Nancy’s Point is Two Years Old!

Yes, Nancy’s Point is two years old! I pushed that publish button for the first time two years ago while I was smack dab in the middle of chemotherapy.

My how time does fly!

Now when I think about it, that was sort of a risky time to put personal thoughts out there.

Naturally, this means it’s time for a bit of reflecting and evaluating. It’s also time for a minor tune-up.

I must admit when I first started blogging, I had no idea what I was doing or getting into. I had no idea if anyone would read my blog. I had no idea I would meet so many awesome people. I had no idea I would forge some wonderful friendships.

And of course I had no idea I would grieve deeply for fellow bloggers I grew to care about who have been lost to this wretched disease.

Two years ago I didn’t really even know exactly what I’d be writing about. Daughter and now son-in-law kept reminding me that I’d find my voice.

Have I found it? I guess it’s an evolving process.

One thing I did know from day one was that I wanted to share and share candidly, otherwise what was the point?

This is still my goal.

Sometimes this is a fine line to walk. Sometimes I wonder if a person can share too much, but usually I just go with it.

One observation I make today is that I seem to have become wordier. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but’s it’s something I should probably keep in mind…

Another major observation I’m making is that somehow and somewhere along the line I evolved into being an advocate working toward awareness grounded in breast cancer reality, not merely pink ribbons. I never expected advocacy to become such a major focus for my blog. My friend Rachel of the Cancer Culture Chronicles steered me in this direction. She steers me still.

Where will all this lead? Who knows?

I only know I plan to keep at it. For now.

I completely understand how some of my blogging sisters are feeling fatigued and worn down. Sometimes it seems we keep saying the same things over and over. We wonder if anyone is listening. We wonder if anyone cares. We wonder what the point of it all is and if our efforts matter.

Now with Pinktober on the very near horizon, I’m wondering about these same things too.


Someone recently asked me if I planned to keep blogging now that I was “done” with breast cancer.

That question in itself pretty much sums up the reason why I’m not done.

I will never truly be done. Some people get that. Many more do not…

And now on to the tune-up stuff!

There have been a few minor changes on my site. The main one is probably my about page. I must admit it had been months since I visited this page myself. I hardly recognized the person in the photo. My dogs hadn’t changed much, but I sure had. It was definitely time for some updating.

I’ve also added some of my projects on the side bar. I know this is merely shameless self-promotion, but hey, it’s my blog.

I’ve added a mets page because raising awareness about all things mets has become an even greater passion of mine. You might say I’m driven. Awareness without including mets awareness isn’t awareness at all. I can’t forget my mom, Rachel, Susan, Daria, Chez and all the others.

I can’t and I won’t.

Please check the mets page out. I’d love any suggestions on this one as it’s a work in progress.

I removed my general blog roll (but added a mets one on the mets page) for one reason only. I cant’ keep up. There are so many wonderful blogs out there and I have been greatly amiss at not including too many for too long. I apologize for that.

So that’s about it for the tune-up news and reflections for now.

As always, I welcome your feedback.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who read my blog. Thank you for all the comments as well.

I appreciate every single reader more than I can express.

After all, a blog without readers, is pretty darn lonely.

So, thank you!!!

What would you like to read more (or less) about at Nancy’s Point?

If you have any feedback you’d like to give, I’m listening!



45 thoughts to “Nancy’s Point is Two Years Old!”

  1. Happy Birthday and Thank You for your words, your encouragement and for the strength I find after reading your blog.
    Wishing you many many more Happy Birthdays Nancy!


  2. Congratulations on two years!

    I’m glad you have a mets page–so many people do not understand that breast cancer is still breast cancer when it migrates to other parts of the body. When I had a conversation with my cousin this past summer, I was shocked to find out that she thought my mom had died from bone cancer! I was even more shocked to find out that an acquaintance of mine, a breast cancer survivor herself, thinks that “no one dies from breast cancer.” What? This just shows that even though there is so much “awareness” out there, people in general still don’t understand the disease we are living with. We will never be “done” with breast cancer.

    Now who’s the “wordy” one! 😉 Thanks for all you do through your writing, Nancy!

    1. Ginny Marie, There is still a lot of misinformation about mets out there isn’t there? Thanks so much for your comment. And you too wordy? Never!

  3. Nancy, I love your blog! You tell it like it is!
    Twice I have had lumps removed from my right breast. Thankfully, they were not cancerous!
    But all the frightening thoughts that went through my head as I waited for the results of the first one…..
    My mother had breast cancer, and had one breast removed. The cancer was ‘caught’ in time, and she lived to be 83 years old
    Thanks again, Nancy, for continuing your blog!!!

  4. Congratulations on reaching the ‘two year’ blog milestone. Thank you for continuing to write. I check your site at least every other day and usually find wisdom represented. I too find that many folk, even survivors, believe we should be over it. Keep blogging please.

  5. Congrats and blessings my friend and sister-in-arms. I hope you keep blogging, but would certainly understand if you decided to stop. We all get battle fatigue, especially when the war drags on and on. Bitch away!
    I admire you very much.

  6. Congratulations on your blogoversary…it still feels like only a short while ago that you were starting out..and now i can’t imagine the blogosphere without you! Keep on blogging xxx

    1. Marie, You’re very sweet. I’ve learned an awful lot from you, our “gold standard.” Thanks for your continuing and unwavering support, Marie.

  7. Congratulations on two years of sharing your journey. You are quite courageous, always poignant and of course inspiring.
    Elizabeth Fitch
    Public Relations Coordinator
    Blog Nation

    1. Renn, I love how so many of us come at this from different angles. I always look forward to your perspectives as well. Thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment so often too. It’s great to “know” you.

  8. Happy blogging anniversary, Nancy! That’s so cool to reach this incredible milestone. What a long way we bloggers have come as we refine our writing and become intimate cyberfriends. xox

  9. ***Tossing confetti****

    Congrats and all that good stuff….. I am so glad I am part of your world. I have been thinking about a “blog-makeover” too. The blogroll is getting so damn long but it’s the only way I can remember to check in on everyone. Chemobrain makes it impossible to keep tabs. It may be time for me to start using that RSS feed thing…..

    Your writing is beautiful and insightful and you have opened up some very special conversations with your words.

    Big Hugs…


    1. Ann Marie, Thanks so much for your congrats, kind words and friendship. And thanks for using your passionate voice as a vehicle for making a difference. You can keep your blog roll unpublished. That’s what I did. Then I can let it get a mile long, but not worry about unintentionally forgetting someone. I can’t remember stuff either!

  10. Happy anniversary, Nancy! Yours was one of the first blogs that I discovered in the breast cancer blogosphere. I look forward to much more great reading!!

  11. Congratulations Nancy! I am a new reader to your blog and appreciate your style and genuineness. Keep on keeping on! I have only been doing my own blog for a few months but have learned so much. We all need each other to keep the inspiration going. You and the many others who blog about BC have helped bring out the activist in me as well. Together we can make enough noise to be heard. Keep up the good work!

    1. Lisa, Thanks for finding my blog and letting me know. I certainly appreciated your postings on Pink Ribbon Blues. You’re very articulate. It’s funny you mention the activist thing because I never thought I’d head down that path…good luck with your blogging and thanks so much for commenting.

  12. Happy Blogoversary to my very first friend out there in cyber space. Yours was the first blog to help me see I wasn’t alone. Thank you for sharing so openly and spreading awareness so relentlessly. Maybe one day no one else will need to write such blogs. At least that’s my hope. Keep writing, my friend. xoxo

    1. Stacey, Oh my, that’s such a lovely comment! Thank you so much. I remember well when I first read a comment you left on my blog which in turn led me to yours. I’m very grateful for your friendship, Stacey, so thanks for finding me! I’ve missed hearing from you of late, but I totally understand. I’m thrilled you are living your life, but I’m sort of hoping there’s a post coming soon too. Regardless, it’s sure nice knowing you’re always out there. That’s what makes you a true and dear friend.

  13. Nancy, congratulations on the blog being two years old! It’s amazing how you started this blog during chemo. I could never write much during treatment. You simply amaze me. And of course you have readers. You are that good. BTW, I will check out your mets page as soon as I can. I agree that there are so many wonderful blogs out there, too much to keep up with them all.

  14. I really relate to what you said about how breast cancer never leaves you, advocacy has become so important, and adding your mets page is something you felt you had to do. When first diagnosed I don’t think many of us knew that 30% of us would end up with MBC and eventually die from the disease. Of course we know the amount of time after mets is a different range depending on so many factors like pathology, where the mets are, etc.. And yes, we are listening! Together we also can work on changing the public perception of breast cancer from being pretty pink disease to the truth that there is hardly any change in the death rates. Thanks Nancy for continuing to write these wonderful posts!-Susan

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