrace, breathing in gratitude and happiness just to be together.

    I plan to do a happy dance when the holidays are over! I can’t wait to start the new season of yoga with healing touch and reiki -sheer bliss! and I have promised myself to become a more serious knitter, joining a small group of women who knit scarves and hats for our homeless community her. and I am excited about changing all of my furniture around – I need to turn these spaces into ones that reflect me and I know it will be a big emotional change. happily I’ve two dear friends who seem to turn irreverence into an art form – so my mantra will be keep movin’ and laugh ourselves stupid – know Hugh will be loving that!

    much love, comfort and enjoyment to you, Dear Nancy,

    Karen XOX

    1. Karen, Thank you so much for stopping by and for all your ongoing support. I always look forward to your comments and insights, not only on my blog, but on other blogs as well. I think you have some amazing plans for the New Year. You’re truly an inspiration. Much love, comfort and enjoyment to you too, Karen. xx

  2. Nancy,

    I hope your holiday was a great one filled with love and happiness! I went to a friend’s family for Christmas. Even though it’s not my holiday, it’s fun to celebrate it with others. Enjoy your break.

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