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Hayashi Worldwide, System Hinoki, Hair Product Review & a Giveaway too!

I receive requests quite often to review products and books. Generally, I say thanks, but no thanks. Frankly, I get tired of being asked to provide free advertising via my blog. I value you, your time, my time and the integrity of content I write too much to do that, and so I don’t say yes very often. I have worked hard to earn your trust and I will continue to do that. Your trust matters a great deal to me and I do not take it for granted.

When I do decide to review a product, it will be something I am interested in and think you might be as well. And I almost always ask for a giveaway opportunity because I want you, my dear readers, to get a chance to try a new product or read a new book for free. Who doesn’t like free stuff from time to time, right?

So when I was contacted a while back to review the Hayashi Worldwide Hair Care Products for Thinning Hair, specifically System Hinoki, I agreed to. Let me just tell you upfront, this is a paid review. But rest assured, it is also an honest review. You will never get any other sort from me.

I decided to review this particular product because I have ongoing hair issues directly related to my primary cancer treatment and now directly related to taking an aromatase inhibitor. I have written about hair more than a few times. Hair is just hair, but who are we kidding? We all know it is so much more than just hair…Which reminds me, I have another hair rant in the works…

Before chemo my hair was decent. In fact, I always considered my hair and my eye lashes to be two of my better features. After chemo I waited for my hair to regrow. I waited and hoped for that new and improved hair we sometimes read patients get post chemo. Then I just waited for my old hair. Then I just waited for any hair. Then I waited some more. Finally, my hair grew; but let’s just say, mine did not come back new and improved. And then I went on an aromatase inhibitor. For some women, aromatase inhibitors inhibit hair growth or even cause hair loss. They aren’t called inhibitors for nothing. This is one more reason (like we needed another) AIs are the drugs we love to hate. They can and sometimes do wreak havoc on our hormones, our joints, our sex lives, our bone health and yes, our hair.

These days I admit it, I am on the lookout for products to help with hair issues I have and know others do too. So I decided okay, I’ll try these products out and see what happens. Why not?

If you visit the Hayahsi Worldwide website, their mission is this:

To go above and beyond just colors and fragrances by creating products that actually solve problems.

That’s a good mission.

The specific product package I tried out was Hayashi Worldwide, System Hinoki , a system specifically intended to improve fine and thinning hair. They don’t promise hair growth per se, but it’s implied. All products contain Hinoki oil, which the company claims has been proven to enhance scalp health. I did not investigate the science behind the products other than reading what was on the website and on the bottles.

The trial hair care products arrived nicely packaged as a set of four products which are listed below: IMAG1388 - Copy - Copy

The System Hinoki volumizing shampoo – The shampoo worked up into a nice enough lather for me. Sometimes salon products don’t lather up well, so I was happy about that. You use a normal amount.

The System Hinoki Conditioner – This turned out to be a pleasant, creamier consistency than I expected. Often times this type of conditioner is too light-weight and thus for me anyway, fails to sufficiently detangle, which is critical to prevent further damage to fine and delicate hair. This product did detangle satisfactorily for me.

The System Hinoki leave in scalp conditioner – You’re directed to apply this product daily, focusing on your scalp area. You just aim, spray and gently massage into your scalp. It was not unpleasant to use and didn’t seem heavy at all. I used it in the evening, allowing it time to do its thing and not get rubbed off or brushed out. A criticism I have is the bottle shape. I had difficulty holding the bottle with one hand while looking at the top/back of my scalp while holding a mirror with my other hand in order to properly aim and spray where I wanted to. A better bottle shape would help with this. But I’m the first to admit, coordination is not my strong suit. But for me, this particular bottle was heavy and clunky to use.

The System Hinoki thickener – This is another leave-in product which is more less a styling gel or mousse like you might normally use. I generally don’t use this kind of product because they tend to just weigh my hair down and not accomplish much, other than frustrating me. I used this one sporadically.


All four products were pleasant to use. There were no strong fragrances at all, in fact hardly any fragrance, though they do not state fragrance-free on the bottles.


The cost for all four products is around $80 and there is no shipping cost. You can buy them separately as well. I always appreciate free shipping. The price isn’t too bad, as salon type products are always more than hair products you buy at regular retail stores; plus, they did last me for over three months and I do shampoo almost daily. I still have some left.

But as far as the big question – did I notice new hair growth?

No, I did not.

Did I like the products?

Yes, I did.

I was disappointed that I saw no real improvement in my hair as far as volume goes (of course, results might be different for others), but to be honest, I wasn’t really expecting that. As far as product quality and product satisfaction, I’d give System Hinoki a thumbs up.

If you’re looking for a product to help you grow new or more hair, keep looking (again, your results might be different). I will too. But if you’re looking for a product to use on fine and/or thinning hair, this one might be worth a try.

If you’d like to be entered in this giveaway for a chance to win a FREE set of the four reviewed products, leave a comment by February 5, 11 pm CT, stating you’d like to be included in the drawing and you’re in! For this giveaway, a USA or Canada mailing address is required. The winner will be announced here on this post shortly after. Thanks!

Do you have hair thinning/hair loss issues due to cancer treatment or any other reason?

If yes, have you found anything that helps?

NOTE:  The winner of this giveaway is Debby! Congrats, Debby!



23 thoughts to “Hayashi Worldwide, System Hinoki, Hair Product Review & a Giveaway too!”

  1. Yes, I would like to be in the contest. I’m always looking for hair help. About a year after chemo, I was feeling a little sassy having some hair to style. Then my ever wonderful hubby looked at my new ‘do and said, “I can see your scalp.” Sniffle, sniffle.

  2. Hi Nancy, thanks for reviewing this product.

    Aromasin has played havoc with my hair, which grew back beautifully after chemo until I started taking the AI!

    So, yes please, I would like to enter the contest.


  3. Great review! I’m glad you liked the products! The shampoo and conditioner sound nice, and I like that there are no fragrances or at least very little. I typically do not use any hair products other than shampoo/conditioner. Seems like anything else just makes my hair greasy or weighed down like you said.

    1. Lindsay, The products seem to be of good quality and I liked that there is hardly any fragrance too. I appreciated the opportunity to try them out. Glad you liked my review. Thank you.

  4. I would love to be included for this giveaway ! sounds like a product I could fall in love with ! thank you for the chance !

  5. Going through chemo twice, having been on aromasin and on Faslodex, I am not finding my hair coming in fuller, shinier, and luxurious. Wishful thinking on my part, but I’ve always been a softy when it comes to fairy tales. Yes, please enter my name.

  6. Yes I would love to be entered in this giveaway! I’ve been looking for something for years now to thicken my hair! I’ve tried everything you can imagine with no luck! I need a miracle for this hair. Having thin hair is not only embarrassing but very depressing!! Maybe this is the answer! I need a miracle!

  7. Hi Nancy,

    Please include me in the giveaway opportunity. Luckily, my hair was unaffected by chemo and the AIs I took, but I have a friend with thinning hair (due to age, not illness), and she might benefit from this.

    Your review is wonderful, and I appreciate your candor. Being truthful is the only way, right? It sounds like a really good product. I, too, am flooded with product requests, and I have always said “no,” although if there’s a product that strikes my fancy, I might be apt to say “yes.”

    Thank you for letting your readers know about this product.

    1. Beth, Thanks for the kind words about my review. I find doing one now and then is kind of fun. Thanks for reading and entering on your friend’s behalf. So nice of you!

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