“Getting Past the Fear” – The Lucky Winners!

A big, big thank you to all who participated in my book giveaway! Also, I appreciate all the support so many of you have shown by sharing about my book, Getting Past the Fear:  A Guide to Help You Mentally Prepare for Chemotherapy. Thank you to you as well.

Now on to the lucky winners…

Calling you lucky feels a little weird because is it really lucky to win a book about chemotherapy? Well, as always, it depends on your perspective I guess.

To add just a little extra excitement, I decided to count EVERYONE who commented as a “winner”! The first ten names drawn will receive a FREE paper back copy and the four other remaining participants will receive a FREE copy in pdf format!

This means everyone who participated by leaving a comment is a winner! Woo hoo!

(Come on admit it, don’t you wish you had entered now?)

So I am announcing not ten, but fourteen lucky winners of a FREE copy of my book!

And here they are:

Paperback winners:

 1.  Cancer Curmudgeon

 2.  Christine

 3.  Helen

 4.  Ilene

 5.  Jan

 6.  Alene

 7.  Maesprose

 8.  Kate

 9.  Laurie

10.  Lauren

pdf format winners:

11.  Valerie

12.  Eileen

13.  Marie

14. Philippa

Paperback winners, I will be contacting you soon to get your mailing addresses! Pdf format winners, I will email you soon!

Again, big thank you to all participants!

And to those of you reading this post who didn’t enter my giveaway, I’m assuming this means you are all planning to order a copy soon yourself then, right?

Congrats to the winners!

Remember your cancer center needs a copy of Getting Past the Fear:  A Guide to Help You Mentally Prepare for Chemotherapy, so I hope you’ll order one soon and help someone else get past the fear, at least a little bit past it. Because sometimes a little turns out to be a lot.

Thanks again everybody!

Click on image to purchase your copy today!





12 thoughts to ““Getting Past the Fear” – The Lucky Winners!”

  1. Oh, Nancy, you are so generous. Thank you, and congrats to everyone who left a comment. This book should be in the libraries of all the cancer centers worldwide! XOX

    1. Jan, Thank you for participating. I realize that being metastatic and far from a newbie to chemo, that this book will be like reader a first grade primer (or something like that) for you, but the fact that you still want to read it, speaks volumes about your compassion for those newbies. Can’t wait to get your impression of it. Thanks again, Jan.

    1. Kate, I know what you mean about all those Kates. You were the only Kate participating in my giveaway this time though. Thanks for wanting to read my book for chemo newbies. As I mentioned to Jan, this says so much about you really. Thanks so much.

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