“Getting Past the Fear” Is Now In Print, So I’m Hosting a Giveaway!

Sometimes I worry a bit about being too self-promotional with a blog post, but then I remind myself, hey, this is my blog after all. So promoting my own book here from time to time is totally okay and almost required, right? So…

I am excited to announce that finally, Getting Past the Fear: A Guide to Help You Mentally Prepare for Chemotherapy, is available in print. It’s taken me a while to see this part of my book project through, but finally it’s done. Yay!

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Now a little bit about Getting Past the Fear and my big dream, well, one of them anyway…

It’s been nearly four years since my diagnosis and the subsequent domino effect that was set in motion. One of the hardest “dominoes” for me to grapple with was realizing I would need chemotherapy. I remember feeling over-whelmed, but mostly I remember feeling afraid. I mean really afraid.

Chemo fear was hard for me to handle and that fear is what led me to write my book in the first place. I figured if I was so darn scared, probably a lot of others were as well. And again, I’m not minimizing any other kind of treatment. There is no good or easy cancer treatment. It’s all hard. Everything about cancer is horrible. But chemo scared the living daylights out of me, maybe because I witnessed my mom go through it. I don’t know.

Why is chemo so frightening anyway?

Is it the nausea? Is it the hair loss? Is it the fatigue? Is it wondering if you’ll be able to keep working or if you can afford treatment? Is it the fear of not being able to take care of your family, or even yourself?

It’s all these things and more, of course; but in a word, I think it’s because chemo makes you so very vulnerable. There are just so darn many unknowns. And unknowns are scary.

Can a person actually mentally prepare for chemotherapy?

As I say in my book:

Well, yes and no. You cannot truly prepare yourself for the unthinkable things in life, but you can understand a bit more about what to expect, and this in itself is preparing.

Reading Getting Past the Fear is the next best thing to talking with someone who’s been there. When a person is reading my book, I want her to feel as if she and I were talking face-to-face. I want to help her get past her fear, at least a little bit past it, because sometimes a little turns out to be a lot.

And now, true confessions time; one of my big dreams is to get this little guide into the hands of as many people facing chemo for the first time that I possibly can. I would love to see a copy in every one of those cancer center libraries across the country and beyond.

Might as well dream big, right?

But for starters, I’ll settle for getting it into the hands of ten of you, my dear readers.

I realize many of you did not require chemo. I realize that many of you who did, are way beyond that first chemo infusion or chemo pill day. I realize that some of you will be doing chemo for the long haul.

But I also realize that regardless of where you’ve been or where you are in your own particular cancer maze, (or your loved one’s cancer maze – this book is for caregivers too), most of you understand and can relate to fear.

This doesn’t mean those of us diagnosed live in fear, but it does mean we understand it.

So even if you never had chemo, are done with it, or will be doing chemo from here on out, I hope you’ll enter my giveaway for a chance to win a free copy of Getting Past the Fear. If you don’t need it for yourself, you can donate it to someone else or to one of those cancer center libraries I mentioned.

So, to get things rolling, I’m giving away ten copies!

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment by 5 pm CDT on Sunday, April 13th stating you’d like to enter my giveaway and you’re in! Winners will be announced shortly thereafter in a new post.

Thanks in advance for any shares, tweets, reviews or whatever (yes, purchases too!) you feel comfortable doing. Your support and efforts to help get the word out about Getting Past the Fear mean a lot.

Why not start by entering my giveaway!

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35 thoughts to ““Getting Past the Fear” Is Now In Print, So I’m Hosting a Giveaway!”

  1. I have enjoyed your posts. You make me feel like I have a friend out there who lets me know how she’s doing and what to expect. Good luck with your book.

      1. Nancy,
        thanks for reply. i didn’t mention that I hope to be in the running for your new book, as others did, but I thought that was obvious..Since I enjoy your blogs, I certainly would expect to enjoy your book.

  2. Dear Nancy, congratulations on the completion of this book. I wish I had a book like this the first or the third time I have had chemo. No matter how many times you endure this treatment it is a very scary and unsure time. I was still asking the doctor questions yesterday and I thought I had it all down. I hope this book does get to every oncologist center so people can read the answers they forget to ask. Again, congratulations.

    1. Christine, You are such a perfect example of one of those amazing women who gets it. You still relate to that first-timer. I’m not sure how helpful my book is for the second or third timers, but I would love to get your honest perspective any time. Thanks so much for the good wishes. More importantly, good luck with your chemo. Thanks for your support.

  3. Great work Nancy… The best written information is always that which comes from those who have experienced it…

  4. What an important book, Nancy. Never think of this blog post as self-promotional. You are a writer, and a really excellent one, so you should highlight the works of your hard-earned effort, works that will benefit countless numbers of patients. Please enter me in the giveaway. I would love a copy. xox

    1. Jan, Thank you very much for your kind words. You always say such nice things! I will enter you in my giveaway. Thanks for your loyal support these past years, Jan.

    1. Cancer Curmudgeon, Some things we never forget, right? I’m like you I guess, I can’t read enough about these things. Thanks for participating. You’re in!

  5. Always looking for things to recommend to clients and people I know. I would love to read it, would love to be entered in the giveaway. I would love to review it on my business blog.

  6. Dear Ms. Stordahl,
    First of all let say that I haven’t read your books let alone this book. My husband had cancer and lost his battle last September. He had several different types of chemo treatments in a six month period of time. Unfortunately our Oncology Department was understaff their class regarding chemotherapy was only twice a month, so some of the patients were already going through chemotherapy when the class would be available. I had done a lot of research on my husband’s cancer and the chemotherapy treatments that he would be receiving the information regarding what to expect from chemotherapy just wasn’t adequate enough, the class information was not adequate enough. I’ve tried to help some friends who were going to go through chemo with some things that I found but each person is different as to the side effects of chemotherapy. As a caregiver you are questioning everything you do over and over again. I wish you had publish it a year ago it would have help me and my husband get a better understanding of what to expect. I would love to have one of your books to help other patients and caregivers. Thank You.

    1. Valarie, I’m very sorry for your recent loss. My heart goes out to you. It’s too bad that your oncology department was so understaffed. I agree about the information regarding chemo being lacking. It’s one reason I wrote my book. I didn’t really worry so much about the side effects and all that. No, for me, it was more about my emotional anxiety before beginning chemo. You’re right of course, each person is different in how she/he handles things. Again, I’m very sorry about your husband. I will enter your name in my giveaway. Thank you for commenting.

  7. Congratulations Nancy! I think this book is perfect as sadly, there is always someone new headed for chemo. This is such an accomplishment in itself.

    1. Maesprose, Thank you! And yes, sadly, there is always someone new facing the fear of a diagnosis, surgery, radiation, chemo and whatever else comes with it for each person. If I can help a person here or there, that’s great. Thanks for reading and commenting. I’ll enter you in the giveaway.

  8. Nancy, please consider me for your giveaway. I am very interested in the book, for myself and our local cancer centre.

    I got very sick, very fast leading up to my Stage IV diagnosis. Waiting two weeks to see my medical oncologist for the first time was torture. Until I met him and knew I was in good hands. He started me on chemo the very next day. There was no time to prepare myself mentally or physically. Reading your book will, I’m sure, tell me what I should have known. That will come in handy when I have to restart chemo one day.

    1. Kate, I will do more than consider you, I’ll enter you in the giveaway for sure. My book is intended for the first timer, but hopefully there’s some info in there for someone like you, too, who’s been through chemo before. And it would be perfect in your local cancer center. Thanks so much for reading and participating.

  9. Nancy, doesn’t it seem that those of us (hand raised here too) who are most self-conscious about self-promotion are not the least bit obnoxious when we do it? Your dream is a good one because you’re not promoting yourself — you’re promoting an important book with the potential to help people in need. I wish I had your book when I was diagnosed because I needed all the help I could get. Good luck with this. I hope your dream comes true.

  10. Congratulations. I wish I had your book before I did my chemo! I too, was terrified. Chemo made me very sick and nauseous first few days, and later so weak I could barely walk. In the last three rounds I had chest pains, fainted, felt blood pressure drop many times to the point of almost passing out. Not to mention the horrible pain from Neulasta.

    If your book can help people find a little courage and hope during this period, then that’s really doing something! Good luck and keep on posting your wonderful posts!

    1. Lauren, I’m sorry to hear that chemo made you so ill. It’s an experience we just never forget that’s for sure. Thanks for reading and for your encouraging comments.

  11. This is great news, Nancy – such a lot of hard work and such a critical subject. I was terrified of chemo, it is probably the most dreaded of all medical treatments. Congratulations on producing your book! You should be very proud.

  12. Fantastic accomplishment, Nancy, that will help so many people. I was petrified of chemo and told myself I wouldn’t go through with it. Well, I did.

    I wish I had your book back then. 🙂

    1. Beth, Thanks for your kind words. I hope my book helps a few people here and there get past some of the chemo fear. And thanks again for writing that testimonial for it. That meant a lot to me.

  13. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have not been able yo purchase it yet due to high medical expenses, and a copy from you, Nancy, would be just perfect. Thanks for entering my name in your givaway.

  14. I would love to win a copy of this book. I have not been able yo purchase it yet due to high medical expenses, and a copy from you, Nancy, would be just perfect. Thanks for entering my name in your givaway.

    My best to you,

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