More Ocean Gazing…

This week dear hubby and I are off doing some ocean gazing. Okay, technically, it’s gulf or sea gazing, but that qualifies. This is no small deal when you live in Wisconsin, smack-dab in the center of the country where ocean gazing can only be done in our dreams or while watching a movie or TV show. While dear hubby and I live by a small body of water, it is nothing like living by a grand, massive body of water like an ocean. I’m sure we totally look like out-of-towners with our untanned bodies and tell-tale looks of wonderment plastered on our faces as we do what we came to do  – more ocean gazing. 

Ocean gazing is totally wonderful for so many reasons. It’s rejuvenating. It’s relaxing and restful. It’s restorative to both body and spirit. It’s simply a lovely thing to experience as often as a person can, and for us, it’s not that often. I realize all this sounds over the top cliche-like, but cliches exist for a reason I guess. Perhaps I’ll share more about our get-away later, but for now I’ll just go with another cliche, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.

No kidding.

I wonder if the person who came up with that one was doing some ocean gazing at the time…

I know it’s hard to choose, but do you prefer ocean gazing, mountain gazing or some other kind of ‘nature gazing’?

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8 thoughts to “More Ocean Gazing…”

  1. Hi Nancy,

    I am all about the ocean! I grew up in the Dominican Republic and lived not far from the ocean. There’s nothing like the sound of the waves/water. I miss it.

    I live in NY now and there are no trees. No oceans. Not much nature, really. I don’t like it but like everything else, there is a tradeoff. The economy is hard in my native country. I am lucky to have a good insurance and a good job here in NY. I actually live close to a (dirty) ocean right now but it is not the same.

    Here’s a picture of where I come from: I didn’t live far from there. This is where my school was located:

    Oh yes, I miss my home.

    1. Rebecca, Well, no wonder you choose ocean gazing then as your favorite. That photo is just stunning. i bet you do miss your home. Thank you for sharing.

    1. CC, I am envious. I suppose no matter what our local attraction is, we don’t enjoy it as often as we should. Still, I hope you do rectify your lack of beach time this summer! Thanks for reading and sharing.

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Enjoy your time away to embrace the ocean! I do love the ocean and, as you know, living in Illinois poses the same kind of ocean issue as where you live. My preferred nature gazing is the Smoky Mountains. It is heavenly. Pair that with the sound of waterfalls in this national park, and you have complete nirvana.

    1. Beth, Thanks so much. I will enjoy it. I was at the Smoky Mountains quite some time ago and I agree, it is a lovely place. I do love mountains, especially the snow-topped ones, but I must say there is something profoundly special about ocean gazing.

    1. Mandi, I love the mountains too. It’s hard to choose which I like more the ocean or mountains… and of course even nature in my own backyard is pretty amazing when I remember to take time to appreciate it. Thank you for reading and commenting. Hope you get to the ocean this year.

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