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Calling All Bloggers & Blog Readers – It’s a Summer Blog Hop!

Last week, I told you about this summer’s blogging challenge and why I decided to go ahead with challenge #six. Yes, this is number six! Crazy, right?

Read last week’s invitation to this year’s challenge.

Now, let’s get THIS year’s blog hop challenge going!

Below are my answers to the eight questions I posed last week. I cannot wait to read YOUR answers in a post on YOUR blog. Not a blogger but an active blog reader? Keep reading for how YOU can participate too!

2020 Blog Challenge Questions

1. Who are you? Tell us whatever you want about you and your blog.

I started blogging nearly ten years ago. I know, I can’t believe it’s been that long either. Check back in September for something big to mark ten years. I have no idea what that might be yet, but I’ll think of something.

My goal has always been #KeepingItReal. I never sugarcoat, and that will not be changing. I write about grief a lot too because cancer and grief go hand in hand. They just do. Plus, grief in general remains a much under-discussed topic. Why this is I do not know.

I write about whatever else I want too, which is why this blog is called Nancy’s Point. I get reprimanded now and then for stepping outside my lane, but again, as this is my blog, I’ll choose whatever lane I want. Besides, just about everything is somehow connected to cancer.

2. What has been your biggest blogging challenge during this pandemic, and how have you been tackling it (or trying to)?

There have been many challenges, but my biggest blogging challenge has been trying to stay focused. It’s been hard at times to keep to my almost weekly new post schedule. It’s been hard at times to focus on writing. Heck, it’s been hard to focus period.

I’ve been trying to tackle this challenge by attempting to stick to my writing routine (and other routines too). Writing is my job, so I show up every day. I sit down. I write. I try not to wander too much or too often into things that distract me during work time.

Admittedly, it’s been hard. But others are doing way harder things, and I remind myself of that every day.

3. What is something you’ve accomplished with your blog that you’re most proud of?

I’ve been consistently publishing a new post nearly once a week for almost ten years. I am proud of that because it’s been a commitment I have followed through on.

4. Share two of your best blogging tips.

Figure out what your blogging goals are, and make a plan for how you will achieve them (or try to). You’re either committed (to your goals) or you’re not.

Be authentic. Don’t try to copy someone else. Learn from everybody, but find your own voice. Readers want, deserve and respond to authenticity.

You might want to read, 20 Blogging Tips.

For more tips read, 12 Strategies that Will Increase Traffic to Your Blog.

5. What is one of your blogging goals this year?

I would like to grow my email list. As I’ve mentioned before, Facebook, Twitter and other social media venues have way too much control over who sees what. My email list let’s me and subscribers be in control, and I much prefer that. Hopefully, subscribers do too.

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6. When things get hard, what keeps you blogging, even if not regularly?

My mother’s metastatic breast cancer experience continues to drive me. My platform might be small, but it’s mine, and I do what I can with it to make a small difference for anyone diagnosed with this disease regardless of age, gender, type of cancer or stage.

Plus, I love to write. That keeps me going too. This blog gives me a place to “put” my cancer, advocacy, opinions, grief and whatever else I’m feeling that needs a place to be “put”.

7. What is a dream you have for your blog?

A dream I have is for a post to go viral. Just one post. I don’t even know technically, what number constitutes a post of any sort going viral, but if I had one do that, I’d probably know!

8. Share a link to a favorite post you’ve written that you want more people to read.

Hands down, my favorite advocacy post is, When a Cancer Billboard Is Offensive. As a result of readers’ and social media reactions, Mayo took down the billboard. That felt good. Really good.

My personal favorite is, 15 Shitty Things Cancer Has Taught Me. Ya’ll know I love a good rant! I’m working on a sequel list with more shitty things I’ve learned.

(I know that’s two posts, so feel free to share two of yours too.)

There you go. Those are my answers. I cannot wait to read YOURS! So get your blog posts ready!

Don’t forget to add a photo or two. Maybe one of YOU.

Below are directions on how to link up YOUR blog post on this one. Deadline to do so is July 26.

Bloggers, to link up your post to this one, “click here to enter” down below (in blue) and fill out the form. Be sure to click enter your link after filling out the form.

Next, click on “Get the code here” (the red link below on the left) to get the code to paste into YOUR post on YOUR blog.

Choose one of the two codes (if one doesn’t work, try the other). Copy and paste it into YOUR blog post wherever you want the list to appear in your post. (I suggest at the bottom).

Important: You need to be in HTML mode when you paste the code into your post as you edit your post, or it won’t work.

If you have trouble, email or message me, and I will add your link to the blog hop list manually. Or just leave a link in the comments. However, you’ll still need to add the code to your post on your blog if you want all the other bloggers’ links to appear on your post.

If all the above sounds like gibberish, just link back to this post so your readers can follow the trail.

Not a blogger, but want to participate? Yay!

Pick a question below to answer. Answer on this blog or any other blog you hop to. Or ask a question or share a thought in the comments. It’s feedback time!

1. What do you like most about reading blogs?

2. What’s your biggest pet peeve about blog posts you read?

3. Do you sign up to be on bloggers’ email lists, why or why not?

4. What feedback (any kind) do you have for this blogger and/or other bloggers?

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Thank you for participating in this summer’s challenge!

Don’t forget to hop around to other blogs and say hi. That’s sort of the whole point of a blog hop.

Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite blog. (After this one, of course! 😉)


You're invited to participate in my #summer #blogging challenge! #blog #bloggers #bloggerstribe #writinglife

26 thoughts to “Calling All Bloggers & Blog Readers – It’s a Summer Blog Hop!”

  1. Nancy, your challenge is so exciting! The instructions you provided work perfectly! I’m so looking forward to reading everyone’s answers. Thank you so much, Gogs.

    1. Gogs, I agree. It should be fun. Thanks for letting me know my directions worked perfectly! I tried to make them easy to follow. Thanks again for participating.

  2. Ok, I think I did it correctly! The directions worked very well again this year. 🙂 Thanks, Nancy, for all that you do to help us connect together. 🙂

  3. This was a lot of fun! Your instructions were great. I needed to use the second code as I was told I needed a business plan on Word Press in order to use the first one. Maybe that is something I need to consider as part of my goals for my blog. Happy blogging!

    1. Kristie, It seems the link you put in isn’t working. I didn’t see a blog post with your answers on your blog. When you get one done, try putting the link in again. Thank you for participating! (I’ll need to delete the one that’s there.)

        1. Kristie, That’ll work just fine. Just come back and re-enter the link to your post on Sunday or up through July 26. I’ll delete the present link. 🙂

    1. Lisa, I’m so glad you are participating in this year’s challenge. Loved reading your answers. Enjoy the rest of summer. Hoping you and your family stay safe and well.

  4. Thank you so much for this, Nancy. I’m pretty sure I was able to figure out linking everything properly. If not, blame it on the brain cancer! 😉 Haha. I never get tired of my own cancer jokes although I’m sure others do!

    I’m so excited to discover new writers and connect with other bloggers. <3

    1. Ruthie, Thank YOU for joining in. Looks like you did everything just fine. It is fun to discover new bloggers to connect with. Loved your answers. So well thought out. Thanks again for participating. Keep writing.

  5. Thanks for inviting me to take part in your blog hop challenge Nancy. I am having problems using the WordPress app on my iPad so the link didn’t work as expected and I cant see the list of other bloggers blogs. Hey ho! I always love reading your blogs X

  6. Oh no – I’ve just realised I missed the deadline! Sorry, Nancy – I was intending to join in, but I got caught up in other things. I’ll still have a read of everyone’s post, though – it’s a great way to find out about new people, as I discovered last year. Sending much love. Julia

    1. Julia, No worries. You can still participate by writing a post with your responses, it’s just the linky tools list that is closed. Thanks so much for stopping by. x

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