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Trees Are Beautiful, But Messy Too – Just like Life

What comes to mind when you think of Wisconsin? Okay, besides a certain football team, which by the way, is not ‘my’ team. I root for another. Yes, the Vikings, though why I stick with them I do not know… What comes to mind next? Probably cheese or dairy something or other, right? The third thing that comes to your mind might be trees, woods, or some other naturey kind of thing. After all, Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t choose,  Little House in the Big Woods, as the title of her first book for nothing. 

My favorite thing about the state I live in, or at least the little piece of it that is my yard, is the trees. When dear hubby and I moved to Wisconsin almost ten years ago, we bought our house based on the yard it was ‘sitting’ on. The yard with the trees stole our hearts. The house has turned out to be another story… Ours is a yard filled with maple trees, oak trees, ash trees, various other tree specimens and oodles of white pine trees all in various stages of size, shape and form.

One thing I didn’t fully realize before taking up residence in this woodsy setting was that besides being beautiful, trees are pretty darn messy.

Just like life.

Of course everyone knows about fall’s infamous leaf dropping timetable. I anticipated that aspect of fall messiness from the trees in my yard, but in addition to the millions (billions?) of leaves that fall each autumn there is also an ongoing supply of falling pine cones, pine needles, sap, acorns, various floating seeds and pollen that at times fills the air so densely  it looks like falling snow (I am not kidding). And then there is the continuous ridding of varying sizes of twigs and branches that trees do as part of their perpetual self-cleansing and regrowth cycles. No matter what season, the trees in my yard are continuously ridding themselves of something that requires cleanup.

Just like every October, during this year’s ‘big clean-up’ that in reality goes on til the snows come and force us to stop, I am reminded of the beauty and the messiness of trees.

Without a doubt, they are beautiful. They are messy too. You can’t have one without the other.

Just like life.

Thank you for taking this little break from Pinktober with me.

I still love October.

What about you?

Has Pinktober changed how you feel about October?







Beth L. Gainer

Friday 17th of October 2014

Stunning pictures, Nancy. And, as you know, we are neighbors, me being in Illinois. Yes, trees are completely messy, but they sure are beautiful. This is really what October is all about, and this year I have reminded myself about this and won't allow the pink parade to hijack October. It's a lovely month, and all the pink party hoopla is artificial. Thanks for a great post!


Friday 17th of October 2014

Beth, Thank you for stopping by, neighbor, or almost neighbor. I do love October, messiness and all. Good point that the naturey part of October is lovely and real, while much of the pink party hoopla is artificial.

karen sutherland

Friday 17th of October 2014

dear Nancy, when I think of Wisconsin, I always think of cheese. I love cheese, and my sister lives in Mineral Point, a charming town with an astonishing array of artisanal cheese shops. But I also love trees, and thank you for drawing attention to them. I often talk to trees, and in October, I talk to the tiny new baby trees that are covered in their first unfurling of lovely colored leaves. if a gentle breeze should rustle those leaves, I like to imagine the new tiny baby tree is so proud, and that she is saying, "look at me! I did it, just like the big trees! so I say, "Yes, you are beautiful and I am proud of you and every leaf is special because they are your first leaves!"

thank you Nancy for the respite from PUKE (oops) PINKtober). I still love October - I refused to let all the "P" stuff ruin it. I prefer to consider the baby trees and look forward to my first gift delivery of cheese.

much love, Karen xoxo


Saturday 18th of October 2014

Karen, I think many people think of cheese first when they think of WI. I don't know where Mineral Point is, I'll have to find it on a map. I haven't actually lived in WI all that long. I love the fact that you talk to trees! I find that it's more they 'speak' to me. Gosh, I even wrote a post about that last year I think. I refuse to let anything spoil October too and it's still my favorite month of the year, or at least one of them. Thank you so much for reading and sharing some thoughts about trees. Much love back. xo

Facing Cancer

Thursday 16th of October 2014

Oh so lovely, Nancy. Thank YOU for the pause from cancer chat, and bringing us this lovely post. Honestly, since the pollen doesn't bother me, I lovvvve that mess and crunch and smell. October is striking with its beauty. Your yard looks like a very special spot!



Friday 17th of October 2014

Catherine, I love the mess, crunch and smell too, although, the cleanup does get tiresome at time and not just during October. But I'll take the mess if it means I get to enjoy the beauty of the trees in my yard. Thanks for reading and taking the little break with me.

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