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Transplanting More Than Just Daisies – An Update

Remember that old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words? Of course you do. So in this post I am trying very hard to let the pictures do all the talking, okay, most of it anyway. Some of you, my dear readers, might remember a transplanting project of mine I shared about with you last summer. You can read the details about that project here if you’d like.

Here it is one year later and I am very pleased to say that my project was a success. And this is no small feat because a green thumb I do not possess.

Bits and pieces of my mother’s flower garden live on in mine, a living memory so to speak.

And if my memory serves me right, the irises originated in her mother’s flower gardens in North Dakota which makes them all the more special (and hardy). Some of my fondest and earliest memories of childhood involve going out on warm summer evenings with my grandma and ‘helping’ her water and tend to all her various flower gardens. It was special one-on-one time with Grandma that I never turned down. She loved those watering sessions and I did too, well, except for the slapping mosquitoes part. I never could figure out why they didn’t bother her…

And now I’ll let the pictures do the talking…


IMAG3046 - Copy

 Who doesn’t love daisies, right?



Still going strong after all these years.



Yellow irises have never been my favorite, but I might have changed my mind.


Do you have a green thumb?

Do you have a gardening-type memory to share?

What’s your favorite summer flower?

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Thursday 9th of July 2015

It seems your thumb is a actually a bit greener than you are reporting. The flowers look wonderful!


Thursday 9th of July 2015

Mae, It's really not. I just take extra special care of the plants I transplanted from my mom's garden. But thank you!


Friday 19th of June 2015

Nancy, your flowers are beautiful! You take good care of your garden.

I have some great memories of my backyard from the Dominican Republic as there was not much else for me to do. I had many different fruit plants. I miss them a lot, especially when I have to spend $2.50 for a mango today when I had a few mango trees back home.

I remember I planted an avocado seed in my yard and we actually got a tall tree from that! It is hard work so I was very proud of myself for doing that. I also planted cherry seeds (not the kinds you are familiar with). I was just a kid.

I have tried to plant different things in my NY apt. which is extremely challenging. I still have a couple of plants with me after a few years now - not sure how they made it. About 2 years ago (or is it 1 year?) I replanted a tree outdoors. This came from a type of citrus I found at the zoo. I forgot the name but it is very sour. I planted a few seeds at my home and got several little plants but only one survived (they almost got to my roof!). I name this plant Orangette. My mother-in-law takes care of her now and she has grown a lot. Maybe one day I can share a photo.

I wish I had a house and the space to grow my own garden. It is so lovely you have that. A great memory to have from your mom, too.


Sunday 21st of June 2015

Rebecca, I bet it is challenging trying to grow things in your apartment. But it sounds like you've had some success. I love that you named one of your plants Orangette. What a great name! I have never named a plant. I do enjoy having the space to grow flowers, but I am finding it quite challenging to keep them looking as they should. Oh well. Thank you for reading and sharing some gardening stories.


Friday 19th of June 2015

Your flowers and memory are lovely. I have a special set of tulips that I received in a planter when I was in the hospital after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis about 15 years ago. I transferred them to a box planter outside my front door, and look forward to see them bloom every year. I started with four bulbs, and they increased to about ten blossoms this year.To me, it is a reminder that I will continue to live, despite this illness. Now I am battling metastatic breast cancer, ten years after my original diagnosis.


Sunday 21st of June 2015

Mlissabeth, That's amazing that you are still seeing those blooms after 15 years. I bet you do look forward to seeing them bloom each year. I like the way you see it as a reminder that you continue to live despite your illness. I'm sorry to hear you are also dealing with metastatic breast cancer. I hate this disease.

Beth L. Gainer

Friday 19th of June 2015

Wow. I LOVE this post. You are continuing to transplant a legacy, and this is so important. What wonderful memories (except for the mosquito part). I don't have a green thumb; in fact, I kill plants, though I don't mean to. My mom has a great green thumb.

Thanks for the update, Nancy.


Sunday 21st of June 2015

Beth, I'm glad you enjoyed this one. It is quite rewarding to continue this small legacy by keeping these particular daisies and irises growing. And I have killed many plants, too, which is exactly why the survival of these plants is extra special. Thank you for reading.

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