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Snow Globe Days

Some days in winter are snow globe days.

Snow globe days are quite rare even where I live.

A snow globe day is when snowflakes are coming down gently, but so fast you can actually see them piling up before your very eyes.

A snow globe day reminds you of a post card setting, painting or holiday greeting card you once saw and thought you would never actually experience in real life.

A snow globe day makes you feel like a kid again experiencing the first magical snow fall of the season.

A snow globe day says, stop whatever you’re doing and look out your window – just stop and look.

A snow globe day is not a day to stay indoors.

A snow globe day nudges you to put on your coat, hat, boots, gloves and get outside to play with your dogs and act like a kid again.

A snow globe day isn’t a day at all, but rather fleeting moments of a winter day, moments that can be as easily missed as noticed.

Snow globe moments take your breath away.

I love snow globe days.

My dogs do too.

A snow globe day is a good day for a dog to…

Stand on a hill.

Or discover buried treasures.

A snow globe day makes a dog…

Feel ready for anything.

Or just wonder when we’ll get back inside.

Yes, Snow globe days are the best days of winter.


Do you have snow globe days where you live?

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18 thoughts to “Snow Globe Days”

  1. Nancy I want a snow globe day! It’s gonna be 80 degrees here today and I am headed out for a hike β€” with sunscreen. Enjoy the snow! I am jelly!! πŸ˜‰

    1. JoAnn, I guess you moved south recently then…makes me wonder where you moved from… I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It was a fun one to write and share. Thanks so much for commenting.

  2. Nancy,

    When I was a young boy, I had a morning paper route. On snow globe days, my dog would follow me until his paws were so packed with snow I had to take him home and leave him in the kitchen to thaw out. Later my mother would let him out and he’d find me toward the end of the route.

    Thank you for the memory.

    1. John, My springer’s paws often get packed with snow and ice too and she has to go inside and thaw them out. Thanks so much for sharing one of your snow globe memories. Doing a paper route in winter must have been challenging at times.

  3. I got a good dose of gratitude as I read this post Nancy, and the pictures are great. Thanks!I love the wonderful silence of falling snow (if you can be somewhere where other noises don’t intrude.) It looks like we may get some more snow globe days in our neck of the woods over the weekend. I appreciate looking on the bright side of a season that also included ice and then 30-below wind chills earlier this week. I’m going to link your post in my blog today.

    1. Lisa, We have to appreciate the beauty of winter too, otherwise the complaining would surely get old fast, right? Thanks so much for commenting and for the link on your blog. You’re very kind.

  4. Makes me miss my Foxy, who, with his Nordic dog genes and his weatherproof fur, was always ready for the Iditerod at the drop of a snowflake….


    1. Kathi, Foxy must have been a wonderful dog. I remember a couple of your posts… It’s nice to have those fond memories of our pets, though they tug at our hearts too. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Kathi.

  5. Oh Nancy, love this. Goliath loved the snow so much. He’d bury his whole head in and come out shaking, snow flying everywhere. He also loved to run his tongue along the snow as he walked, never stopping. Unless he came upon some yellow snow. Thanks for sharing. I’m smiling at the memories. Enjoy your snow days and your furry friends.

    1. Stacey, It seems lots of dogs love snow. They remind us it’s okay to act silly in it. I’ve never really heard of a dog running his tongue along in the snow nonstop. That’s funny. Thanks for sharing some special memories about Goliath. I can sure tell he was a much loved dog.

  6. Nancy,

    Your dogs are certainly having a blast! I love these pictures. In the Chicago area, we get those days, too. In fact, today is one of them. Now that I have a four-year-old, I get to experience childhood all over again, and it’s better the second time around.

    1. Beth, Kids and dogs know best how to live in the moment that’s for sure. They are good reminders to the rest of us. Enjoy your “second childhood” mom!

  7. Like Renn, I miss the snow globe days too although I am enjoying my move back to LA where we have had an unusually warm winter. It’s so nice to read your post and see the joy of being in the moment. I love how much fun your dogs are having and how beautifully you captured the moment. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Susan, It was a fun post to write. Sometimes enjoying the moment is as simple as looking out your window. Thanks for reading and commenting. Enjoy those warm temps!

  8. My dog and I both love our “snow days.” Although Ace gets cold easily, he never has to worry about getting snow caught in his paws like his long-coated friends!

    Looking good, Elsie! πŸ™‚

    1. Lindsay, We have been having another snow globe day here today. It’s gorgeous out. Ace gets to enjoy lots of them. He’s such a lucky boy! And Elsie says thanks.

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