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Side Effects – Chemo and My Morning Coffee

Has cancer treatment (any sort) messed with your sense of taste? If so, it can be so frustrating, am I right?

Since beginning my chemo regimen, I’ve been experiencing the usual side effects like hair loss, neuropathy, poor sleep, flushing, achiness and the other big one – fatigue. But the side effect I never anticipated to be such a ” biggy” is the alteration of my taste buds.

I miss actually tasting my favorite foods, but I think what I miss most is the enjoyment of my freshly brewed cup of coffee each morning.

Luckily, I can still savor the aroma.

Dear Hubby makes the coffee most mornings at our house. It just seems to turn out better when he makes it. For years now, we have started each morning sipping our cups of the steaming liquid, savoring the aroma and spending a few minutes together enjoying the quietness of morning while easing into the new day.

This time of year, I enjoy watching the darkness quietly change into daylight as each new day unfolds. I look forward to seeing the towering white pines in my backyard slowly reveal themselves each morning like mysteries unfolding. At first, they are invisible, totally concealed in darkness. Then, as dawn meanders into the horizon, they become shadowy and gray. Finally, and almost unexpectedly it seems,  it’s light and there they are – standing  tall, proud and majestically in the new morning light.

I  know they are just trees, but they represent strength and stability to me these days. Things to be counted on. I need such things.

Since chemo, my morning coffee doesn’t taste quite right, and yes, I feel resentful about this unwelcome disruption to my routine.

The coffee’s flavor is somehow off, and mostly, I just feel the hotness of it. Like every cell in my body I suppose, my taste buds are altered. Food and other beverages as well taste odd, so why should I be surprised that my coffee tastes odd as well?

My taste buds seem confused, unable to distinguish between different flavors and tastes. There is no range of taste; now things just seem to either taste pleasant or not pleasant.

Even though I can’t taste my morning coffee these days, holding a familiar cup or mug with the steaming brown liquid is still comforting. Going through the motions of sharing a cup of coffee with Dear Hubby and lingering for those extra minutes still feels good.

Even chemo can’t rob me of that.

I am wondering how long it will take for my taste buds to recover when chemo ends. Such a minor worry when there are so many other far more pressing matters to face in the months and years ahead. But sometimes it’s those little things in life that seem to matter most – like enjoying a morning cup of coffee.

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it. I sure hope I get my sense of taste back by then!


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88 thoughts to “Side Effects – Chemo and My Morning Coffee”

  1. I was exactly the same. Coffee tasted like dirt–but I persisted in trying to have my morning cup! With me, the taste would come back about 2 weeks after the chemo infusion, and then of course go away with the next one. Pretty much though, as soon I was done with chemo altogether (never again!! positive thinking here…) the taste returned. I’ll wish the same for you!

    1. Teresa, I’ve never heard of coffee tasting like dirt! We still persist trying to maintain our routines. Glad to hear your sense of taste came back after finishing chemo. Hopefully mine will as well. Thanks for commenting.

  2. My chemo ended a year ago and I still can’t drink a cup of coffee. There are a lot of things that are off as far as my taste buds are concerned.

    When I was going through Chemo just the scent of anything citrus made me sick.

    Some things you regain and others seem to be lost. I have now become a “Tea Tottler”!

    Alli xx

    1. Alli, So, I guess some of these taste changes last a while then?? I never had too much trouble with scents. Glad you have found tea to be a good substitute for coffee.

  3. I didn’t even realize your taste buds were that screwed up! I have no idea what this is like other than when I have a bad head cold and can’t seem to taste/smell anything. When this happens, nothing is appetizing and I just eat for the sake of needing energy, not because anything tastes good.

    1. Lindsay, Yeh, my sense of taste has been pretty messed up. I’m looking forward to tasting my favorites more fully again that’s for sure! A bad head cold is a good comparison.

    2. My taste have completely changed since chemo ended May 2017. Anything with salt is 100 times salty. I have to buy everything salt free. I have tried every coffee thete is and all coffee taste bad. I miss my coffee most.

      1. Joli, I’m sorry to hear that your sense of taste is still impacted. That’s gotta be hard and very frustrating. And gosh, I understand about missing your coffee most of all. Thank you for sharing.

  4. The change to my taste buds nearly drove me crazy. I never realized how much I counted on eating and drinking to provide comfort until I lost that joy. But, some foods tasted almost normal (cucumbers and most fruit for example) and that was wonderful. Hot dogs, on the other hand, oh lord. YUCK. But it didn’t take long for me to get everything back. I finished chemo on Dec. 10 and went out for a lovely dinner in late December, and almost everything registered as normal.

    I wish you a speedy return to normal, Nancy. Keep trying different foods during chemo – you’ll never know which ones will help.

    1. Cynthia, Glad to hear your sense of taste came back rather quickly after stopping chemo. Hopefully mine will as well. Thanks for visiting and taking time to comment. Do you plan to do anything this year on Dec. 10?

  5. I suppose different chemo drugs affect taste differently. I finished 6 months of carbo/taxol in July and during treatment my mouth got so sore and food lost its taste. My taste was back to normal within a few weeks of the last chemo.
    Bless you!

    1. WhiteStone, Thanks for commenting again. I love feedback! Good to know your taste came back so quickly. Guess I’m lucky I didn’t get a very sore mouth. That’s probably much worse than no taste!

  6. Nancy,

    One day at some point during chemo, I just noticed that my sense of taste was gone. I don’t remember it going, just all of the sudden being gone. The good news is that it came back quickly after chemo and everything tastes normal again.


  7. Hi Nancy,
    Chemo definately affected my sense of taste…the only thing I could drink was A & W Root Beer. My taste buds returned to normal shortly after chemo. PS. My hubby and I have the same morning routine as you and your hubby. I just love the quietness of starting out our day together.

    1. Kim, Thanks for reading and commenting. Hope you are healing well. Bet you drank a lot of A & W root beer then! Yes, sharing a cup of coffee during that quiet time of morning is indeed special.

  8. Hi Nancy. I currently just finished my second set of 6 rounds of chemotherapy. During the first set, I got a skunky taste in my mouth that altered the flavour of everything.

    During the second set, I took a clinical trial drug. This combination left me with little laste (except for extreme flavours) for about two weeks after each treatment. Then my tastebuds would be back for about a week; during which I’d eat everything in site.

    My loss of taste means most foods have texture but little taste. And some things don’t appeal to me at all!

    Like you, I love coffee, but I couldn’t drink it for at least the first week after chemo.

    Next week, I start on the clinical trial drug full time and I’m afraid it’s going to kill my tastebuds. I enjoy eating so I’m praying that won’t be the case.

    And yes, the tastebuds returned for me fairly quickly, so you can look forward to enjoying the flavour of that coffee when you’re done.

    1. Tina, Thanks for stopping by today and taking time to comment. Two rounds of chemo already, wow, you’ve been through a lot. Good luck as you start the clinical trial drug. I’ll be rooting for you and I hope your taste buds are not killed! Eat some of your favorites before you start next week.

  9. I will be taking my 4th of 6 chemo treatments next Tuesday. I will be taking radiation for 5 consecutive weeks after that for breast ca. Will my taste buds be affected with radition too? Thank you, Joann

    1. Joann, Thanks for reading my blog and for your question. I think eveyone is different concerning side effects. It also depends which chemo drugs you are receiving. My taste buds were indeed altered, but that does not mean yours will be. I did not have radiation because of my bilateral, so I cannot speak to that. Good luck with the rest of your chemo and then with your radiation treatments. You’ll get through it all!

  10. I just finished four rounds of chemo and have the same screwed up tastes as you. It has been a year since your blog entry… When did your taste finally return?

    1. Linda, Thank you so much for finding my blog, reading this post and commenting. I think it took a couple of months for my taste to get back to normal. Some people have said it came back almost right away, but for me it took a while. It is frustrating isn’t it? Your body goes through an awful lot, so give yourself time. I’m still trying to get back to normal, whatever that is… Hope to hear from you again! Hope you’re doing well, other than the not tasting thing. Are you finished with chemo then or not?

  11. I have just completed chemo on the 10th October 2011, and I MISS MY TASTE BUDS!!! I cannot wait for my sense of taste to return. I really do hope that I am one of those lucky people who got theirs back quickly.

    All the best for your continued recovery!

    1. Aneesa, Congrats on finishing chemo! Yeh! You are about a year behind me then. I finished late last October. I know what you mean about missing those taste buds. I missed the taste of my morning coffee (and a lot of other things) so much. I do hope you get your taste back quickly! Let me know what happens. Thanks for commenting and for the good wishes too. Hope all goes well for you.

  12. Hi Nancy, just stumbled on your site and let me tell you it was a blessing. My wife finished her chemo/radiation Oct 22th. Taste buds are dead and on top of that she has a tracheostomy for throat cancer and a feeding tube plus picks in her arm.I try to entice her to test certain foods and fruits to see if it’s any responds. She say she can taste some things but barely. I think the emotional rollercoaster of having the trach and effects of the radiation treatments(Very Sore)surpresses her taste. Be steadfast and your taste will come back home :->

    1. Arzell, I’m so glad you did stumble upon my site. Thanks for taking time to comment. So glad to hear your wife’s chemo/radiation has come to an end. With time her sense of taste will probably return. I sure hope so. Like you said, all of it is a huge emotional rollercoaster and there is a lot of recovery to deal with. Good luck with everything going forward. Keep me posted.

  13. I’m in my 6th relapse, each time having been treated with chemo, or a mixture of chemo and radiation. The first was my leg, which I had to get amputated, and the doctors didn’t realize it had metastasized and spread to multiple parts of my body. So, I’ve lost both legs, and had both lungs removed, only one transplanted. I hate losing the sense of taste! It sucks. Everything tastes like metal to me, and after chemo, it takes about 3 or 4 months for the taste to go back to normal haha.

    1. Dan, I’m sorry for all you’ve had to endure. I hope you are doing alright. My complaining about temporarily losing my sense of taste seems pretty lame when I realize what you have been dealing with. You’re right about that nasty metal taste which so often follows chemo. I hated that too. Good luck to you in the New Year. I hope it’s a good one for you. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  14. I started chemo in late September but have only recently lost my sense of taste – when I started new chemo 2 weeks ago. At first everything tasted like paper, and not particularly tasty paper! But I am finding some things are not as foreign tasting as others. Bad enough my stomach and digestive system was hindering what I knew I should eat to fight this breast cancer, now the taste twist has entered in …. Oh well, I shall overcome!

    1. Noella, I’m sorry to hear you’ve had to undergo chemo and that it’s affecting your taste now. A person just has to find and eat the things that do taste good or at least tolerable I guess. Hopefully you are finding some things you still enjoy eating. And yes, you shall overcome! Thanks for stopping by and sharing, Noella. Good luck with the rest of chemo and all the other stuff too. Keep me posted.

  15. I finished six months of chemo and 19 radiotherapy treatments for breast cancer. The worst side effect has been the horrible taste in my mouth. Either tastes of manure, mothballs or syrup of figs. Just really getting me down as I thought that taste buds would come back quicker than this , it is now 3 months since I last ate a meal. I’m now being referred to a nutritionist so hopefully I’ll get some help. Can’t go on like this as I’m losing too much weight.

    1. Shone, I’m very sorry to hear about how terribly your sense of taste has bee affected. It sounds awful. I think it’s a good idea for you to see a nutritionist and hopefully get some help. You shouldn’t have to suffer so much. Good luck. Keep me posted on things and thank you for sharing.

  16. Have been to see dietician and she was great but obviously can’t give me taste buds. I have nutritional drinks to take and go back in six weeks. She isn’t too concerned because I WANT to eat and advised me to just try different food but a little at a time . At least I had someone who just didn’t say ” you have to eat”. It will just take time I suppose .

    1. Shona, I’m glad you saw a dietitian who was at least somewhat helpful. Her advice sounds pretty good – keep trying different foods a little at a time. I hope you can find some things you can tolerate. Keep me posted on how things are going. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Shona, Yes, I do still have some neuropathy in my feet and it is indeed a very strange sensation. Mine has improved quite a bit, but it’s still there. My oncologist told me it would probably be permanent if it hadn’t disappeared after one year, but I’m still hopeful…Thanks for the comment.

  17. After first round of A/C chemo end of June, everything tastes like dirt. I have lost ten pounds, but had it to lose. Unlike some, I have found that if a food is very hot in temperature (not spice) or icy cold, like popsicles, then the dirt taste is not so noticeable. Will do 4 A/C x two weeks and 4 taxol x 2 weeks and then six weeks of daily radiation. Hope to be able to taste food sometime around St. Patrick’s Day, 😉

    1. Monica, I experienced similar reaction as far as taste goes. I found really cold things tasted better. I did like spicy, but was sort of hesitant to eat that kind of food due to other digestive issues. It’s a “figure it out as you go” kind of thing isn’t it? Good luck with the rest of your treatment. I know it sometimes seems as if the end will never come when you in the midst of treatment, but hang in there. Thanks so much for sharing. My best to you.

  18. I know this will sound strange, but it’s my husband who is undergoing chemo & I’m the one with strange sense of smell & taste. I go with him for his treatments & I only quit smoking for 3 months (smoked for 43 yrs). Everything smells like either strong perfumy/chemical or sour red wine & many foods taste extremely salty/sour. Also get strange tingly, pins & needle sensation on my tongue (nurse at chemo center said she used to get that when she used to mix the chemo). Could it be that all of my senses are rejuvenating since quitting smoking & are hyper sensitive to any chemicals in the air or through the skin? I notice that on the “off week” taste & smell aren’t that bad, but once we go back to the chemo center, it gets bad again. I’m not nuts, just grasping at any kind of explanation for this sickening smell/taste problem. Hubby only has 2 more treatments & I hope my “symptoms” go away after that. I’ve been to an ENT, & he didn’t know what it is (I haven’t told him my chemo theory yet).

    1. Cathy, Thanks for sharing about what you’re experiencing. I think it’s very possible that your taste and in fact, all of your senses, have been affected since quitting smoking and that you are indeed hyper-sensitive now. Being in a chemo setting there are undoubtedly many strange and unfamiliar “things” in the air. I think your chemo theory might be quite accurate. Good luck to you both as your husband continues through treatment. And you’re definitely not nuts!

  19. Here I am again waiting to “want” my first cup of coffee and I don’t. No one mentioned your taste buds would go south when on chemo. I’ve only been off of it for two days so I’m hoping for that morning cup again soon. This is truly a very lonely disease and I’m feeling that loneliness the further I get into it. I’m just on radiation now and won’t be on chemo again until the end of the month. What I do love are mashed potatotes with ketchup. Go figure.

    1. Susan, Yes, the taste buds can and often do “go south.” All the side effects are not necessarily mentioned before hand unfortunately. Give yourself some time. Hopefully your sense of taste will improve. It is a lonely disease at times isn’t it? Lots of us are out here, though, remember that. And mashed potatoes with ketchup doesn’t sound too bad to me either!

  20. Thanks so much Nancy, it’s so good to hear that this might be the cause of what’s been happening to me (especially since the ENT doc didn’t have any idea). My hubby has only 2 more chemo treatments & I’m so hoping that this horrible taste & smell will start to go away after that.

  21. My second round of chemo is over and four more radiation treatments and I’m done. My body is covered with red welts from the 5FU and it does itch, so I’m very uncomfortable, to say the least. I’m so ready for all this to end, but I know I will probably have weeks, if not months, of recovery.

    1. Susan, Thanks for sharing. Recovery definitely takes time, so please be patient with yourself. I’m sorry about your red welts and the itching. Remember it’s one day at a time, so trite, but true. Do keep me posted and take care.

  22. Hi,
    I am writing about my sister. She is having such a difficult time with the bad taste in her mouth after chemo and radiation. She is not able to eat at all. She gets nauseatious and throws up 🙁
    Any suggestions??

    1. Roshan, I’m sorry to hear about your sister’s difficulties. It’s hard when a person feels so horribly nauseous. I’ve posted this question on my Facebook page. Perhaps there will be some suggestions offered there. For me, I found cold foods/drinks to be more easily tolerated. I also preferred smaller more frequent meals. Everyone is different, so keep experimenting with different foods and liquids. Please be sure she discusses this with her doctors. They can offer suggestions which might help. Good luck. Keep us posted on things.

  23. The carboplatin gave me metal mouth. The only thing that tasted like it “should” was potato. Let’s just say I am sick of potatoes now…lol Other foods didn’t taste like I remembered them to, but their altered taste was ok. Those included frozen GoGurt tubes and Edy’s Fruit and Juice Bars. If you can get something down before taking a nap, it helps.

  24. I had my first chemo last week, everything tastes sour. i did notice that cucumbers taste almost normal, toast with peanutbutter and jam also taste good enough. and some fruit, as long as the fruit is very cold its ok.. all liquids taste so bad i have to force myself to drink, but i think i might be losing the battle because now i’m starting to gag when i drink. how are we supposed to stay hydrated?

    1. Lee ann, I’m sorry your taste is being affected by your chemo. It’s hard sometimes, but you really do need to keep yourself well hydrated. Keep trying different things – foods and liquids. Hopefully you’ll find some things you can tolerate well and also enjoy. Discuss this with your doctors and nurses. They should have resources to offer. I had trouble with the liquids too, especially water. Flavored water helped. I liked soups a lot. Everyone is different, though, so just keep trying a wide variety of things. Be sure to read through all the comments others have left. You might find more suggestions. Good luck, Lee ann.

  25. I am writing about a friend we went through chemo last year for colon cancer. She has been off chemo for a year this month and her sense of taste and smell have still not returned. Her oncologist insists this is not a side-effect of chemo. She also has lingering neuropathy in her hands and feet. From everything I have read here, it sounds like the advice is to wait and hope for improvement? thanks!

    1. Janie, I know my sense of taste was affected by chemo. I’m sorry to hear your friend’s sense of taste and smell have not returned yet. I’m not sure how common that is. The “wait and see” attitude is definitely out there. However, I would say if these things are a concern, they should be addressed/discussed now. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Here it is almost May and I wrote in August of last year about my taste being gone and it was until almost Christmas, then it cam back. I’m doing pretty good. I had anal cancer, which is truly a “pain in the ass” in more ways than one, but my PET scan was clear in December so my remission is such a blessing. Please hang in there. It’s a horrible diagnosis, and it does change your life forever, but some of
    changes can be positive.

  27. I am coming to the end of my chemo for colon and liver cancer. No sense of taste at all at present so have lost 3 stone in weight – not a bad thing normally but is making me weak and wobbly as I really have to force myself to eat something very small. Scan in a month and then hopefully will come off chemo and get my taste back. Good luck to everyone suffering with this horrible disease

    1. Wendy, Sorry to hear you’ve lost your sense of taste and that you’re having trouble eating. Side effects of chemo can be so miserable. Good luck with your upcoming scan. Thanks for reading and sharing and good luck to you too.

  28. Hi. They say that smell and taste are connected. I have finished my third round. My sense of smell now is hyper sensitive, and the smell of food makes me very ill. Jello and ice cream are a god send. The smell of everything normal makes me leave the room. As for taste, food is no longer enjoyable. I have discovered glucerna for meal replacements, but the pounds keep melting off. I hope that this will improve.

    1. Doug, I hope things improve for you too. Eating can become a challenge for some during chemo that’s for sure. Hopefully you can find some more foods that you can tolerate. Keep trying things and good luck.

  29. I stumbled across your blog googling “when will my taste buds return”. I finished my chemo on October 15, 2015 and I’m anxiously awaiting their return. For the past 5 months I have tasted nothing. I’ve lost 25 pounds from lack of eating. I had a 1 week break in my chemo treatments in August and after 12 days I was just starting to get some taste back and then it was back to chemo and they were gone again. Tomorrow will be day 12 and I still can’t taste. I’m hoping that any day now it will happen. I’m so thankful that my tumor from my breast cancer is gone and I know that s the most important thing and this must see pretty petty to some folks but when it happens to you and you are forced to just sit and watch others enjoy food while you drink your Ensure it can get very depressing. Trying to keep my chin up and hoping it will happen soon.

    1. Lisa, I’m sorry you’re dealing with all this. Everyone, of course, is different, so there is no magic amount of time as to how long it will take for your taste buds to recover. Hopefully with time things will improve for you. Keep eating and keep trying to eat highly flavorful foods such as extra spicy foods and whatever appeals to you the most. And be sure to discuss this with your medical team. Good luck and thank you for sharing.

  30. Hi Nancy, I am so glad I stumbled across your blog while trying to find out about loss of taste during chemo. It is a comfort to learn I am not alone. I had a mastectomy back in August. I have had 3 cycles of FEC and a week ago I started the first of 3 cycles of Docetaxel (Taxotere). I have now lost my sense of taste and when I swallow it tastes of a combination of salt and medicine, it’s absolutely disgusting. I swallow food (what I force myself to eat, which is very little) while pinching my nose – a good tip which helps! I am now wondering if this is how it is going to be until my treatment is completed or whether things improve temporarily later on in each cycle before the next one starts?

    1. Brenda, Well, I’m happy you found my blog too. Sorry you’re going through all this. Everyone is different, of course, so it’s hard to say what will happen. My sense of taste did seem to fluctuate somewhat. Some days things tasted worse than others. Hopefully you can find some things to eat that are still enjoyable or at least tolerable. Good luck and welcome.

      1. Hi again Nancy. It’s comforting to know there is someone out there who understands what I am going through – and on the other side of the Atlantic from me in England! It can feel very lonely at times.

  31. Hi Nancy,
    Like Lisa above, I was googling “how long will it take for taste to return after chemo?” And I found your blog. I’m sooo impressed that all these years later, you are still responding!
    I will have my last treatment tomorrow. Yay! I will have then had 6 rounds. Eating has been the hardest thing for me. NOTHING tastes good…. Most things taste bad. And coffee! Which I love- tastes awful for about 10 days after treatment. It gets a little better after that, enough to drink it. But I keep making it anyway in those 10 days and end up throwing it out. I think I’ve thrown away more food and coffee than I’ve eaten or drank! I’m so looking forward to the return of my taste. It’s so odd that the food that I love tastes the worst now. Thanks for all of your information and for sharing yiur experience.

    1. Marla, I try to respond to most comments when I can. Your last treatment, gosh, I remember that day. And your taste should start to slowly improve, although this, of course, varies from person to person too. Thank you for reading and for taking time to comment. Wishing you all the best.

  32. Good morning! I love coffee, the morning ritual of a steaming mug of joe, but with my first chemo treatment I couldn’t taste it anymore. After eight rounds, I could no longer tolerate the caffine. I’m about four months out of chemo and can still only drink one cup, but dang! It tastes good. Thank you for sharing your beautiful morning imagery and bringing up a subject that might seem small when faced with cancer.

  33. Yes, I remember how disappointing it was for coffee to taste like dirt. But for me it was the textures of certain foods that I couldn’t stand: bread, crackers, cookies, and rice were like trying to chew sand. In my case, neuropathy affected my teeth, with intense throbing pain,mostly on one side. Very hot or cold foods set it off. I went to my dentist to have it checked out, since I’d had 3 crowns before starting chemo. No infections. So over-the-counter Ambesol (numbing medicine) from the dollar store helped. Eventually this condition went away.

    1. Susan, I had issues with food textures, too. I didn’t realize even a person’s teeth could be affected. Glad all that resolved itself. Thank you for reading and sharing. Hope you’re doing well now.

  34. I finished chemo on April 25, 2017, will start radiation on May 30, 2017 following bilateral mastectomy. I miss sipping coffee with my husband, my taste has pretty much returned, except I can’t tolerate Mexican food, but lots of things upset my stomach. My morning coffee is one of them. Seems like a dumb thing to complain about after all that’s happened, but I really miss it. Get my port out today!!!

    1. Debbie, Your sense of taste should start improving, although of course, how fast this happens varies with each of us. Hopefully you’ll start enjoying your morning coffee again soon! And it’s not a dumb thing to “complain” about. The little things are what make up our daily lives and it’s natural to miss enjoying one of your favorite rituals. Good luck with radiation and yay to getting the port out! Thank you for sharing.

  35. It’s funny as I’m not a usual coffee drinker but I found coffee to be the only thing I did enjoy and could actually taste. I miss chocolate the most, it tastes bitter now instead of sweet 🙁

  36. I had uterine papillary serious carcinoma. I completed 6 cycles of PACLitaxel and CARBOplatin. I never lost my sense of taste or smell and I never experienced nausea or vomiting. I was told no coffee and I have followed the rules.
    I had my scan on 3/19/18 and there was no evidence of cancer found, so now I’m on to five weeks of radiation starting 4/3/18.
    I guess from reading this blog I am extremely lucky. I felt like crap and my feet feel like I’ve been beat on the soles of feet and have the feel of walking on bruises and a chemical burn but hopefully soon I will feel better.
    I’m looking forward to my dark roast freshly ground coffee soon I hope.

  37. Just finished chemo a couple weeks ago. Have such horrible taste. I’ve had it for months. Even water. Have to force everything down. Nothin tasts good.Im so hungry for a good steak dinner. It’s been for ever since I’ve had a good meal.my dr said it could be 2 mo to get taste back. I sure hope so. I was on taxol An carboplaton for uterin cancer.had my last chemo a couple weeks ago.So want my taste back.

      1. I found bananas and cream, applesauce, green apples, plums worked ok for me. Potatoes weren’t TOO awfully bad. I hope you find something that works for you…..keeping your weight up is a good thing.

    1. Marie, Hopefully things will improve with time. A couple weeks isn’t that long. My best to you, and I hope you get to enjoy that steak dinner soon.

  38. Hello, I’ve just come across this blog, thanks for starting it! I’m on a chemo protocol of Docetaxel & Cyclophosphamide for bc recurrence……4 sessions 3 weeks apart. The first week or two the taste in my mouth resembles salty rusty nails. By week 3 the taste isn’t so bad but not near normal. Tomorrow is my last infusion and hoping in a couple of months that things taste normal again! In the meantime I’ve given up faves like coffee and most vegetables although corn on the cob is good. Not a big fruit eater but have found bananas, plums and green apples are edible as well as applesauce and lemonade. Potatoes are good as well. Funny that berries taste like salt whereas the apples, bananas and plums do not. So no strawberries for awhile. Scrambled eggs are ok. I’m not losing weight which is good, but the first 2 weeks after chemo I am constantly eating things that don’t taste great just to get relief from the ugly taste in my mouth. I’ve found that drinking cold water from the frig helps with the aftertaste as I can’t taste it as I’m drinking it, and important to keep hydrated especially cleansing the cyclophosphamide from the system. I tried the Miracle Pill with my oncologist’s ok, it’s a plant based supplement that customer reviews say has helped them with tasting food normally…..it seemed to work better for those with no taste at all, but a couple of cancer patients said it helped them. I paid $20 for the jar of 12…..it did not work for me nor my friend with Burning Mouth Syndrome, but might work for others. The reviews were on Amazon. I wish recovery in all aspects to all of you brave souls going through treatments that are so unpleasant. My thought is that it’s temporary and if it allows me to live to a ripe age I’ll do whatever it takes. Best wishes to all!

  39. Loss of taste can be really upsetting, Nancy – it’s just one more “normal” thing that gets lost. As I’m living with mets, ‪I’m still on chemo, albeit mild, so my taste changes all the time. I can still enjoy sweet flavours, but savoury food tastes awful. I miss curries most!‬

    1. Julia, You’re right, it can be really upsetting. I’m sorry you have to deal with taste changes ongoing due to your mbc. That’s gotta be hard at times. Thank you for reading and sharing.

  40. I lost my husband to throat cancer 2 years ago, and this past June I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started chemo treatments on the 14th of August this year. I’ve been so sick and tired for the past 2 weeks I’ve hardly been able to get out of bed. I’ve lost 7 lbs in a week, fluid. Dr has me on 6 kinds of medication to stop it, I’ve tried eating a bland diet, my mouth is raw and that makes it harder to eat. I have no taste buds, no appetite, and I’m sick of drinking water to keep hydrated. I have no desire to drink any thing. I have another chemo treatment coming up next week. I’m not interested in going through this again for another 2 weeks. I’m not the type of person that can lay around all day and night. I usually bounce right back from any kind of situation. I knew my husband was going through a lot but I didn’t realize how much he had to endure. Cancer is the worst disease anyone can have.

    1. Martie, I’m sorry your husband died, and I’m sorry you are going through all this. Your side effects sound horrible. I hope you can find some relief. Thank you for sharing. Good luck.

  41. Hi Nancy.

    I’ve been on chemotherapy for several years now and it’s ongoing. Mine started at the base of the tongue so I got radiation treatment for that. Four months later it metastasized into my liver. Now it is also on my hip bone. They can’t cure it just try to keep it at bay.

    But that’s not why I’m writing. I was a computer programmer before all that happened. Before I touched the computer in the morning I’d wash my cup out and pour some fresh brewed coffee. I couldn’t start my day without it. I’d drink it throughout the day.

    When my taste changed I no longer liked coffee. The aroma was great but the taste was terrible. One of my family members bought me a Keurig coffee maker (the type where it makes a single cup) and a bunch of different flavors including the Krispy Creme Classic which is not a flavor per se rather another type of coffee blend.

    So far I’ve tried several flavors and I can’t seem to enjoy any of them save one: Caramel Cappuccino. The only problem with that is the sweetness becomes overpowering for me after about half a cup. I normally don’t put sugar in my coffee but then it tastes worse. So I’ve started experimenting with different measurements. I still don’t have it down right.

    I won’t be stopping chemotherapy until I’m ready for hospice so until then coffee may be something I simply can’t enjoy. Now, it’s funny. I enjoy the Starbucks Frappuccino in the bottle. Maybe I need to start drinking iced coffee. It won’t be the same though.


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