#BCAM During a #Pandemic: Silence is still not an option, but pacing yourself is #breastcancer #advocacy #pinkribbons #pinkisnotacure #pinkribbonculture

Breast Cancer Awareness Month during a pandemic – Silence is still not an option, but pacing yourself is

Here we are. Another October. Another Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (This is BCAM # 36, if I’m counting right.) One week down. Another 21 days or so of who knows what coming down the pink pipeline.

Does BCAM feel different this year?

I mean, there’s the pandemic, deep political divides (even within families), the election, the social unrest, the crazy weather, the fires, the hurricanes, the joblessness, the uncertainty about what seems like almost everything and let’s not forget all the cancer crap that continues to wreak havoc in so many lives – perhaps in yours.

Does anyone even have the time to think about BCAM, much less the spare energy needed to focus on it, especially during a pandemic?

Does any of what we’ve said (for years now) and continue to say matter?

Have we even made a dent in changing the overly pinktified, stale narrative?

Hmm, your guess is a good as mine. Probably better.

I counted up the posts I’ve written over the past ten years during BCAM. There have been close to 50. And those are just the ones written specifically in Octobers past. Even I got bored sifting through them all.

I mean, good grief. How many times and how many ways can we keep saying the same things?

Well, like I say every year, as many times as it takes. Yep. Just like when teaching. You just keep trying.

Advocacy is never about one day or one month anyway. (Again, just like teaching.)

No, it’s an ongoing, do what you can when you feel up to it sort of thing.

So, even this year when there’s so much shit going on and despite the uncertainty, silence is not an option. Not for me anyway. Mainly, because you never know who might be listening.

If you feel like being silent, that’s okay. I get it. Pretty sure we all relate. Come back out in November or whenever you feel up to it.

Successful advocacy takes the work of many. When some are too weary, (and I’m just gonna say it, when some are too sick and yes, even die), it’s up to the rest of us to pick up the slack.

It’s not like October’s the only month that advocacy work needs doing. Nope, it’s a 365 days a year thing.

So remember, whatever you decide to do (or not do) regarding BCAM this year (or any year), it’s fine.

Silence may or may not be your best option.

For sure, pacing yourself always is.

That’s what I’m trying to do.

What about you?

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Does BCAM feel different to you this year or pretty much the same?

How are you trying to pace yourself?

What is one thing you want people to better understand about breast cancer?

#BCAM During a #Pandemic:  Silence is still not an option, but pacing yourself is #breastcancer #pinkribbons #pinkisnotacure #advocacy

6 thoughts to “Breast Cancer Awareness Month during a pandemic – Silence is still not an option, but pacing yourself is”

  1. It does feel different to me. I feel more anger coming from the MBC crowd and I like those who say that there needs to be more work on a cure or to make it a chronic rather than a terminal illness (I get it now) rather than putting money into prevention as it now seems to be. I think it’s because I’m reading Twitter more and there is a ton of information available through twitter from doctors, bloggers, and ordinary people (like the 22 year old who had to see a cardiologist before her radiation started and was told that the effects of radiation on the heart may not be seen for years. Sad.) As for advocacy, I think you are right on when you say that we need to advocate for people who cannot, or sadly, those who’ve died.

    1. Linda, I know some find anger to be a complete turnoff, but sometimes it can be pretty darn useful – necessary even. Of course, anger has to be balanced with reason and sound messaging so that people listen to your intended message. The lack of focus on MBC for decades now during BCAM is certainly cause for anger. And it seems like there is more focus on it now, though still not nearly enough. So yeah, anger can be effective in bringing change. I haven’t seen anything outlandishly pink yet this year. But then, I’m not going anywhere. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I def feel different this yr with so many other things going on. And we haven’t been out and about much so we’ve not seen our little town bathed in pepto bismol pink! Just a few ads on tv. I don’t feel as threatened as I have in yrs past, but I do wish I would see more energy put into MBC. I could handle that!

    1. Donna, I haven’t been out much either, so I haven’t seen a whole lot – not yet anyway! I agree, more energy and $$$ should be put into MBC. I think we could all agree on that. Thank you for taking time to comment.

  3. Got an email from a dog products company on Oct. 1 advertising all their pink products – collars, harnesses, leashes. The whole email was designed in pink. No mention of breast cancer awareness or making donations. Just Pink Advertising.

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