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Is this really the most important presidential election of our lifetimes?

How many times lately have you heard political pundits and others say something like, this is the most important presidential election of our lifetimes?

I suppose we hear something similar every election cycle and yet…

Is this one different?

I would say, yes.

What about you?

I don’t pretend to be a historian, so I’m not sure if it’s a true assessment to refer to the 2020 election as the most consequential, but I do know this one feels pretty darn important.

Election day is nearly here. Heck, technically, election day has already happened for millions of Americans who’ve already voted. I filled out my absentee ballot early and eagerly slid it through the slot in the door at my polling place. And yes, I listened for the sound of it dropping into the collection bin.

Relief. That’s what I felt when I heard it drop. And satisfaction. Among other things.

I had never been so excited to vote in all the years that I’ve been voting. And at this point, that’s a fair number of years.

I know, I know. Some of you hate it when I write anything political. Whenever I do, I get reprimanded, scolded, unfollowed, unfriended, told to stay in my lane, and called a disappointment.

Well, so be it.

I’m just one of many bloggers and advocates out there. However, this is my platform, and I feel compelled to use it regarding this election too. (It’s called Nancy’s Point for a reason.)

If you choose to abandon this particular “ship”, that is certainly your prerogative. But I hope you’ll stick around.

I admit, I hesitated to write and then publish this post. For me, the final straw to write it might have been these words: Don’t let it (the pandemic) dominate you.

Those words made me angry. Okay, angrier. (And aren’t you tired of being angry so often these days?)

My day-to-day life hasn’t been as significantly altered by the pandemic as it has been for so many because I work from home and yes, I live a somewhat privileged life. Nonetheless, my life has been impacted quite a bit. But this post isn’t about all that.

Sure, my life has been impacted, but knowing that so many fellow Americans have seen their dear ones get sick and even die from COVID19, how can I not consider how hearing those words (and countless other dismissive, disparaging words) made/makes them feel?

Yes, their lives have been and will continue to be dominated by this pandemic.

How can we not care about them?

So many fellow citizens have lost livelihoods – some for the short term but many permanently.

Pretty sure when your livelihood is lost or severely threatened, your life is dominated by that stark reality.

How can we not care about that?

When you think about it, what part of life isn’t political?

Is this really the most important US election ever? #politics #USelection #presidentialelection #voteblue #vote #election2020

Cancer sure as heck is. So actually, I’m not changing lanes at all.

I know you’ve heard stuff like the following many times:

  • Healthcare is on the ballot.
  • Therefore, yes, cancer is on the ballot. As are ALL pre-existing conditions.
  • Social injustice (all kinds) is on the ballot.
  • A woman’s right to choose is on the ballot.
  • LGBTQ rights are on the ballot.
  • Decency is on the ballot.
  • Integrity is on the ballot.
  • Character is on the ballot.
  • Education is on the ballot.
  • Climate change is on the ballot.
  • National security is on the ballot.
  • The reputation of the US is on the ballot.
  • Science is on the ballot.
  • Our future is on the ballot.

I could go on and on, but there’s no need, right?

So if you’re angry, vote. If you’re frustrated, vote. If you’re grieving, vote. If you’re feeling despair, vote. If you’re afraid to turn on the news, vote. If you’re just afraid, vote. If you’re overwhelmed, vote. If you’re tired of the chaos, vote. If you’re just tired, vote.

If you’ve already voted, good for you. And thank you. Perhaps encourage someone who hasn’t to do the same. As cliché as it sounds, your voice matters. Your vote matters. More than ever.

You may or may not think this is the most consequential election of our lifetimes.

I think it is.

Perhaps more than anything else, the pandemic is on the ballot on Tuesday. On November 4th and for quite some time thereafter, we’ll still be dealing with it.

Who do you really think is better equipped to help us get through it?

At this point, the answer seems pretty clear.

That’s why I chose to #VoteBlue up and down the ticket.

What about you?

Do you think this is the most important election in our lifetimes?

If you do not live in the US, has your impression of the US been altered during the last four years?

If applicable, have you voted yet (or do you plan to) and what issues matter most to you?

Do you only read, follow and friend those who agree with you politically?

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Is this really the most important US election ever? #politics #USelection #presidentialelection #voteblue #vote #election2020
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"Mary Oliver, MBC and Me" by Katherine O'Brien - A #MetsMonday Featured Post
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Carolyn Thomas (@HeartSisters)

Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Hi Nancy,

I for one am very glad to see this political post today. It's your ELECTION DAY, and I and my whole family will be watching nervously from far away here in Canada. Thank you for this!

When you write, "Some of you hate it when I write anything political. Whenever I do, I get reprimanded, scolded, unfollowed, unfriended, told to stay in my lane, and called a disappointment" - I sure could relate!

I very rarely mention politics on my Heart Sisters blog, but when I do.... OUCH!

As one of my blog readers once commented: "I do not follow you because I'm interested in your political opinions!" Another actually asked: "Carolyn, who cares what YOU think?" (an odd question, I thought, given that she had come to MY BLOG!

After the Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings, I wrote a post about women's communication styles, and how "being nice" can be dangerous in our communication with healthcare professionals. I quoted Dr. Deborah Tannen, a well-known linguist at Georgetown University and author of the really great book "You Just Don’t Understand: Men and Women in Conversation”. Most responses from readers were positive, but a couple immediately bristled at even the whiff of politics (even though the key quotes came from experts, not from me). One even wrote: "Your comment was biased in the favor of women, and I don’t think that’s fair to the men involved..." And I wasn't talking about the politics, but how about women's communication is criticized compared to men.

Well, yes, that is the POINT when women's tendency to "be nice" restricts effective communication because we're afraid of being perceived as difficult or (horrors!!!) pushy.

I can always trust that YOU will write honestly, and openly, and unafraid. You keep this up, girl!! As we used to chant in the early 70s: "Uppity Women Unite!"

hugs, C.


Friday 6th of November 2020

Carolyn, Healthcare, and therefore cancer, are very much political issues here in the US. I'm envious that as Canadians, you and your fellow citizens don't have to worry about getting access to quality care. We're moving in that direction, but there's still a long way to go. Women advocates (any cause) cannot just sit back and be nice - which sometimes really means "keep quiet". I'll continue to write political posts when I feel moved to do so. Thank you for stating your support of me doing that. I wonder what you, your family and fellow Canadians are thinking about things here as we continue to count votes. I'm feeling pretty confident Biden will be our next president, and hopefully our standing in the world's eyes will start to improve sooner rather than later. Thank you for reading and taking time to comment. Hugs back.


Thursday 29th of October 2020

I have a mix of conservative and liberal friends. Some are a bit crazy on both sides, but that's what makes them unique. Haha. I dropped off my ballot at the courthouse yesterday. I always vote mixed and do not associate with either party. Nice to vote early and not have to wait in line.


Thursday 29th of October 2020

Lindsay, Yeah, there can be crazies on both sides. I have no time anymore for people who only vote on one issue whether that be guns, abortion or the pocketbook. Glad to hear you got your ballot dropped off. Bet that felt good. Good for you for voting mixed as you said. Not doing that here these days, in fact, probably never again. Republicans have likely lost me for good. I don't think I'm the only one saying that either. Thanks for sharing. Now we wait...

Stevie P

Thursday 29th of October 2020

Greetings Nancy, greetings all , I'm based "across the pond" so in offering my thoughts it's from a less informed place but maybe it gives another perspective. From over here it feels that the USA has lost a lot of the respect that we feel for it. For example, POTUS was often in the past referred to here as "Leader of the Free World"; I can't think of anybody hereabouts who would want to be led by Donald Trump. The functions of government have been traduced for personal benefit, cronies have been pardoned, the response to Covid has been chaotic and stupid, science has been belittled, racism has been condoned. Sorry, but this is how it seems. I was in hospital for tests this week; it was under Covid conditions and so a bit weird (but not half a weird as the tests!) and as always, I went away feeling so glad about our healthcare system. The healthcare spend here is about two-thirds the amount spent (as a proportion of GDP) compared to the USA. It feels that we have a fairer, cheaper system with just as good outcomes. When I read comments such as Tarzangela's above it makes me realise how lucky we are here. And lastly, to Debbie - I very much agree about mutual respect - it's so, so important. Good wishes all, go well,


Thursday 29th of October 2020

Stevie, I really appreciate hearing from a reader across the pond. It saddens me to realize our standing in the world has gone down hill so rapidly. Respect is so important and once you lose it, it's hard to get it back to where it once was. I'm sure you do appreciate your healthcare system. The US could certainly take some lessons from other nations, so thank you for sharing about that. No matter what happens, wish us luck over here. I think we're going to need it. Good wishes to you as well. Thank you for sharing.


Wednesday 28th of October 2020

On Nov 3rd, I will don a fresh face panty, (the one embroidered "Tuesday", of course!) maybe wear gloves as well definitely wear my face shield a friend made me (engraved with my first name!) And I must not, must not, forget to bring two black pens or maybe three................ or was it blue? Maybe I should bring 3 blue pens too..... I better get them ready now....... and put them in a safe place........... where I won't forget where I put them.......... maybe I should buy new ones......or was it pencils???? hmm, I wonder if I should get that size 5X (the only size) haz mat suit I saw at the discount crap store......... Actually, I am lucky to live in a very small town Where we all go to the fire house to vote and usually you are in and out in minutes, rarely a line to wait in and the same folks are always working the poll and Tony So and So always asks how my Dad is Yup, I am pretty lucky and really appreciate that I was also given the choice to mail in my ballot which I seriously considered considering I am in a high risk group..........

BUT...because of all the shady shit that has been going on I don't trust my vote to be counted in any other way, but to vote in person how sad is that ................. I will be voting for humanity, for empathy, for kindness and for choice I will vote for health care because if it wasn't for Obamacare being thrust upon me way back when, I might be dead or almost there by now I tried to get insurance on my own before that I was denied because I was 5 lbs over the mark into the obesity range Oh, I am more than that now, thanks to the magic pills that I can only hope are keeping more cancer at bay If it wasn't for the help I get thru Obamacare it would be impossible to pay for just my meds, never mind any doctor visits or unexpected health drama Sure, it ain't perfect, and it could be so much better for everyone....................... but nobody came up with an alternative in the last 4 years The newest, most beautifullest health care plan has been two weeks away for 4 1/2 years now......... I will vote against bullies, liars, cheaters and intimidators I will vote for the right to have clean air and water without either, we all get sick, ....again...... I will vote for real science not twitter science, not imaginary science, not false claims or other malarkey (it's funny, I looked up malarkey and one of the synonyms is twitter) No, I don't have a twitter or facebook account....................... (if you feel the need to bully me about my opinion you can do it here if it is sooo important to you) And I will vote against the positivity police they are the most dangerous of all You are right Nancy, that remark about don't let it dominate you Sounds so familiar, like all those positive people who tell you to move on already after your cancer treatments are over...........Boy, my blood pressure just went to the moon... Taking a deep breathe now....... concentrating on the breath......... only thinking about the breath.........clearing the mind.................... Heavy sigh........................

Thank you Nancy, I feel better now. This is the only blog that I have ever written on and I must apologize for hijacking it now and then I guess, sometimes, I just need to rant a little.......... ...........or a lot..................


Thursday 29th of October 2020

Tarzangela, It is sad that you feel the only safe way to vote is in person, but I totally hear you on that. This is actually the first election I've not voted in person as I still prefer the excitement of election day. I gotta admit, I was apprehensive about sending my ballot through the mail, and that's why I hand delivered it. I'm hoping there's a massive turnout. And I guess you know what outcome I'm hoping for. You stay safe when voting and whenever you're out and about. Get those pens ready. Not blue though! ha. Thank you for commenting. Glad you've chosen my blog to be the one you comment on. Rants always welcome here.


Wednesday 28th of October 2020

Thank you for this post! I must admit that most of my friends lean to the liberal side as do I. I try to understand the other side, but it's rare to find someone who'll talk to you and not start raising their voice about how you are wrong and they are right! Two brothers in law - one mine, one husbands - are Trump supporters. I do not even talk to my husband's BIL, but I did sit down with my own and his reasons for liking Trump had to do with China more than anything else. (He's also pretty racist.) He doesn't look at politicians to see if they are decent people (like I try to do). And, yes, I am very concerned about how a candidate feels about existing conditions, insurance, Medicare, and a woman's right to decide about her body. So now I've made my political leanings known to you. :) And I voted over two weeks ago. Let's see what the rest of the country thinks.


Thursday 29th of October 2020

Linda, To me, the most important quality for a president to have is always about character. I care very much whether or not the person at the top is a decent person. My concerns are much the same as yours. Pre-existing conditions, a woman's right to choose and healthcare are on the top of my list. And social justice too. And the pandemic, of course. That is front and center. Glad to hear your vote is in. Guess now we have to just wait and see. Thank you for reading and sharing.