“A Breast Cancer Alphabet – the Nancy’s Point Version N-Z” & A Final Giveaway too!

So, have you been thinking about your breast cancer alphabet? I hope so. Sometimes a good writing prompt can really get the old brain working. It’s time for Part 2 of “A Breast Cancer Alphabet – the Nancy’s Point Version N-Z.” Did you miss part 1? No fear. You can read it here. And don’t forget to read my review of the real deal, A Breast Cancer Alphabet, the new book by Madhulika Sikka. She actually got her alphabet published in a book. Why didn’t I think of this breast cancer alphabet idea?

Oh well.

If you’ve been thinking about joining me in this breast cancer alphabet exercise, I’d suggest not over-thinking your choices. I decided to write down the words that popped into my head first; sort of like the “Rorschach” inkblot test we’ve all heard of. Okay, I said sort of. So go ahead; try it! And our choices probably won’t be making it into a book, so any letter/word choice combo goes, if you get my drift…

So, here’s my part 2…

 A Breast Cancer Alphabet – the Nancy’s Point Version N-Z

‘N’ – is for nipples. I now have an ongoing case of nipple envy. I will be writing a post about this soon. When I get up the nerve to talk nipples again. Oh, and come to think of it, here’s an old post on nipple tattooing some of you might not have read yet.

‘O’ – is for organize. When you’re diagnosed with cancer, or any serious illness, the appointments, medications, to do lists, medical info to keep track of, lists of doctor names and a whole host of other stuff starts morphing into what sometimes seems like unmanageable stacks/piles and things to do. So doing some organizing is essential. Find or figure out some kind of system that works for you. It will help keep you sane. If you can get somebody else to organize stuff for you, that’s even better.

‘P’ – is for “pink propaganda.” Probably no need to say more… for this post anyway.

‘Q’ – is for quit. Sometimes a person diagnosed with cancer just wants to quit pretending to be okay, quit going to doctor appointments, quit getting poked and prodded, quit radiation, quit chemo, quit cleaning the house (or anything else), quit getting out of bed, quit exercising, quit trying to appear strong. Just quit. Too bad you can’t just quit cancer. Hmm…

‘R’ – is for realist. I have always been one. Probably always will be.

‘S’ – is for sex and sleep. I can’t decide, so I’m going with both words because both of these things are greatly impacted by breast cancer. Besides, who said I can’t pick two words?

‘T’– is for truths. I will always attempt to share my truths and respect the truths of others. Otherwise what’s the point of sharing any of this stuff?

‘U’ – is for uncertainty. Post-diagnosis, uncertainty becomes your middle name. Well, not quite, but almost. It’s certainly part of your life description from there on out.

‘V’ – is for vacation. Sometimes you need a vacation from yourself. Or from cancer. Or from both. Wouldn’t that be nice?

‘W’ – is for those weary worn out war metaphors. Do we need some updated cancer language? Yes!

‘X’ – is for all those cancer “Xpectations” out there of the spoken and unspoken kind. I have a feeling you know what I’m talking about. One of the most cumbersome ones just might be, after your cancer diagnosis you’re a better person now, right?

‘Y’ –  is for yearnings for yesterday. I don’t want to rewind my life or anything, but there are certain things I still yearn for and yes, miss. A lot. And this is okay. I don’t need to feel guilty about this and neither do you!

‘Z’ – is for …. this letter is always a challenge, but I finally decided ‘Z’ is for zero tolerance. There are some things and some people (what and who will remain un-named here) that I now have zero tolerance for.

So that’s my breast cancer alphabet. There is nothing fun about breast cancer, but making up my own breast cancer alphabet sure was fun.

I’d love to read some of your letter/word combos!

Leave a comment below (no, you don’t have to share a combo if you don’t feel like it) by 5 pm on Sunday, March 23 and you’ll be entered in my final giveaway and a chance to win a FREE copy of the real deal, A Breast Cancer Alphabet, by Madhulika Sikka. The winner will be announced on this post shortly there after.

Why not enter today?   

WINNER! – The winner of this giveaway is Kira!

Congratulations, Kira!

And thank you to all you participated!



13 thoughts to ““A Breast Cancer Alphabet – the Nancy’s Point Version N-Z” & A Final Giveaway too!”

  1. Nancy, I love your alphabet. I read an excerpt of the book on Amazon.

    I’m not nearly as good as you with the associations, but I am typing wrapped:
    L: is for lymphedema, the other chronic disease I acquired during treatment
    F: is for firing, for firing the oncologist who cut me off with “But you’re FINE now!” when I tried to explain how upset I was about having to have a hysterectomy for tamoxifen induced endometrial cancer

    1. Kira, I’m glad you liked mine. Thank you! And yes, lymphedema is a biggie for “L” for sure. And no wonder you chose firing for “F”! Thank you sharing. You’re in the final drawing! So far, you’re the only one!!

  2. Love Z!! I have been thinking about that very thing the last few days as I contemplate how to disengage myself from a toxic individual in my life.

  3. This is great Nancy! I’ve been getting behind on my reading from all the classes I’ve been taking. Always love your blog. Thanks for the gentle reminders to pop in. Loves ya!

  4. T is for time….each of us needs to take the time we need for adjusting, healing, and doing. (Liking the chances at the giveaways–fun!

    1. Sue, You’re so right about that time thing… And yes, the odds are better than usual with this giveaway with four chances to win the book. And this is a hard-cover $24 edition, so it’s a deal for sure. Thanks for participating!

  5. Thanks for sharing Nancy, you have done really well to complete the alphabet. I love V for Vacation – as I think everyone needs a vacation to slip away from “normal’ life for a life, it can give you a whole new perspective. Love Gai

    1. Gai, It was a fun exercise for me to do. I liked coming up with my own alphabet. I agree about those vacations…they’re so important, even if we only take them in our minds. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  6. Nancy,

    Could I relate to these! My big ones are O and Q. My oncology nurse stopped me from quitting chemo.

    And that’s what I choose for the letter N: nurse (nipples are a good one, too). I also have nipple envy, but I’m coping as best as I can.

    Mind if I do the alphabet challenge for a post or posts? It seems like fun and is a natural writing prompt for sure.

    1. Beth, Oh, you should definitely do the alphabet challenge post. I thoroughly enjoyed writing these two posts of mine. I also enjoyed the book I reviewed if you ever decide to check it out, let me know your thoughts on it. I look forward to your posts, but then again, I always do! Thanks for sharing a couple of your letter/word combos.

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