My New Summer Blogging Challenge Is Here!

Summer is fleeting, so this means it’s time for another, you guessed it, summer blogging challenge! This makes blogging challenge number four. I know, can you believe it? The previous challenges turned out to be so much fun thanks to those who participated, so thank you to those who did!

Are you ready for summer blogging challenge number four?

If so, keep reading!

I was going to set up one of those blog hops, but decided against it. Too confusing. Too limiting. Too many rules. Too much trouble work. Just too much.


If you want to participate, check out this year’s list of questions below and answer them in a blog post on your blog. Easy-peasy, right?

Not a blogger?

No problem. Check the parentheses and/or pick the questions you want to respond to, and share your answers with a comment. I would never leave Dear Readers out of a blogging challenge, cuz we bloggers love our blog readers!

One more thing, this challenge is open to bloggers in any niche, ‘cuz cancer bloggers’ and blog readers’ lives are not just about cancer. So, spread the word!

2018 Summer Blogging Challenge Questions! 

1.  How long have you been blogging (or reading blogs)?

I started blogging in September 2010, so guess you could say I’m an old timer in more ways than one.

2.  How has your blog changed?

I don’t think mine has changed all that much. I still try to write a variety of posts content-wise. Some are personal. Some are informational. Some are newsy. Some are sciency. Some are about advocacy. I guess you could say, I like to mix it up. Biggest change is somewhere along the line, I evolved into an advocate who refuses to sugarcoat, and of course, I continue to be an ally for those with metastatic breast cancer. Always. Mechanics-wise one change is I’m working on adding more and bigger (Pinterest likes big) images in posts. And I added ads, which I know some readers don’t like. Someday I will write a post about why I did this. Oh, and adding a newsletter was a pretty big (and good) change. Almost forgot that one. I should write about why I did that too. Someday (see #3).

3.  What is your biggest blogging challenge/frustration?


4.  What is your favorite post that you’ve written (or read)?

When a cancer billboard is offensive. Hands down. It’s that one. I actually got a response from Mayo. They seemed surprised it was offensive and wanted to know how their messaging could be improved. At first I thought to myself, um, no. I’m not on your payroll, am I? They did apologize and eventually took the billboard down. That bad ad still pisses me off though.

5.  What are your goals for your blog? (Why do you read blogs?)

Educate. Support. Advocacy. No sugarcoating. Discuss hard topics like death and grief.

6.   How many blogs do you read on a regular basis?

No idea. Varies from week to week. (#3 again)

7.   How do you determine what to share and what not to share; in other words, do you have blog boundaries? (or comment boundaries)

I’m pretty open when it’s about me. I have to respect privacy of family members, so that limits me somewhat.

8.  When things get hard, what keeps you blogging (or reading blogs)?


9.  What is your biggest Cancer Land pet peeve today, right now, this minute?

The constant societal expectation to turn everything into a positive. Even cancer. You know, that whole cancer is a gift/made me a better person BS. Argh!

10.  What one piece of advice would you offer to a new blogger?

It takes time to get the hang of things. Just start and be you.

11.  Share something most people do not know about you. A secret sort of thing.

I am not a face-to-face sort of people person, but I love interacting with others online. Some don’t understand this, and that’s okay.

12.  What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Besides spending time with my family I enjoy reading, movies, Netflix, walking Sophie, politics, history, road trips, eating and doing nothing  at all when I get the chance (Is it okay to admit those last two?) Of course, doing nothing is really thinking time, which is actually something, after all, right?

If you decide to participate in my challenge, yay!

After you write your blog post, come back to this post and leave a link to your post in the comments or message me. When and if you do that, I will add your post to the list below. Otherwise, it’s too hard to keep track, and I don’t want to inadvertently leave someone out. Also, that way you can check back here and follow the links to others who are participating. This will be more fun if participants hop over to other participants’ blogs.

So, I guess this is a blog hop after all! Or it could be. 

Not a blogger? Share your response(s) now or come back later and share with a comment. And there are no deadlines. (Another reason I opted out of setting up a blog hop. Who needs deadlines, right?)

Thank you for reading and participating (hopefully)!

Share this post and help get more bloggers and blog readers participating. Thank you!

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A Summer Blogging Challenge!

25 thoughts to “My New Summer Blogging Challenge Is Here!”

  1. I’m answering question #10: Advice to new bloggers …

    I’ve been blogging since 2008! About dogs. One challenge, but not necessarily a bad thing, is how everything changes so quickly in the “blogging” world. When I started in 2008, it was much simpler. Social media wasn’t much of a “thing” yet. People didn’t know what “blogs” were. I didn’t have an email newsletter and didn’t even post my articles to Facebook. I didn’t have a brand “fan” page. Everything changes so quickly with Google updates, Pinterest and Facebook algorithms, etc. I like that nerdy stuff, but it’s overwhelming for new bloggers AND those of us who have been blogging for 10 years.

    My advice to new bloggers is to just start writing, taking photos or making videos (whatever it is you do) and don’t worry too much about getting it “right” quite yet because none of us have it all totally figured out.

    1. Lindsay, You’re right, it can be overwhelming, so your advice is perfect. Thank you for sharing. And gosh, it’s ten years for you! That’s quite an accomplishment. Congratulations!

  2. 1. How long have you been blogging (or reading blogs)?
    I literally just started really working on it two weeks ago. It isn’t quite ready to let go; two more things to add. It’s called OnWord & Upward! And yes, they typo is correct.

    2. How has your blog changed?
    I decided that instead of it being a blog, I’d called it my author website. I’m writing, writing, writing since cancer treatment (and another horrible health scare) ended. I’m going to try my hand at publishing. Someday.

    3. What is your biggest blogging challenge/frustration?
    Technology! I’m not quick at figuring out websites, or how to work websites. Thankfully, I’ve got a son who IS GREAT at these things and I bribed him with the offer of another trip out to visit me in California if he’d sit down and help me with the most basic of websites. ( Actually, I think he’d have helped me anyway, but I was getting impatient and offered the bribe!)

    4. What is your favorite post that you’ve written (or read)?
    Too soon to have a favorite, but so far all my Personal Asides (just my thoughts) have been fun to write. I’ve only put one on the website so far, but I have a few written.

    5. What are your goals for your blog? (Why do you read blogs?)
    Eventually, I’d like to use it to announce books. I have a bunch written; they just aren’t published. I read them to stay current on issues. Cancer treatment has changed since I finished radiation in 2014 as had other treatments, so I read about that. Mental Illness is a constantly challenging issue and I read a lot – and go to workshops on it. Higher Education is my field, so I try to keep current. Since my colleagues are thirty-somethings I find it a nice challenge – and fun – to keep up with things. Gotta think that it keeps me young.

    6. How many blogs do you read on a regular basis?
    I read blogs that have to do with Cancer, Mental Illness, and Higher Education. I haven’t counted them, but it’s a lot. Sometimes I have to remind myself that there are other things to do . . . like washing my hair, making my bed, etc.

    7. How do you determine what to share and what not to share; in other words, do you have blog boundaries? (or comment boundaries)
    Since part of my blog concentrates on WORDS, I have a running list with quick notes on what it is I want to say. As to boundaries, my website guru – my son – brought this to my attention. He was concerned that obscene stuff, political stuff would just appear on my site. And it turns out that new websites are most targeted for these postings. So, my website is set up with blocks, so this doesn’t happen. Hopefully. When I get comments, I get to read them first and approve them for placement on the website.

    8. When things get hard, what keeps you blogging (or reading blogs)?
    I am a big proponent of self-care. Take time away from things if they are bothering you, or don’t go there. Reading some cancer and mental illness articles is hard sometimes. Sometimes I just plow through them because I want to know what to expect, or how things are changing. But I won’t read about children being used, abused, etc., and I absolutely will not read novels concerning assisted suicide. I think as a cancer victim I understand where that desperation comes from and I pray that I never have to make that kind of choice. But I don’t have to read about others’ – real or fictional – choices

    9. What is your biggest Cancer Land pet peeve today, right now, this minute?
    Where to begin. . . The Cancer Tag, a word like Survivor can set me off. I can’t stand being treated as ‘special’ because I have this cancer label on me. I was recently hospitalized for a stroke and one of the doctors was checking everything he could for cancer because the threat of ‘cancer will always come first with you.’ Is there really such a thing as ‘surviving’ cancer? I doubt it.

    10. What one piece of advice would you offer to a new blogger?
    Before you go crazy trying to figure out how to set a blog or a website up, find or hire someone who enjoys this sort of thing and will teach you the basic, easiest blog. Once I got my son on board, showed him blogs whose designs and items I like (and want), he took a lot of time with me to set it up. There are still many things to learn, but I’m close to letting it out there!
    11. Share something most people do not know about you. A secret sort of thing.
    My favorite genre to read is erotic romance. I’m not afraid to share that information. Hell, I read Fifty Shades of Grade and books like it in the chemo room! But I think it would be a huge surprise to people who know me that I enjoy reading – and writing – in this genre.
    12. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
    Spare time? I write in my spare time. I do enjoy sewing and quilting and reading. I go to the last three to get away from things.

    1. Linda, I am excited to read your first blog post! You’re going to love blogging. Thanks for participating in my summer challenge and good luck with your blog! And your books too.

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