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A New eGuide Series, Part 2, “Emerge From the Fire”

It’s time to share about part two of the new eGuide series, Breast Cancer Survivor Secrets, recently put together by my friend, Gai Comans. As I mentioned in my post about part one, Gai was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38 and now dedicates much of her life’s work to reaching out to help others who are also facing this wretched disease.

One way Gai chose to do this was to interview 21 women about their breast cancer experiences, insights, strategies and tools for taking back some control. Gai compiled the interviews together creating the beginnings of her new eGuide series. I am pleased to be one of the women interviewed for the first two parts of this series. Thank you, Gai, for inviting me to participate.

Part two is fittingly called, Emerge From the Fire.

In part two, the question asked of those of us who were interviewed was, what do you wish you had known when your initial treatment for breast cancer ended?

I always attempt to be mindful of my readers and friends who are metastatic and who will never be done with treatment, but for the purposes of this particular guide, the question is intended for those who have been sent out to find that elusive “new normal” following their initial diagnosis/treatment phase. And no matter what your stage was/is, or where you are in your cancer experience, hopefully there is useful information for all.

As Gai states in her guide’s introduction:

The purpose of this guide is twofold. Firstly, to alert you to the prospect that finishing treatment may not immediately be the party you expect it to be. Secondly, we share tools and strategies that we used to overcome this period so that you have a post-treatment action plan.

Following my initial treatment phase, I certainly found no party. Instead, I felt I had merely moved to another “street” in Cancer-land, you might know of it, too, Limbo-Street, also known as the post-treatment-street-of uncertainty.

So, here’s the link to part two, Emerge From the Fire. My interview begins on page 10 and is called,”Survivorship Is Hard Too.”

You can still sign up to receive part one, Empower Your Life, here.

If you’ve downloaded part one, feel free to leave a comment on that post or here on this one. And, of course, your feedback on this guide is welcome too. As always, I invite and respect all viewpoints.

So, why not sign up for your free guide today?

NOTE:  Again, the opinions expressed by other survivors presented  in this guide are not necessarily the same as mine. We are all different in how we cope with a cancer diagnosis and all the fallout. And this is how it should be.

What do you wish you had known when your initial treatment for breast cancer ended?

If you are not finished with treatment yet, or never will be, what advice would you like to offer?


6 thoughts to “A New eGuide Series, Part 2, “Emerge From the Fire””

  1. Nancy
    Thanks so much for being part of this series. I love that you share your view and experience to help woman, at a time we need all the support we can get.

    Survivorship is hard too! and many more women will now understand and be more prepared because you shared your view.



  2. Nancy, I downloaded Part II and am very impressed with your response. I agree totally with your assessing how difficult survivorship is. Boy, could I relate. I think this is an awesome series and plan to read the rest soon.

    1. Beth, Thanks for downloading part 2. I’m glad you liked my contribution and yes, survivorship has a few under-discussed challenges. As you know too well!

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