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Merry Christmas from Nancy’s Point!

Well, here we go, my last blog post for 2019. Heck, it’s my last blog post for the decade!

Thank you for reading Nancy’s Point this past year. Thank you for commenting on and sharing articles when you felt moved to do so. Thank you for offering support not just for me and my writing, but for one another as well.

Thank you for being part of this amazing community.

You’re the best readers ever!

Due to a host of reasons, the holidays can be a challenging time for many. If you are struggling and wondering how you’re going to make it through this time of year because you’re feeling anything but festive for whatever reason, may you have moments of peace, light and love.

And remember, you are not alone. I see you. I hear you, and I care about what you have to say.

Wishing you and your dear ones a lovely and meaningful holiday season – whatever that means to you.

Remember, yours will be special just because it yours.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

See you in 2020!

Together, we’ll keep on #KeepingItReal.

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2019 Stordahl Christmas tree!

Are you struggling this holiday season?

Share something about your holiday plans, if you want to.


Thursday 2nd of January 2020

I hope you had an amazing Christmas! Happy new year to you! I hope 2020 brings you some amazing opportunities x


Tuesday 7th of January 2020

bournemouthgirl, Thank you so much. Happy new year to you as well!

Liz Kaufman

Friday 20th of December 2019

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for all that you do to help people in a frightening time of their lives. You find the experts in the field or interview patients in the searching for a cure. You do not post “pink” facts but solid facts. Keep up the great job.


Tuesday 24th of December 2019

Liz, Thank you for your kind words and ongoing support.

David Kubichek

Thursday 19th of December 2019

Your constant wisdom and encouragement makes a difference to me and to so many others. God Bless


Friday 20th of December 2019

David, Thank you for your kind words.

Rebecca Russo

Wednesday 18th of December 2019

Merry Christmas & Gods abundant blessings to you. I just wish that we could all be healed of this metastatic breast cancer & of all the other cancers. With Gods grace we can all have HOPE.


Thursday 19th of December 2019

Rebecca, Indeed. Thank you for commenting.


Wednesday 18th of December 2019

Bright Yule! May the light in your heart see you through the darkest night and may the returning sun rekindle the sacred fires within!


Thursday 19th of December 2019

mamamorgaine, That's lovely. Thank you.

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