My Wish For You This Holiday Season & A Big Thank You

Ready or not, the holidays are here!

For procrastinators like me, time to prepare for them is running out has run out!

This year at my house we’ll be celebrating Christmas more than once as we attempt to juggle and accommodate various family members’ schedules. I guess this is the way with things as children get older and schedules become even more complex. 

We celebrated once already with son number one when his schedule allowed him to come home early for a couple of days. There will be another three-some celebration with hubby and son number two on the big Christmas Day itself. We will travel back to the hometown to celebrate once again with my dad and also with hubby’s mother. And the big finale will be with daughter and new son-in-law sometime around the New Year. So I guess that makes five different Christmas celebrations. That’s lots of Christmas-ing!

And for added interest and liveliness, this year’s celebrations at our house will also include six animals who definitely get into the spirit of things. And yes, they all get gifts too.

I hope you are enjoying this special time of year with your loved ones. I certainly am.

If you have recently (or not so recently) lost a dear one and are missing them this holiday season, my heart goes out to you. Hold on to the memories.

Finally, as yet another year comes to a close, I want to take this moment to thank you, my readers, for being such wonderful “listeners” all through the last year. Putting my thoughts into words and sharing them with you here on my blog is a great privilege. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. Thanks so much for reading and commenting when you can. As I’ve said before, a blog without readers is pretty darn lonely.

See you next year! (not sure exactly when, I’m taking a little time off).

Happy holidays everyone!

Wishing you much joy, peace, fond memories and of course, love.

And thanks again for reading Nancy’s Point!

How will you be spending the holidays or closing out the year?

18 thoughts to “My Wish For You This Holiday Season & A Big Thank You”

  1. Dear Nancy,

    Christmas at the Peaches’ household will be quiet with just hubby and me as our small, though close-knit, families are scattered herre and there. I want to thank you for sharing your writing on your blog, which I read regularly though comment less than I often wish. Sometimes I start, and, because the topics are so close to my heart, I have to stop. You always know the right words, and I appreciate that. I hope your Christmases are all joyful and that you and your family enjoy every minute of being together. Thanks, again, and a very Merry Christmas to you with love,

    1. Donna, Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I completely understand that you don’t often feel like commenting, though I’m always interested in your thoughts. A quiet Christmas sounds lovely. Our Christmas on the big day itself was very quiet. One more “big” celebration yet to come. Thanks again, Donna, for your very kind words.

  2. Nancy all the best wishes for the coming year.Again I will just say what others have, your blog has been inspiring a learning vessel and much more.
    We didn’t do Christmas, It was just my son and I I really didn’t have any feeling for the holidays.We had frozen pizza and oatmeal cookies. My contribution to baking.. News Years what I end up falling asleep, of course I will call my hubby at 6:00pm our time (midnight Paris) He will be playing, after anyones guess as what’s on TV …

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