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Cancer Was Not a Gift – A Special Offer!

I can’t believe it’s been three years since my memoir, Cancer Was Not a Gift & It Didn’t Make Me a Better Person, was published! A big thank you to those of you who’ve read it, shared about it and posted reviews here and there! You guys are awesome and I appreciate your support very much. 

Reflecting a bit, sure, there are a few things I’d leave out and a few things I’d stick in there if I were writing it today. But, I would not change my main message or title (yeah, I know it’s long) because I still firmly believe cancer sure as heck was not a gift, and it did not make me a better person either. Ugh!

I’ll say it again. And again. And probably again. Cancer is a horrible disease, not an enlightenment program.

Anyway, to mark year three, I decided to offer personalized, signed copies to you, my Dear Readers. The price is $17 payable via PayPal. I am a huge fan of FREE shipping (who isn’t, right?), so that is taken care of for you in this price.


If you’d like to purchase a personalized, autographed copy of my memoir for yourself or someone else, click on the PayPal button below and your copy will be on its way soon after I receive notification from PayPal. Be sure to include your current mailing address when you make payment.

That’s it!





If the button above is not working, click on this link.

If you prefer to pay with a personal check, that’ll work too. Send me an email and you and I will work out the details.

This offer is for US readers only, at this time.

Just a reminder that 10% of profits (from all three of my books) is donated for metastatic breast cancer research and/or advocacy. This year, I’ll be donating to METAvivor and METup. There is still time to help out with this year’s donations.

Thank you so much for supporting my writing and these great organizations too!

To learn about all your buying options and to read some reviews, click here.

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Wednesday 12th of December 2018

Dear Nancy, I just wanted to thank you for all of your writing, between your blog and the books, it has all been helpful to me and my state(s) of mind. I have been a big fan of yours, ever since I found you "On the Dark Side of Aromatase Inhibitors" a couple years ago.

I was the lucky recipient of your last gift box giveaway that included this memoir and your other book about taking the fear out of chemo and what to expect. I read both books in one night while eating a couple of the chocolates that were included in the gift box (yummmm)! It was 2 am when I finished both books. For many reasons I was compelled to read those books that night. I had early stage breast cancer with a lumpectomy, radiation and a sentence of 5 years on a pill, the dark side, two and a half years before. I had just lost my 49 year old brother to bladder cancer 2 weeks before that night. I was incredibly sad, worn out and pissed off at everything. He lived just shy of a year after his initial diagnosis. The cancer had spread throughout his bones and no amount of positivity, chemo or other treatment could stop it. I am still pissed, How could anyone think that cancer has some wonderful lesson that we all should feel like we need to make our lives better. What a load of crap............

I love the way you write, Nancy. You tell the truth, without apology. You have "been there" and you realized that it's not fair to other human beings to lie and write about cancer as if it were just another bump in the road of life. It's a train wreck, that's for sure. Because sometimes, you have to decide which pieces you want to pick up again after the wreck.

This book gives the reader powerful insight into how you and your family were thrust into the world of your Mom's cancer and then finding out afterwards, you too, would be given the same news. I liked how you interwove both your stories throughout the book. I felt like I knew you and your family and you lived right down the street from me as a kid. Just the kids next door. That's who we all are. Anyway, thank you again for all you do! May your holidays be filled with pleasant memories, old and new, and may the coming New Year be a heluva lot better than the going Old Year!


Thursday 13th of December 2018

Tarzangela, It's good to hear from you. I have thought about you many times since learning about your brother's death and have wondered how you're doing. I'm glad you liked my books. Thank you for saying all those nice things about my writing. You're very kind. Thank YOU. Hoping your holiday is filled with pleasant memories too. I'm sure it'll have some rough moments, but hopefully many good ones too.


Wednesday 12th of December 2018

Thank you Nancy! I have followed you since I saw ya reference to your book on Ann Silberman’s site and am looking forward to a signed copy of your book about the realities of cancer. I found Ann’s blog by typing “I hate pink” in google’s search engine shortly after my diagnosis in 2015...I had already heard enough “rock the bald look!” and “you got this!” and “stay positive” from people who act like a bad haircut or a misplaced cellphone is a major life crisis. How’s about they get back to me on that after they lose THEIR hair and their smart phone can’t decipher input from fingers that no longer work because of chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy?


Thursday 13th of December 2018

Patty, I hear you. Boy, do I. Your book is on its way! I hope you like it. Thank you for ordering and commenting too!

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