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A Few Things to Love About Winter!

Where I live, sometimes it can seem as if winter goes on and on and on. Where ever one goes, generally one hears lots of weather talk which more often than not, means “gripe talk” about what’s wrong with the season known as old man winter. Everyone’s list it seems is similar. Winter is too cold, too dark, too icy, too treacherous, too dreary, too long… You get the idea. Winter is just too _____ fill in the blank!

Of course, there are those who do love winter. But it seems these folks are in the clear minority at about this point into the season. Still, no matter how you feel about winter; even those who dislike it most would probably agree that at times it is downright gorgeous.

I try to remind myself of this from time to time – like today when putting together this post. Or when enjoying snow globe days.

And just because you cannot see the beauty; this does not mean it’s still not there.

So this post is a reminder for me and perhaps for you as well, that there are indeed some wonderful things about winter after all.

There might even be a few things about winter to love!

Such as:

Things to love about #winter!
Taking in the loveliness from inside my nice warm house.


Things to love about #winter!
Bird watching – again, from inside works best!


Things to love about #winter!
When the sun comes out after a fresh snowfall and everything literally sparkles.


Things to love about #winter! #dogs #pets #golenretrievers #spaniels
Fresh snow and new photo opps! Do I detect some boredom with this idea?


Things to love about #winter! #cats #kitty #reading
Snuggling with your favorite kitty and a good book is nice…


Things to love about #winter
And if you can snuggle with the kitty and the book by a nice warm fire, it’s even better…


Things to love about #winter
Finally, along with the kitty, the book, and the fire – add a cup of hot chocolate and you’re set…


So there are indeed some things to love about winter after all!

What do you like (okay, dislike) about winter?

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14 thoughts to “A Few Things to Love About Winter!”

  1. The whites and grays of winter in the Midwest can be very pretty, but sometimes the brain just needs a dose of color I think.

    I was noticing all the colors this week where I live – flowers blooming everywhere. I think when you live in an area with long winters, the brain starts to crave more colors.

  2. No snow in Sydney but I love the cooler weather after the oppressive heat of summer… Love Togo to the Mountains for the clean, fresh air… Last but not least winter is always kinder to my Lymphoedema!!! I can wear skirts and boots and hide it away!!!..

    1. Helen, It’s been unbearably hot in Australia has it not? I love cooler weather too actually. Bitter cold on the other hand, I can do without. Regardless, winter is beautiful, even if we can sometimes no longer see that beauty! Thanks for commmenting.

  3. I like the quiet. The quiet of snow falling. The way the snow insulates and absorbs sound. The beauty of snow on the trees . . . nature’s own artistry that could never be matched by humans. I also like that there is no uncomfortable humidity. And no pesky mosquitos to contend with.

    I love the changing seasons, but being from your neck of the woods, you may relate to my wish for warmer days . . . anything above 32 degrees would sure be appreciated about now.

    1. Lisa, Oh, I love all that stuff you mentioned too. I do appreciate the changing seasons a great deal. Fall is my favorite. And yes, I do most certainly relate to your wish… I’m hoping we’ve soon turned the corner as far as the bitter cold goes. Thank you for reading and sharing.

    1. Catherine, Good addition! Getting outside for some form of exercise in the white stuff can certainly wake one up anyway, right? It is important to look for the beauty in winter, even on the days when it’s darn hard to see. Thanks for commenting. Think spring!

  4. Nancy,

    I loved the photos. Seems like Ninja is a bookworm….or a book cat.

    The pictures are beautiful, and I do love the beauty of the snow and winter landscapes. I think I’ve even painted a few! What I have problems with is when it involves the commute to work and I’m skidding all over the place.

    And the shoveling. Oy.

    But winter does have a beauty to it for sure. I admit I am looking forward to spring.

    1. Beth, I’m glad you liked them. It does seem that Ninja appears whenever anyone in the family sits down to read! Yes, winter is lovely, but it sure gets long some years – and this is one of them! Think spring!

  5. Right now, as we sit waiting for the next round of heavy snow from Winter Storm Pax, I’m not really feeling the love for snow, but you’re right, it IS very pretty 🙂 One good side benefit is that my Tamoxifen induced hot flashes aren’t quite as bad with all this cold weather…..

    1. Claudia, It has been a long winter for many. The beauty is still there of course, we just have to look a little harder for it these days I guess. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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